3 Stone Engagement Rings

3 Stone Engagement Rings

So finally you have met your dream partner and are searching for the perfect engagement ring.  We totally understand that is can be overwhelming and we want to help!  Someone once said, “Couples are made in heavens” Although, it may take some time to find your perfect match on earth, it is worth it.  Engagement is after all, a commitment binding you with your partner in all aspects. Why not have the perfect ring created to commemorate that?

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Split Shank Three Stone Engagement Ring

This is one of our favorite Split Shank 3 Stone Engagement Ring designs. You probably won’t find anything similar anywhere else either as pear shapes just aren’t that common.

The act of giving a diamond engagement ring to your spouse has been around for hundreds of years.  However, it has become far more important than it used to be.  Social media has really placed on emphasis on the engagement ring and there is a lot of pressure surrounding them.  Consequently, it is more important now than ever to get the ring right.

3 stone engagement rings

Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring is a stunning take on an old classic.  There  are diamond accents on both the sides and top of the ring.  What we like about this one is how the prongs are formed and they you can see through the ring.

We Can Make A Custom Engagement Ring She Will Love

According to one study, nearly 60% of the proposals get a “no” just because the rings are not what the bride expected.  So how do you know what is the perfect engagement ring???  What kinds of rings are popular these days? Or what type of ring will make my fiancee happiest?  These are some of the questions we are going to answer in this article. So if you are the one looking for some worthy suggestions for a perfect engagement ring to be presented to your future bride, read on.  If not, just browse the images for inspiration of contact us with your idea for 3 stone engagement rings.

3 stone engagement rings

East West 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This the East West version of one of our 3 Stone Oval Engagement Rings; and it is definitely simple and refined.  Its uniqueness is that the stones are set horizontally rather than the typical vertical style. This one had an 8x6mm Sapphire and 2, 6x4mm diamonds.  Other sizes and stone combos are possible.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Mixed Cut 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This Half Moon 3 Stone Engagement Ring is something you would never find in the mall or at a chain store.  Half moons are just not popular enough for them to carry.  However, we will make custom engagement rings with any shape of stone you want.

3 Stone Engagement Rings Are HOT!

Ever since Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding, the trend for 3 stone engagement rings has been growing like wildfire. Coming in different shapes, sizes, and styles, 3 stone engagement rings are getting extraordinary attention from couples looking for rings.  Why would any girl would stick to just one stone when she can get three instead!  In addition, A center stone, along with the other two other jewels of your choice leave a lot of room for personalization.  Here are some of our favorite 3 stone engagement rings…enjoy!

3 stone engagement rings

Trillion 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This is one of our 3 Stone Engagement Ring designs that is very unique.  The center stone is a semi-tension set 6mm trillion, which the 4mm side stones are bezel set.  These sizes and ratios can be played with.   We could also make it with colored gemstones.

3 stone engagement rings are marvelous in terms of the hidden meaning they illustrate. Also known as a trinity or trilogy rings, they are the perfect choice for the couples who incline poetic metaphors or romantic symbolism. These engagement bands are not only distinguished in their outlook but are also appreciated to convey a sole message of commitment, love, and family values. Apart from the usually depicted meanings, they can also be exploited to signify new things depending upon a couple’s thoughts and tastes. Before explaining the metaphoric meaning of each stone, let’s just take a look at the origin of a trinity ring.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Asymmetrical Three Stone Engagement Ring

This Asymmetrical Three Stone Engagement Ring is one of our favorites of its type.  The only thing typical about it the 3 round stones.

Meaning of 3 Stone Engagement Rings

In the modern world’s commercial market, we first saw 3 stone engagement rings at the beginning of the 2000’s.  There had been plenty of 3 stone rings sold up until then.  However, they were more religious in nature as they represent the holy trinity. They were also gifted on anniversaries as “past present & future rings”.  Someone had the idea to use 3 stone rings as an engagement ring and the symbolism gradually shifted from religious to marital. Today, whenever people talk about a 3 stone ring, they are talking about an engagement ring.

3 stone engagement rings

Ornate Three Stone Engagement Ring

This beautifully sculpted 3 Stone Art Deco Engagement Ring perfectly highlights the 3 center stones.  They are shown as diamonds, but they could be almost any gemstone you wanted to use.  The band is ornamented with elegant scrollwork.

In 3 stone engagement rings, the center stone relates to the present.  The two side gems symbolize the past and the future.  Another meaning depicted by these three stones relates to friendship, love, and fidelity.  The choice of the stones can also have special meaning to the wearer.  For example, Ruby may signify the love, whereas, Aquamarine and Garnet can relate to friendship and loyalty.

3 stone engagement rings

Mixed Cut 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This custom engagement ring is unique for using pear shapes on the shoulders.  You don’t see many three stone engagement rings with pears on them.  We also like the elegant trellis setting.  This one had a 3/4 carat center stone and 4.5×3.5mm pears, but those numbers cal ways be played with.

Another meaning we have seen is that each stone represents the mother, the father, and the child in a family. A child is the unifying bond of a perfect family. So while presenting a 3 stone ring at engagement, it may be related to the future expectation of a child completing the groom and the bride into a complete family.

3 stone engagement rings

3 Stone Infinity Engagement Ring

This 3 Stone Infinity Engagement Ring will definitely catch eyes from across the room with the bling surrounding the 6.5mm stone. Smaller or larger stones could be used as well.  It is shown with an optional band.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Vintage Three Stone Engagement Ring

This is a very simple, yet elegant Vintage 3 Stone Engagement Ring design. It is 3 stones and a little metal.  That is it.  We like the tapered baguettes.  And their dimension could be played with too. These measured 5.5 ×2.5 x 2mm.

The three stones, sometimes, can also signify three people. It may reflect a friendship between the newlywed couple and the person presenting the ring as a gift. It has also been used to represent the bonding of 3 families.  The bride’s family, the groom’s family, and the united family formed by their marriage.   There really is no limit to the symbolism of 3 stone engagement rings.  You are free to add meaning to suit your personality and style.

3 Stone Engagement Rings – Multiple Styles

At the moment, 3 stone engagement rings are more popular than the typical tiffany style solitaire engagement rings.  One of the reasons behind their newfound popularity is the availability of various designs and styles. OK, your typical solitaire engagement rings have a wide variety in shapes and styles as well.  However, the design possibilities are greater with 3 stone engagement rings.   Depending upon the sizes, the shapes, the weights, the cuts, and the types of stones, countless looks are possible.

3 stone engagement rings

Antique Three Stone Engagement Ring

This 3 stone antique engagement ring hearkens back to the days of the early 1900’s, when platinum rings like this were fabricated by hand. Thank God for CAD! The center stone in our 3 stone antique engagement ring is a 7mm Cushion cut accented by Kite, Round, and Square shape stones.  We also added some milgrain for an added design element.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Bezel Set Three Stone Engagement Ring

This Three Stone Bezel Set Engagement Ring is definitely a unique take on the traditional 3 stone settings.  The stones are bezel set by two strips of metal going around the top of one stone and then to bottom of the next, linking all 3 stones.  This is definitely a modern look with its sleek lines. 

Round Diamonds were typically used in 3 stone engagement rings, with the center stone being larger than the others.  However, couples are increasingly breaking the rules with their 3 stone engagement rings.  You are seeing diamond mixed with colored gemstones, as well as all gemstone rings.  We just created a ring with round and pears shapes.  So, the traditional all round stone ring has taken a back seat to more personal configurations.

3 stone engagement rings

Zelda Triforce Engagement Ring

This is our Legend of Zelda take on the 3 stone engagement ring.   The center stone is a semi-tension set 4mm trillion, while the side stones are bezel set.   We also added a triforce cutout on each shoulder.

3 stone engagement rings

Mixed Cut 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This Scrolled 3 stone engagement ring is definitely a head turner with it’s two uncommon cuts.  The center stone in this Scrolled 3 stone engagement ring is a 8mm Heart cut accented by 4x6mm Marquise stones.  There are 4, 1.5mm stones on the band, which has a scrolled design cut out of it.  However, any of this could be changed to suit your needs.

Stone Sizes

3 stone engagement rings have three styles that account for the majority of rings made.

Equal sized – In this style, all the three stones are the same size.   A little plain for us!

Traditionally graduated – This typically has a larger center stone, with the weight of the center stone typically being double that of the sided stones. For example, a 5mm center stone weighs a half carat, so the side stones would be 1/4 carat, or 4mm in diameter.

Slightly graduated – This style renders the center stone slightly bigger or far larger.   This variation in size has no mathematical basis as with traditional graduated rings. It is more of a custom style as you can choose any size stones you want without any rhyme or reason.

The styles of 3 stone engagement rings are not limited only to the size of stones.   Some people may like only one type of stone to be fitted in all three spots.  However, others may like to explore the mixing of  of stone types.  For example, an emerald with side diamonds in the traditional graduation is always stunning.  Mixing colored gemstones with diamonds makes for attractive 3 stone engagement rings.  Sapphire, aquamarine, and tourmaline all make excellent choices if you want a blue tone.  For red, there is ruby, tourmaline, or garnet.  You can find a stone for almost any color!

3 stone engagement rings

Nature Inspired 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This is one of our Nature Engagement Rings that was made for bear lovers.  There are 3 center stones that can be a wide variety of sizes and types.  But the star of this ring is the bears. We put koala and panda bears on each side of the ring at the request of our customer.

Stone Shapes

Typically, 3 stone engagement rings come with round stones.  We like to mix it up though.  Just as a solitaire engagement rings can be set with round, princess, oval, cushion, etc.  3 stone engagement rings can also be set with multiple shapes.  You can opt for the same three stones cut or even can explore mixed cut 3 stone engagement rings.  Here is one with pears and a round.

3 stone engagement rings

This is one of our most elegant 3 stone bypass engagement ring designs as it exudes style while the ring and accents curves around the two larger accents. The center stone on this one was 5mm, but it could be made with a 4mm stone or up to 7mm.  We also have it without the un-accented shanks if you feel it is a bit busy.

3 Stone Engagement Ring Care

A so-called disadvantage of 3 stone engagement rings is the extra care supposedly needed. Are three stones more difficult to handle than a single one?  Obviously, the odds of losing a stone are greater.  In addition, the multiple nooks and crannies offer wonderful places for dirt particles to party.  But don’t worry.  Cleaning the ring with a toothbrush brush with soft bristles will work just fine to keep your ring clean.  And as long as you keep the prongs tight as you would on a solitaire engagement ring, you should have nothing to worry about.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

We know!  This 3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring is HUGE!  The center stone was 14 x 13mm.  And the side stones were large enough to be featured in their own rings at 8x7x6.7mm!   But it is just an example of the custom jewelry creations we make all the time.  This ring would be beautiful with more normal size stones.

3 Stone Engagement Rings – A Few Tips

3 Stone Engagement Rings are a great choice for your custom engagement ring.   Here are some things to think about when looking for a three stone engagement ring or any type of engagement ring.

  • The first step if to find out the ring preferences or requirements for your future bride. If this is a surprise, ask her friends of family.  They might know what she likes or doesn’t like.   Observation goes a long way too.  Be aware of the jewelry she already wears or looks out when out shopping.  A sneakier way to try is by looking at the browsing history on her phone or computer.  Many women who see a future with a partner will go and look for engagement rings just for fun!  And if she uses sites like pinterest, you can see of she has pinned anything.
  • If you have decided on diamond for your main stone, take some time to learn about the 4 Cs (clarity, color, carat, cut). Go to a mall store and see what the different sizes look like.  Also check out the different clarity and color grades.  And remember those prices…because you will pay less with us.
  • Decide on the shape or shapes you want to use.  Round brilliant cut diamonds are by far the most popular.  Other common shapes include the oval and the square or rectangular princess cut and cushion cut.   There are also a few fancy cuts such as the asscher or shield that aren’t as popular.  They have a premium on their price and have a smaller selection as well.
  • Decide on a budget.  If you have a lower budget, fear not.  Lab diamonds and moissanite make excellent choices to keep the price tag down.  It can even make sense to use those options over  low-quality diamonds.  Moissanite is not diamond but it looks so much like diamond it requires a special tester to differentiate the two. It is created in a lab and guarantees quality. Moissanite is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and is an excellent diamond replacement.
  • After covering the basics, you will need to find a suitable jeweler? The answer is simple, be calm!  Please don’t just go to the mall!  Do some research instead. There are tons of people making custom jewelry.  Check out their portfolios and see if they can make what you are wanting.  And do not forget to check the online reviews.  There may be different forums or social media that will help you find various opinions about a store.   But you can save yourself some time if you just allow us to create your engagement ring!

Interesting Facts About 3 Stone Engagement Rings

To get you intrigued, we have collected several facts related to 3 Stone Engagement Rings. These interesting facts should strengthen your decision to get a three stone engagement ring.

  • Did you know that Meghan Markle’s engagement ring was a 3 stone? The center stone was designed by Prince Harry himself.  The two side stones were from the royal collection of Princess Diana.  According to Google, searches for 3 Stone Engagement Rings have quadrupled since their wedding.
  • De Beers, who controls world diamond market, is well known for essentially creating the tradition of the diamond engagement ring. In 2001 however, they made history again with the introduction of the three stone diamond ring.  However, its origins dates back to the 15th century. According to the experts, Mary of Burgundy has the distinction to be having the first-ever three stone ring in her royal collection. The ring was given to her by Archduke Maximilian of Austria.  Since then, 3 Stone Engagement Rings have been largely limited to royal collections.
  • Blue Sapphire is the second most used stone in 3 stone engagement ring designs.  Diamond is the first.
  • According to the sale trends of 2018, platinum and white gold are the most common metals used in 3 stone engagement rings.
  • Celebrities of all kinds are sporting three stone engagement rings.  Jessica Simpson, Christina Ricci, and Miranda Lambert are just a few celebrities with 3 Stone Engagement Rings

Custom Engagement Rings – The Perfect Choice For Custom Jewelry Lovers

With that much design space and no hard & fast combination rules, 3 stone engagement rings are indeed the perfect choice for all custom jewelry lovers. For couples who like to “do it themselves”, starting with an idea and  turning it into a finished bridal set is especially appealing.  The reasons are obvious. Custom jewelry means that you will get the exact engagement ring you are thining of in your head.

Unfortunately, there are many jewelers who say they create custom  jewelry. But all custom is not equal.  Many consider offering engraving to be custom jewelry!  And many might offer custom jewelry, but the is farmed out to people like us who specialize in it.  This both adds tot he length of time it takes to design something, and many times causes problems.  Remember the “telephone operator” game growing up?  It kind of works the same way.  When adding another person between you and the designer, things can get lost or distorted.  At Valeria Fine Jewelry, you will deal directly with our designer.

Give Us A Shot – Once You Go Custom, You Never Go Back!

If you have a specific design in mind, choosing a custom designed three stone ring is definitely the way to go. Send us your unique vision and we will bring your one-of-a-kind engagement ring to life.  Another option when shopping for the perfect three stone engagement ring is to look through our selection of vintage engagement rings. Originating from romantic eras of the past, these rings are embedded with a history of their own.  Consequently, the symbolic meaning of three stone rings is all the richer. The distinctive beauty of vintage rings adds to their appeal.

Click HERE to see more of our custom bridal rings.  Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, to see our portfolio, or to contact us about a custom engagement ring.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own Custom Rings made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for boring and overpriced rings that don’t suit your taste and style?  Click HERE to follow us on Pinterest.