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Engagement rings and wedding bands are lifelong commitments, so why not invest in high quality, hand-crafted pieces made specifically for you and your loved one? Lucas Horton at Valeria Fine Jewelry is an artisan crafter with a graduate gemologist degree from the Craft Guild of Dallas. Using comprehensive computer-aided design software and lost wax casting, he’s created dozens of inspired jewelry designs that you won’t find at big box jewelry stores.

For couples that will truly last the test of time, Lucas has created a series of woven ring designs. By forging the metal into two interlocking ropes, the woven ring symbolizes the unification of two people for life. The bands can be made from sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum. The finished product can be a simple woven ring design, or you can add a shimmering center stone for extra sparkle. Lucas can add on to this design by soldering sculpted petals around the diamond, turning it into a floral woven engagement ring. Everything can be customized, from the thickness of the woven bands to the stone in the center to the shape, size and number of flower petals.

Woven Engagement Solitaire Ring

Discover truly unique

These woven rings are truly a testament to Lucas’ craftsmanship, creative eye and working knowledge of jewelry design. Because each ring is individually made, no two are ever alike. You can rest assured that your rings are as uniquely made as you are. And with Lucas’ personal contacts with diamond and precious gem sources from around the world, he’s able to ensure that the materials used to create your one-of-a-kind pieces are of the highest quality. Why settle for mass produced engagement and wedding rings at commercial chain stores when Lucas at Valeria Fine Jewelry can craft you a piece with personality? Take comfort in knowing that his main goal is to exceed your expectations.

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