Welcome to our favorite star wars mens lightsaber ring, which we based on the Ahsoka lightsabers, which is lesser known than the lightsaber of Luke or Vader.

In the many violent years before the Battle of Yavin, Ahsoka Tano used 2 white lightsabers as her personal instruments of death. These lightsabers, which were white in color and had somewhat curving hilts, replaced the lightsabers she previously used before leaving the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and were wielded in the unorthodox reverse-grip of her preferred Shien style.
I have based this star wars mens lightsaber ring on these Ahsoka lightsabres. This ring can be custom made to fit your tastes.

Width: 5-12mm
METAL OPTIONS: Bronze, Brass, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum
SIZES: 3-16
The listed price is for a star wars mens lightsaber ring in Sterling Silver.

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Starting Price $250.00 Request a Quote