Black Sapphires vs Black Diamonds

Black Sapphires vs Black Diamonds

Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond

Trying to choose between Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond?  We can see why it might be a confusing or difficult choice to make.  However, other than being black, they have little in common.

Brilliant, enchanting, beautiful. These are a few words that accurately describe sapphires . With a hardness of 9 (diamond is 10) on the Mohs scale of hardness, sapphire is one of four precious and coveted gemstones used in most jewelry.

When we think of sapphires, beautiful shades of blue usually come to mind. Blue sapphire is famous for the small amount of titanium that is usually always present in the magma and gives corundum its blue hue. However, other metals are sometimes found instead place of titanium, resulting in sapphires in flashy, bright colors such as orange, green, yellow, white, peach, and pink.

But wait! There are two other colors, purple and black. These two may not be as popular as blue sapphire, but they are equally beautiful and look great in jewelry. And as with all corundum, these stones are one of the hardest around.  Most people have a blue sapphire ring, but but if you are looking for a black stone, we would have you consider the black sapphire.  Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond presents a very large conundrum over corundum!!!  Sorry, we had to throw some jeweler humor in.

Black Sapphires vs Black Diamonds
Here are the range of colors that sapphire can show. You can find almost any tone or hue in corundum.

What Are Black Sapphires?

Black Sapphires, not to be confused with black star sapphires, are a type of corundum.  All sapphires and rubies are types of corundum.  When other trace elements are added to the mix, colors are exhibited.  Black sapphire are called a “fancy” or “fancy color” sapphire.  To understand how black sapphires are formed, we must first delve into the fascinating world of sapphires. Corundum is a mineral composed of aluminum oxide. While most people associate sapphires with their vibrant blue color, they can actually come in a wide range of hues, including black. The color of a black sapphire is a result of the presence of iron and titanium impurities in the crystal lattice.

Black sapphire is a black stone, so it’s no wonder it is often associated with mystical and mystical things. Overall, black sapphire symbolizes protection, prestige, and power.  Medieval Europeans believed that all black stones were lucky and protective stones. Similarly, Italian mythology claims that touching a black diamond will bring good luck to the newlyweds. In contrast, other cultures consider black gemstones to bring bad luck and sometimes associate them with the eyes of “evil” (dangerous) animals (such as snakes and spiders).

Like all gemstones, black sapphire is a healing stone. Being a black gemstone, it inherently offers protection and balancing benefits. It is also an excellent root chakra stone, balancing this energy center and keeping it stable and grounded.

Physical Healing
On a physical level, Black Sapphire is said to have the following healing properties:
less energy
pain relief
blood circulation
bone damage

Emotional Healing

Emotionally, Black Sapphire helps those who feel lost or disconnected from their emotions. Crystals are said to help balance emotions and stay grounded in the present. In addition, Black Sapphire helps you stay calm in stressful situations, dispel negative emotions and relieve anxiety.

What are Black Diamonds

Black diamonds, also known as carbonados, are a fascinating and unique type of diamond. Unlike traditional diamonds, which are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle, black diamonds are believed to have originated from outer space. Scientists theorize that these diamonds were formed billions of years ago in the remnants of supernovas or through the impact of meteorites on Earth.

The distinct black color of these diamonds is caused by numerous dark inclusions and impurities, such as graphite and sulfides, that are present within their crystal structure. This gives them a mysterious and alluring appearance, making them highly sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

While black diamonds are not as commonly used in traditional jewelry as their colorless counterparts, they have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique aesthetic appeal. They are often used as center stones in engagement rings or incorporated into bold and modern jewelry designs.

In our opinion, black diamonds are a captivating and unconventional choice for those seeking to make a statement with their jewelry. Their rarity and distinctive appearance make them a symbol of individuality and style. Whether you’re a fan of traditional diamonds or prefer something more unconventional, black diamonds are definitely worth exploring.

Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond

Black Sapphire and Black Diamond are two stunning gemstones that have gained popularity in the world of jewelry. While they may share a similar color, there are distinct differences between the two.

Black Sapphire, is a variety of the mineral corundum. It is prized for its deep black color with a hint of blue or violet.

On the other hand, Black Diamond, also known as “carbonado,” is a type of diamond that is opaque and black in color. Unlike traditional diamonds, black diamonds are not graded based on the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight) due to their unique characteristics. They are formed from a different process, which involves the inclusion of graphite and other impurities during their formation.

Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond Durability

In terms of durability, both black sapphire and black diamond are relatively hard gemstones. However, black sapphire is slightly softer than black diamond, ranking at 9 on the Mohs scale compared to black diamond’s 10. This means that black sapphire is more prone to scratches and abrasions over time.

BUT, black diamonds can crack more easily than sapphire.  Most black diamonds are so heavily included that they are nowhere near as structurally sound as a sapphire. Additionally, many black diamonds are not cut very well.  This is to keep the weight higher.  A white diamonds that is 6.5mm will be around a carat.  A 6.5mm black stone is usually around .80 carats.  Black diamonds are usually very deep, which can present problems setting them in standard heads.  They can also have pits and indented naturals on them, which can lessen the luster.

The bottom line is that both black sapphire and black diamond are stunning gemstones that offer a unique and captivating aesthetic. While black sapphire boasts a mesmerizing star-like effect, black diamond exudes a mysterious and elegant allure. Ultimately, the choice between Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond comes down to personal preference and the desired look one wishes to achieve.

black diamonds
You can see that black diamonds are not always perfect. In fact, more often that not, you will see surface reaching inclusions. And it is the internal characterstics that can make black diamond less durable.

Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond Cost

When it comes to comparing the cost of Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond, there are a few factors to consider. First, Black Sapphire is generally more affordable than Black Diamond. This is due to the rarity and demand for Black Diamonds, which drives up their price.  Also, they are diamonds.  That name commands a premium. Additionally, the quality and size of the gemstone will also affect the cost. In terms of appearance, Black Sapphire has a deep blue-black color, while Black Diamond has a rich, opaque black hue. Ultimately, the choice between Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond will depend on your budget and personal preference. So, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with a stunning black color, Black Sapphire might be the way to go.  However, both are very affordable options.  Either one will cost far less than white diamonds or even blue sapphire.

Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond – Give Us A Shot!

Whether you want a black diamond, black sapphire, or even an onyx, we can help.  We can price all 3 options for you and left you decide.  If it was up to us, we would go with black sapphire in the Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond battle.  It is less expensive than black diamond and generally has a better finish  than sapphire.  It also will not be as deep of a stone.

We make custom jewelry.  That is all we do. And we might be biased, but we think custom jewelry is the better option over the mall or chain stores.  Why buy a mass produced piece of jewelry that 1000’s of people can have?  We can create something that shows your style and personality.  And many times, we can do it for less than what a comparable ring would cost at the chain jewelry stores.

You can view our portfolio of custom engagement rings or custom pendants to look for ideas.  Or you can contact us with your own idea. We can turn your dreams of a stunning piece of jewelry with black stones into a reality.  Even if black diamonds or sapphires are out of your budget, there are other options.  Both moissanite and onyx come in black varieties and they will each cost less than Black Sapphire vs Black Diamond.




Black Sapphires vs Black Diamonds

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