Unisex Mobius Strip Wedding Ring

Unisex Mobius Strip Wedding Ring

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This Mobius Strip Wedding Ring was based on a surface that is not orientable.  In fact, the Mobius Strip is the epitome of the topological phenomenon of nonorientability. Whatever.  We just think they are cool!  We have created a his and hers version of these rings.  They are basically the same thing. One is just wider than the other.  We also have a version that has stones HERE.  Depending on the width, it is possible to add stones to this one as well.

This ring can be cast in Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, white, yellow, or rose Gold, Platinum, or Palladium. They can be made from 2.5mm to 8mm wide and in sizes 4-16.

For us to price this ring, we need to know:
1. What size do you want it to be?
2. How wide do you want it to be?
3. What metal do you want it made of?

What Does Mobius Strip Wedding Ring Symbolize?

Mobius strip wedding rings symbolize eternal love and unity. The unique design of the Mobius strip, with its single continuous surface and no beginning or end, represents the infinite nature of love and the unbreakable bond between two individuals. The symbolism behind Mobius strip wedding rings serves as a reminder of the commitment and devotion shared between partners, and the everlasting nature of their relationship. These rings are a meaningful choice for couples who want to express their deep connection and everlasting love in a distinct and symbolic way.

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Unisex Mobius Strip Wedding Ring
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