Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond

Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond

The Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond is one of my specialties....and favorites as it was the first superhero I turned into a wedding ring.

Everyone has heard of Batman, and whether you grew up with him the 60's or the 90's, Batman has captured both male and female imaginations for over 50 years and the phenomenon isn't showing any appearance of going away.  The Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond designs we have come up with have become some of our top sellers even when compared to more traditional wedding rings.

Don't let your friends or family tell you that Batman isn't a suitable topic for bridal jewelry!  You are the one wearing the ring, so get what you want. Iy you want a Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond, then you should have one! We have created hundreds of NERD rings, so someone out there thinks they are ok.  And as CAD designs become more common, you will only see more of the NERD jewelry and Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond designs proliferating.

Picking one superhero as your favorite can be a challenge. But thanks to Google Trends analytics, we know one thing is true: Batman is the most popular superhero in the world.

And it isn't even close!  Racking up more than 3 billion views of more than 71,000 hours of video on Youtube, Batman is almost a billion views ahead of the next most popular hero—Thor. Coming up close behind Thor is the Man Of Steel, with 1.7 billion views.  Following close behind Superman is Iron Man, the Avengers, and Wolverine. (Google’s analysis only looked at the specific name of each character, so nicknames like Man of Steel and Dark Knight weren’t counted in the totals.) This is proof of why our Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond is so popular.

So take this into account when picking your bridal ring.  Like it or not, NERD jewelry is a thing now and our Batman Wedding Ring With Diamond as well rings like it seem they are here to stay....