Diamond Cross Rings

Diamond cross rings are a popular choice for those seeking a combination of elegance and spirituality. These rings feature a cross design adorned with sparkling diamonds, creating a stunning and meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether you are looking for a symbol of faith or simply appreciate the beauty of diamond jewelry, a diamond cross ring is a perfect choice. With its timeless design and intricate craftsmanship, this ring is sure to be a cherished addition to any jewelry collection.

When selecting a diamond cross ring, there are a few key factors to consider. First, determine the quality of the diamonds used in the ring. Look for rings that feature diamonds with a high clarity and color grade, as this will ensure that the stones sparkle and shine. Additionally, consider the metal used in the ring’s construction. Popular choices include white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, each offering its own unique look and durability.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a special gift, a diamond cross ring is a versatile and meaningful choice. It can be worn as a symbol of religious faith, a reminder of personal values, or simply as a stunning piece of jewelry. With its timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship, a diamond cross ring is sure to make a lasting impression.

Diamond Cross Rings
Diamond Cross Rings

This Diamond Cross Ring is just one of many exquisite custom jewelry creations from Valeria Custom Jewelry.  The crosses going around the ring are accented with 4, 1.5mm diamonds, but other stones can be used.  The cross can also be made wider to accommodate larger stones.

History Of Cross Jewelry

The cross is the largest and most popular religious symbol in the world. After Jesus died on the cross, Christians began to use the cross as a symbol to remind them of the sacrifice and ascension of Christ. The crucifix is a symbol that shows Jesus on the cross and symbolizes Jesus’ death and sacrifice. The empty cross symbolizes the same things, with the addition of the ascension. This is the cross used in Diamond Cross Rings.

The earliest examples of cross jewelry were worn by early Christians and made from wood or various stone materials. When precious metals were discovered and gained popularity, crosses were made out of gold and silver and some of the more wealthy Christians wore Diamond Cross Rings as a sign of their faith. Today, crosses are made in a ton of styles and patterns with all of the world’s metals along with gemstones and a host of other accents.  But Diamond Cross Rings remain the most popular by far.

Diamond Cross Rings
Sideways Diamond Cross Ring

This Accented Sideways Cross Ring is just one of many custom jewelry creations from Valeria Custom Jewelry.  It is shown with 1mm diamonds in the cross, but the design could be changed to use larger stones. 

Diamond Cross Ring Designs

Diamond cross rings are a popular choice for those seeking a combination of elegance and religious symbolism. These rings feature a cross design, often adorned with diamonds or other gemstones. They come in various styles, allowing individuals to find the perfect ring that suits their personal taste and style. Whether you prefer a delicate and understated design or a bold and eye-catching statement piece, there is a diamond cross ring out there for you.

One type of diamond cross ring is the classic solitaire design. This timeless style features a single diamond set in the center of the cross, creating a focal point that draws attention to the religious symbol. The simplicity of this design allows the diamond to shine and sparkle, making it a stunning choice for those who appreciate understated elegance.

For those who prefer a more intricate and ornate look, there are diamond cross rings with pave settings. These rings feature a multitude of small diamonds set closely together, creating a shimmering and dazzling effect. The intricate detailing adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to the ring, making it a perfect choice for special occasions or as a statement piece.

Another popular type of diamond cross ring is the eternity band style. These rings feature a continuous row of diamonds set along the entire band, symbolizing eternal love and devotion. The cross design adds a religious significance to this style, making it a meaningful choice for those who want to express their faith and commitment.

diamond cross rings
Here we have an open shank cross ring with a bezel set diamond

Celebrities Who Rock Diamond Cross Rings

Celebrities have long been known for their fashion choices and accessories. One accessory that has gained popularity among celebrities is the diamond cross ring. These stunning pieces of jewelry not only add a touch of elegance to any outfit, but they also hold symbolic meaning for many. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have been spotted rocking diamond cross rings.

One celebrity who is often seen wearing a diamond cross ring is Madonna. Known for her bold fashion choices, Madonna has been seen sporting a variety of cross rings throughout her career. Whether she’s on stage or attending a red carpet event, Madonna knows how to make a statement with her jewelry.

Another celebrity who is no stranger to diamond cross rings is Rihanna. This multi-talented artist is known for her edgy style, and her choice of accessories is no exception. Rihanna has been seen wearing diamond cross rings in various designs, from simple and understated to bold and eye-catching.

Lastly, we have Jennifer Lopez, who is known for her glamorous fashion sense. Jennifer has been spotted wearing diamond cross rings on multiple occasions, adding a touch of sparkle to her already stunning ensembles. Her choice of jewelry reflects her confident and sophisticated style.

heart cross ring
Hearts and crosses go well together. Here, we have a diamond accented cross touching a heart.

Custom Diamond Cross Rings Vs Mass Produced

When it comes to diamond cross rings, there are two main options to consider: custom-made or mass-produced. Custom diamond cross rings offer a unique and personalized touch, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your individual style and preferences. On the other hand, mass-produced diamond cross rings are readily available and often more affordable. While both options have their advantages, the decision ultimately depends on your personal preferences and budget.

Custom diamond cross rings are a popular choice for those who want a truly unique piece of jewelry. With a custom-made ring, you have the freedom to choose the design, metal, and diamond quality that best suits your taste. You can work closely with a jeweler to create a ring that perfectly matches your vision. This ensures that every detail is tailored to your liking. This level of customization allows for a truly personal and meaningful piece of jewelry that can be passed down through generations.

On the other hand, mass-produced diamond cross rings offer a more affordable option for those on a budget. These rings are readily available in jewelry stores and online, making them easily accessible to a wide range of customers. While they may not offer the same level of customization as custom-made rings, mass-produced options often come in a variety of styles and designs to choose from. This allows you to find a ring that suits your taste and budget without the need for a lengthy design process.

Natural Diamonds Vs Lab In Diamond Cross Rings

Lab-grown and natural diamonds are both popular choices for cross rings. Natural diamonds are formed deep within the Earth over millions of years.  Conversely, lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment using advanced technology.

When it comes to appearance, natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable. Both types can be cut and polished to create stunning cross rings with exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

One advantage of lab-grown diamonds is their lower cost compared to natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are typically more affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds are considered to be more environmentally friendly, as they require less energy and resources to produce.

It was not until the last couple of years that lab diamonds were cut into sizes that would work as accents. Even now, the smaller sizes are mot as abundant as for natural stones.  But if you are wanting a baguette or round brilliant cut, they cut lab stones as smalls as natural ones.  Eventually, lab stones will come in all shapes and sizes.  It is just taking time for the acceptance of lab grown diamonds to cycle through all aspects of the industry while demand grows.

Give Custom Jewelry A Try!

All we do is custom jewelry made to order. We do not carry an inventory.  And while we will buy pre-made diamond cross rings, we prefer to create them ourselves. This way we know they are durable.  The result of this is that our customers get the exact ring they are looking for. We do not cast anything until the design is approved to ensure this.

Click here to see the rest of our fashion rings.  Click on our Homepage to learn more about custom jewelry, to view our entire portfolio, or to contact us about your custom cross ring.  It can cost less than you think to have a special ring made just for you.  Why settle for the lame and overpriced jewelry from the chain stores when we can make something showing your style and personality?

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