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According to jewelry lore, the first mother’s ring was created about 60 years ago when a jeweler was searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for his wife.  The clever jeweler took two wedding bands and joined them together with the birthstones of their three children, ultimately starting this trend. Since that first mother’s ring was created, the popularity of mothers rings and other keepsake birthstone jewelry has blossomed. Moms everywhere treasure these precious pieces that represent the bond shared between a mother and her children.

What Are Mother’s Rings?

Mother’s rings are a special type of jewelry that celebrates the bond between a mother and her children. Typically, these rings feature the birthstones of the mother’s children, symbolizing the unique connection between them. They can be customized with different gemstones, metals, and designs to suit individual preferences. Mother’s rings are often given as gifts on special occasions such as Mother’s Day or birthdays, serving as a meaningful reminder of the love and devotion shared within a family.

The birthstones used in mother’s rings hold significant meaning. Each stone represents a specific month of the year and is associated with certain qualities and characteristics. By incorporating these birthstones into a ring, it becomes a personal and sentimental piece of jewelry that holds deep emotional value. Some mother’s rings also include engravings or other personalized touches, further enhancing their sentimental value.

Mother’s rings are not only a beautiful accessory but also a cherished symbol of family unity and love. They serve as a constant reminder of the bond between a mother and her children, even when they are physically apart. Whether worn daily or on special occasions, mother’s rings are a meaningful and heartfelt gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Modern mother’s rings come in all shapes and styles – from classic to contemporary. What’s more, keepsake birthstone jewelry for moms isn’t limited to rings. Pendants, bracelets, and charms are also popular. They make thoughtful, meaningful gifts—perfect for celebrating moms of all ages and moms of all personalities.

mother's ring

Who Invented Mothers Rings?

There are several origin stories to the practice of making Custom mothers rings for loved ones. But in order for us to examine trends in Mother’s Rings, it only makes sense that we look at their origins.

Custom mothers rings
8 Stone Cocktail Ring

This 8 Stone Mothers Ring is shown with 3.5mm, 2.7m and 2.2mm stones.  However, larger or smaller stones could be used. We could even make it with 3 bands instead of 4.  We are showing it with diamonds, but we could easily create these with colored gemstones.  The ring is totally customizable to your taste.

The Roman Story:

As the first ruler of Rome, Romulus was a cruel and hard man who ruled with fear. One day, a woman was brought into his court for flouting the curfew, when asked why, she confessed that she was out looking  for a loaf of bread for her children. It is said that Romulus took off his own ring and gave  it to the woman, declaring the curfew void and that from that day Rome was to be ruled by a council of citizens. Since the ring was presented to a mother, it has ever since been known as a Mother’s Ring.

Custom mothers rings
5 Stone Cocktail Ring

A Personalized Mothers Ring makes for a beautiful gift every mother would cherish. However, usually they are cheesy, over the top, and just plain ugly.  This 5 Stone Mothers Ring is elegant enough to also be work as a cocktail or right hand ring, but can still represent your loved ones without screaming mothers ring to anyone who sees it.  It is shown with 2.7mm stones, but it could be made with larger or smaller stones.  We think 3mm is the perfect size, but it isn’t our ring!

The Modern Story:

Sometime in the 1960s, a jeweler was looking for a unique piece to give his mother. That’s when a thought struck him, he decided to make a piece so unique, that none like it would have been crafted, until then. Thus he set about creating the first modern Custom mothers rings. For starters, he produced a rather simplistic band and he embellished it with two stones, his mother’s and his own. This was meant to represent, and acknowledge the love, respect and uniqueness of the bond that they shared. The rest as we know is retail history. Custom mothers rings have turned out to be an enduring and popular gift which has captivated people ever since.

Custom mothers rings
Stackable Mothers Rings

Stacking Mothers Rings are all the rage at the moment and these take really allow you to play with color in terms of metal and gems.  Mix and match color or stone types to make it your ring!  These are 2.5mm wide, but they could be made wider or as narrow as 2mm.  The stone size can also be played with at different widths.

Why Mothers Rings Are So Popular

Mothers rings are incredibly popular for several reasons. Firstly, they serve as a beautiful and sentimental reminder of the bond between a mother and her children. The ring typically features the birthstones of each child, symbolizing their individuality and connection to their mother. This personal touch makes the ring a cherished keepsake that can be passed down through generations.

In addition to their sentimental value, mothers rings are also a fashionable accessory. They come in a variety of styles and designs, allowing mothers to choose a ring that suits their personal taste and style. Whether it’s a simple band with birthstones or a more elaborate design with intricate details, there is a mothers ring to suit every preference.

Furthermore, mothers rings are a meaningful gift that can be given for various occasions. From birthdays to Mother’s Day, these rings are a thoughtful way to show appreciation and love for a mother. They serve as a constant reminder of the love and joy that comes with motherhood, making them a popular choice among gift-givers.

Using Birthstones In Mothers Rings

Birthstones are commonly used in mothers rings for several reasons. Firstly, birthstones add a personal touch to the ring, symbolizing the birth month of each child. This makes the ring a meaningful and sentimental piece of jewelry for mothers.  It represents the bond between them and their children. Additionally, birthstones are believed to possess certain qualities and characteristics that are associated with the month they represent. This adds an element of significance and symbolism to the mothers ring, making it even more special. Lastly, using birthstones in mothers rings allows for customization and personalization, as different gemstones can be chosen to represent each child. This makes the ring unique and tailored specifically to the mother’s individual preferences and family dynamic. Overall, using birthstones in mothers rings is a common practice due to the personalization, symbolism, and customization it offers.

Custom mothers rings
Contoured Stackable Mother’s Rings

This contoured ring takes stackable mothers rings to a new level with the elegant curve of the “V” and the milgrain.  Mix and match metal or stone types and colors to make it your set!  Do you have a stackable design that you want, but can’t find anywhere?  We also know that is can be hard to find these rings with the birthstones that you need.   We make it easy for you. 

What Is My Birthstone?

Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with each month of the year. They have been used for centuries as symbols of good luck and protection. To find your birthstone, you can refer to a birthstone chart or consult with a jeweler. Each month has a specific gemstone assigned to it, based on tradition and folklore. For example, January’s birthstone is garnet, while April’s birthstone is diamond. By knowing your birthstone, you can choose jewelry or gifts that have a personal significance.

To find your birthstone, start by determining your birth month. Then, look up the corresponding gemstone for that month. Birthstone charts are readily available online and in jewelry stores. They provide a comprehensive list of gemstones for each month, along with their meanings and properties. If you prefer a more personalized approach, you can visit a jeweler who specializes in birthstone jewelry. They can guide you in selecting the perfect piece that showcases your birthstone.

Discovering your birthstone can be an exciting journey. It adds a personal touch to your jewelry collection and can serve as a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one. So go ahead, explore the world of birthstones and find the gem that resonates with you.


Celebrities Seen Wearing Mothers Rings

Celebrities have been spotted sporting mothers rings, adding a personal touch to their fashion choices. These rings, often adorned with birthstones or engraved with names, serve as a beautiful symbol of motherhood. From Hollywood actresses to musicians, these famous figures are proudly displaying their love for their children through their jewelry. Mothers rings have become a popular trend among celebrities, allowing them to celebrate and honor their roles as mothers in a stylish and meaningful way.

One notable celebrity seen wearing a mothers ring is actress Jennifer Garner. Known for her roles in films such as “13 Going on 30” and “Dallas Buyers Club,” Garner is also a proud mother of three. She has been spotted wearing a delicate gold band with three birthstones, representing each of her children. This simple yet elegant piece of jewelry not only complements her style, but also serves as a constant reminder of the love she has for her kids.

Another celebrity who has embraced the trend of mothers rings is singer and actress Beyoncé. With her powerful voice and captivating performances, Beyoncé is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. As a mother of three, she has been seen wearing a stunning mothers ring that features her children’s names engraved on the band. This personalized piece of jewelry allows Beyoncé to carry her children’s names with her wherever she goes, showcasing her love and dedication as a mother.

One of a Kind Custom Mothers Rings

If you’re looking for Custom mother’s rings that are as wonderful as you and your family. Contact us with your needs and let us see what we can do for you.  Mothers Rings are not new, but as with other styles, they go in and out of popularity.  Right now they are hot.  So are mother’s pendants.  We have had mothers making for themselves as well as children making them for their mother.  Do you have an idea for a mother’s ring, but don’t see anything like it in our portfolio?  Send us your idea and we will seed what we can do for you.

Let Us Create Custom Mother’s Rings For You

Our custom mother’s rings are truly a testament of the customization available at Valeria Custom Jewelry. We use comprehensive computer-aided design and lost wax casting to bring your ideas to life. Our connections with diamond and gem sources around the world lower the procurement costs. This allows us to create pieces with the same high-quality materials found at larger chain stores.  And all while still staying within your budget. And whether your budget is a few hundred dollars or upwards of a few thousand, Lucas’ goal is the same: to exceed the expectations for your Custom mothers rings.

Click here to see another stackable mother’s ring design.  Click here to learn more about custom jewelry, view our portfolio, or to contact us about your custom mother’s ring.  It can cost less than you think to have a special engagement ring made just for you.  Why settle for the lame and overpriced bridal jewelry from the chain stores?  We can make something showing your style and personality that can even cost less!


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