Unique Custom Made Jewelry

Unique Custom Made Jewelry

Our philosophy on Unique Custom Made Jewelry: anything's possible (almost). Whether you are wanting a necklace, ring, bracelet or pair of earrings, we can make almost anything you can dream up.  And in regards to engagement rings, if you are using one of our diamonds or your current stone already in a setting, we can build your ring to exacting specs, even from a simple sketch an your idea on paper, we're ready to create your dream ring.

If you are beginning the next phase in your life as one, engagement & wedding rings are at the top of the to do list. At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we want to create the Unique Custom Made Jewelry that will be cherished for decades.

Browse our portfolio of Unique Custom Made Jewelry and use it as a guide to inspire you as you search for the perfect expression of your lasting love. From the classic diamond solitaire to contemporary and vintage ring styles, our selection of engagement rings is whatever you want it to be. Looking for a colored stone like a Sapphire or Ruby? We can do it.  Moissanite and White Sapphire are also options for those wanting the look of a diamond without the price tag.

Is it diamond hoop earrings you want?  A custom pendant made with family diamonds? Whatever it is, Valeria Fine Jewelry can make it for you.

At Valeria Fine Jewelry, we have shown thousands of customers how they can have a custom piece of jewelry created with superior diamonds or gemstones and craftsmanship at a better value than buying a it at a jewelry store, if it is even commercially available.

Don't know where to start for Unique Custom Made Jewelry? It is far easier than you think and can be done from the comfort of your own home! Just Contact us.

My name is Lucas Horton and I own and operate Valeria Custom Jewelry in Dallas, Texas.  Custom Made Engagement Rings have been not a passion for me, but more of an obsession for many years now and I wake up every morning feeling blessed that I get to create Custom Made Engagement Rings that makes so many people happy.  Whether it’s an engagement ring, a simple wedding band, a complete bridal set a pair of earrings, a pin or a pendant, I can create Custom Made Engagement Rings not commercially available anywhere else and usually at a better price.

Unique Custom Made Jewelry

Unique Custom Made Jewelry

Unique Custom Made Jewelry

Unique Custom Made Jewelry

Specializing in Unique Custom Made Jewelry, Valeria Custom Jewelry is becoming known for its beautiful & unique designs. There is also an emphasis on personalized customer service & second to none craftsmanship. Our experienced designers will help you through the procedure of selecting the perfect fine diamond or gemstone for you and creating a design that reflects your unique style and vision.

Understand the process
Here is a general outline of the custom jewelry process.

Ask yourself: Do I have an idea of the ring I want? Simply wanting “something different” doesn’t warrant going the custom jewelry route, because any almost engagement ring can be made to be unique.

If you don't have images from the internet, crudely sketch out your idea as best you can. If your idea isn’t ultra-specific — or if you want to further articulate your desired style — start prowling the Internet sites like Pinterest or instagram and if necessary, sketch the elements (filigrees, unique settings, organic lines, mixed metals) that you want used in your ring.  The more specific you are will get you closer to your vision.

Once you have an idea ready, send your sketch(es)and or images over to us and we will get your custom project moving in the right direction. Once the design is completed, you will see a CAD rendering.  You will then have a chance to make any changes that you want.  Once you are happy with the design, we will move on to manufacturing your piece.

Some might feel intimidated when talking to an jewelry designer about their person custom jewelry idea. But go ahead and ask any questions you might have and voice any concerns as well. It’s your ring, not the designer’s.

If given the chance, Valeria Custom Jewelry will surpass all of your expectations.  If not, we will do whatever it takes to fix the issue.  Our design skill, value, quality, and knowledge will be evident from the start and always make Valeria Custom Jewelry the best choice to turn your Unique Custom Made Jewelry vision and dreams into reality.

Click HERE to see more about me and view more of my Unique Custom Made Jewelry. If you can dream it, I can create it!