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Geek Culture Wedding Rings – The Custom Jewelry Trend Inspired by Film and Gaming.

Geek Culture Wedding Rings – The Custom Jewelry Trend Inspired by Film and Gaming.

You don’t have to look very hard on the internet to see how Geek Culture has become a large and visible subculture, especially with all of the Geek and Nerd Jewelry available now. By all empirical data, there are more people attending comic book conventions dressed up in cosplay than ever and just as with every other subculture, many different services and merchants have begun tailoring their products to meet the needs of the gamer and geek demographics. 

What is interesting is how fine jewelers are now making jewelry for geek culture. At the request of customers, an increasing number of high-end jewelry designers are taking the symbols and emblems from film and games and turning them into beautiful and sometimes quite ornate jewelry.  From Batman to WOW to Harry Potter, fashion statement jewelry and custom jewelry creations have never been the same with the advent of CAD.

Valeria Custom Jewelry | WOW Horde Engagement Ring

Valeria Custom Jewelry | Harry Potter Owl Ring

As you can see, it is possible to be inventive and creative with the use of emblems from their customer's favorite games and movies. The aesthetics of classical jewelry design seem to combine well with the adapted fantasy themes and graphic art seen in of gamer culture.

Valeria Custom Jewelry | Star Wars Galactic Empire Wedding Ring


Valeria Custom Jewelry | Batman Bezel Engagement Ring

The most interesting thing I’ve found about this market is how generally receptive customers have proven to be to the use of CAD/CAM renderings in advertising and presenting designs. Perhaps this is related to gamer culture’s being accustomed to looking at computer graphics.

Whatever it is, I am happy to create custom jewelry designs and fashion statement jewelry based on any topic.