Custom Mens Signet Rings

Truly Unique Men’s Signet Rings

We talk a whole lot about what is trending. You know, the must-have phones, jeans, tablets, and anything being pushed by the Kardashians. While many pay close attention to those things, it’s important to remember that jewelry also has its own trends. And lately, Men’s Signet Rings have been becoming a new trend for us.  If you thought Men’s Signet Rings only belonged on the pinky fingers of mobsters, it might be time to reconsider the stereotype. Whether engraved, iced out, or left plain, a custom  gold or silver signet looks striking in an elegant way (especially if you leave the zoot suit and cigar at home).  We love signet rings and have been renewing its classic silhouette with modern twists and details.

Here are some of the Men’s Signet Rings we have created for our many satisfied customers.

Let Us Design Your Custom Signet Ring

custom men's signet ring

2 Tone Signet Ring

This 2 Tone Silver Signet Ring was made for a customer who had a thing for the number 8 and diamonds.  So…that is what we have him. The “8” was cast in white gold and the ring was cast in yellow gold, which was then plated with black rhodium.  The two pieces were then soldered together to create one of our more unique Men’s Signet Rings.

Custom Men's Signet Rings

Military Signet Rings

This custom signet ring was created from the logo of a customer’s unit. These can be tough to create unless the ring is very big sue to the detail.  However, this one came out very well.

Men’s Signet Rings – History

Although the signet ring has been around for centuries, the style is back in full swing with the growth of CAD jewelry.  It is said Men’s Signet Rings date back to at least the second half of the 13th century.  For the next few centuries, signet rings have traditionally been engraved with the family crest or coat of arms in reverse.  This enabled the ring to be pressed into wax as a seal for letter writing and official documents.  Sealing in this way was official, authentic and could not be forged – it was seen as a form of identification. And quite often the signet ring would be destroyed or buried with the owner once they had died.

Eventually seals fell by the wayside and signet rings were mainly worn by the noble and religious classes.

Engraved Signet Ring

House Stark Engraved Signet Ring

This Engraved Signet Ring was made for a fan of the Game of Thrones.  We created the base ring and had our engraver do his thing.  The wolf was a bad shape for a round ring, but it turned out well with the space we had.  We have one of the few remaining master engravers local to us, which allows us to create custom Men’s Signet Rings that no one else can.

Signet Rings Today

Still crafted with regal precision, these Men’s Signet Rings are no longer limited to a simple monogram, class ring, or family crest designs. Now, you can make Men’s Signet Rings with gemstone inlays, pop culture media, daily affirmations, or even nature themes. While the historical Men’s Signet Rings represented a status symbol for the wealthy, today’s Men’s Signet Rings denote personal style and character. And since it’s all about individuality, anyone can pull them off.  We have created all kinds of custom signet rings that would have no meaning to someone viewing them

custom signet rings

Custom 2 Tone Signet Ring

Here is another 2 Tone Signet Ring was made for a customer who had a thing for this sun.  We cast the base of the ring in white gold and the sun in yellow gold.  We then soldered the pieces together to create a permanently 2 tone signet ring.  Most 2 tone Signet Rings you find at chain or retail stores are going to be plated, which isn’t permanent.

Custom Pinkie Rings – Give Us a Chance!

Custom Men's Signet Ring

“Sporty D” Custom Men’s Signet Ring

This Sporty D Signet Ring was made for a customer who had some sort of entertainment company that he wanted turned into a custom signet ring.  He wanted a shield shape with some words on it, which is what he did, adding black enamel to make the letters pop.

Family Signet Rings

Family Signet Rings

No Topic is Off Limits In Our Custom Jewelry

This family ring was an ode to a man’s two kids.  Each side of the ring had their name and birthstone on it.  The black was done with enamel.

Budweiser Signet Ring

Budweiser Signet Ring

This Budweiser Signet Ring was made for a customer who loved himself some King Of Beers.  So…we took an old Bud logo and turned it in to this Budweiser Signet Ring.  Diamond were also added for some bling.

Custom Shield Ring

ZERT Signet Ring

This ZERT Signet Ring was made for a customer who was a huge fan of the video game.  It was easy really. We just took the ZERT logo and put it on a ring with some black enamel. Consequently,  it dried, and we had our ZERT signet ring!

We Can Create Your Vision Better Than Anyone!

Family Crest Signet Rings

Family Crest Signet Ring

Do you have a family crest or seal you would like turned in to a signet ring?  We can turn most seals into a ring.  It is also possible create them in relief if you would like a wax seal ring.

Groovy Kitty Signet Ring

Custom Signet Rings

We don’t recall what this cat was, but we think it was a cartoon.  It was for a 13 year old boy, which presented its own set of design issues.  Regardless, it came out well and he loved it.

Initial Signet Rings

Initial Signet Rings

Not all of our men’s signet rings are weird.  We do also make traditional signet rings like this D initial signet ring.  This one was made for a customer whose name was Darren.  He just wanted a large ring with stones on each corner.  As a result, this is what he got.

Championship Rings

Championship Style Signet Ring

This was one of our Silver Championship Style Rings (although no championship was won!) that we made for the owner of a tattoo parlor.

As you can see, the options for custom signet rings are almost limitless. The fantastically imaginative designs that we have created are truly unique and things you won’t see anywhere else. We can basically create, set stones in, and engrave just about anything.  We have had some very unusual requests  over the years and are equipped to meet all of your needs.

Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, to view our full portfolio, or to contact us about Men’s Signet Rings.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom signet ring made just for you.  Don’t settle for the overpriced, mass produced rings you find at retail stores.  We can provide infinitely more options.