Hearth Birthstone Pendant

Hearth Birthstone Pendant

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This Hearth Birthstone Pendant Was created for a mother who wanted her and her husband’s birthstones put into a heart pendant with those of their kids. So, the center has the mom and dad’s birthstones while the 6 stones on the outside are their kids’ birthstones.

Birthstone jewelry holds a deep significance for many people. Each birthstone is associated with a specific month, and wearing jewelry adorned with one’s birthstone is believed to bring good luck and positive energy. Additionally, birthstones are often seen as a representation of one’s identity and personal traits. As a result, this makes birthstone jewelry a meaningful and cherished accessory for many individuals.

STONE: This will work with any marquise shaped stone that is not too big.
METAL OPTIONS: Sterling or Argentium Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum

The history of birthstone jewelry dates back thousands of years. It is believed that the concept originated from the breastplate of Aaron, a high priest in ancient Israel. The breastplate was adorned with twelve gemstones, each representing one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Over time, this idea evolved into associating specific gemstones with each month of the year.

The meaning behind birthstone jewelry goes beyond its historical significance. Many people believe that wearing their birthstone can enhance their personal qualities and bring them good fortune. For example, those born in January are associated with garnet, a stone believed to promote strength and protection. Similarly, those born in May are associated with emerald, a stone believed to symbolize love and rebirth.

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Hearth Birthstone Pendant
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