Here are a few ways custom jewelry can work for you:

-Designing rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings that you’ve seen in photos, but can’t find in stores.
-Upgrading something that you already own into a fresh design or new product.
-Creating a wedding band to match your engagement ring.
-Combining all of your favorite characteristics of multiple pieces into one.

Looking for bridal jewelry not carried in the chain stores or turned off by what you get for your money?

Browse my portfolio for inspiration and ideas.  Or, if you already have something in mind, contact me via chat or the contact form to begin the discussion.

I do not cast my designs until they are approved by the customer, so you will get the ring you want.

Do you have old, broken, or out of style jewelry lying around that you never wear?  

Have it turned it into something new and beautiful instead of letting it go to waste!  In most cases, I can use your existing stones and metals in a new piece.