Crown of Thorns Wedding Band

Crown of Thorns Wedding Band

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Are you looking for a crown of thorns wedding ring?  This is one version of the ring we have created. It was 8mm wide, but it could be made wider and go as narrow as 5mm wide if that suited your style more.  If you have an idea for this or another religious wedding ring, send it over and let us see what we can do for you.  It would also be possible to make a version of this with some diamonds or gemstones if you wanted to add some color or sparkle.

METAL OPTIONS: Bronze, Copper, Sterling or Argentium Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum
SIZES: 6-16
WIDTHS:  6mm is the narrowest this will come out.  It can be made as wide as you like it though.
WIDTHS: 5-12mm wide

Crown Of Thorns Symbolism

The crown of thorns is a powerful symbol in Christianity. It represents the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, a crown of thorns was placed on Jesus’ head during his crucifixion. This act was meant to mock and humiliate him. However, it has come to symbolize his love and willingness to endure pain for the salvation of humanity. The crown of thorns serves as a reminder of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and the redemption he offers to believers.

In addition to its religious significance, the crown of thorns has also been used as a symbol of martyrdom and suffering in general. It is often associated with individuals who have endured great hardships or made sacrifices for a cause they believe in. The crown of thorns serves as a powerful visual representation of the pain and struggle that can accompany acts of faith and devotion.

The crown of thorns continues to be a prominent symbol in Christian art and iconography. It is often depicted in paintings, sculptures, and stained glass windows. It always serves as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice and the hope of salvation. Whether worn by Jesus or used to represent the suffering of others, the crown of thorns remains a powerful symbol of faith, sacrifice, and redemption.

To see another version of this ring, click HERE.  Click on our Homepage to learn more about custom jewelry, to view our entire portfolio, or to contact us about a custom crown of thorns wedding ring.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom wedding ring made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for boring and overpriced wedding rings? Once you go custom, you never go back.  To the mall!
Crown of Thorns Wedding Band
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