Art Deco Floral Band

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Art Deco personifies modernism and fashion, and features sleek, elegant designs and stylized geometric shapes. Lucas Horton at Valeria Fine Jewelry has captured the crisp, clean lines and ornate designs of the Art Deco movement in his skillfully crafted Art Deco floral band. Smooth, five-petal flowers have been expertly etched throughout the band’s circumference, which can be forged from argentium, sterling silver, platinum, palladium or gold.

Much like the original proclivity for Art Deco designs to use luxury and expensive materials, all the designs crafted at Valeria Fine Jewelry uses the highest quality metals, diamonds, and gemstones available. The Art Deco floral band may not reflect the modernism of machinery like most styles of the era, but the precision and symmetry of the petals certainly reflect Art Deco’s well-known characteristics of simplicity and unvaried repetition.

The ring starts out at 4 mm wide but can be made wider per customer request. This kind of customization is only available when working with an individual jeweler who takes the time to make sure that his clients are completely satisfied with their purchase. By using comprehensive computer-aided design and lost wax casting, Lucas can create completely customizable rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

Whether you can spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, Lucas can craft pieces to fit your budget. His graduate degree in gemology means that he’s an expert in knowing what makes a stone desirable, and his personal contact with reputable diamond and gemstone dealers around the world allows him access to the precious stones at cost. As a result, he can create exceptional pieces using quality materials at a value that makes you wonder how he did it. Much like the Art Deco floral band, every piece that Lucas creates is a testament to his impressive talent in jewelry making.


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