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Custom Cathedral Engagement Rings

Many ring styles come and go.  And many of these fly by night styles are fun and sexy, but they do not possess the staying power of many more traditional styles.  There is a reason a ring style become traditional, and that is because it has been popular for a long time.  That said, traditional doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. A perfect example of this is are the Cathedral Engagement Rings we haver created.  They are an excellent option for those who want a style that will stand the test of time while still being contemporary.  Below we are posting out favorite Cathedral Engagement Rings.  We have many more and can create anything you don’t, but we only had so much room!

What are Cathedral Engagement Rings?

The Definition for Cathedral Engagement Rings setting is as follows:  A cathedral engagement ring setting is one in which the center stone is flanked by a arches of metal coming from from the finger that may or may not contain accent stones.  This elevated profile effectively fortifies the central gemstone in its place. In the process, creating a distinctly lifted silhouette that appears almost like a patterned basket precisely underneath the ring. The cathedral setting, just like the name suggests, is reminiscent of towering arches of cathedrals. Cathedral Engagement Rings marry the two facets of form and functionality.


One thing we love about Cathedral engagement rings is that they also feature classic lines and exclusive cathedral-inspired design characteristics. It provides a wide array of designs ranging from a scintillating diamond solitaire to an intricate cathedral channel setting. The cathedral engagement setting elegantly raises the center stone to create an aesthetic structural beauty.


Modern Cathedral Engagement Rings

Celtic Engagement Rings

This stunning Celtic Engagement Ring has Celtic symbols adorning the band up to the shoulders, where 3, 1.5mm stones sit in Triquetras symbols.  The basket holding the head also has some symbols in it.  The cathedrals are cut on the side to add an elegant design element.  This one is shown with a 6.5mm round, but almost any size or shape stone could be used.  We could also change the pattern on the band if you had something else in mind. 

Why Opt For Cathedral Engagement Rings

Cathedral Engagement Rings are elegant and classy. The arched mounting brings in additional height that makes the central stone appear

 are prominent and grander. The added support accentuates the stone with an imposing raised profile. Compared to a lower setting, the stone sits higher above the ring. The brilliant cathedral setting with its ornate design does not require any additional feature enhancements to make the stone even more conspicuous. This cost-saving design calls for minimal investment to achieve a striking appearance. 

A Cathedral setting is perfect for brides who look for an eternal, not overly decorative yet a gorgeous engagement ring. It can
stunningly accentuate a diamond without overwhelming its entire design.  These settings are idyllic if you are looking for an individualistic yet artistic style in your engagement ring.

Cathedral engagement rings are versatile in its use of settings. The center gemstone can be placed with multiple prongs, tension setting as well as bezel setting. The defining attribute of a cathedral ring does not focus on how a stone is upheld but rather the precise mounting style of twin arches raised above the shank.

Cathedral Engagement Rings - Not Your Mother's Ring

Cathedral Engagement Rings

This elegant Cathedral Engagement Ring boasts more than meets the eye with the accents on the sides of the ring.  It is shown with a 1 carat round diamonds, but almost any shape, size, or type of stone can be used.  The band is 2.5mm wide, but it could be made thinner or thicker depending on the size of the stone as well as your person taste.


Different Types Of Cathedral Engagement Rings

Though a traditional choice, cathedral setting is quite versatile. It offers a broad canvas to play with diverse options of shapes, contours, stones, and metalwork in the ring. Height of the ring can also be adjusted to attain a particular look. Explore these diverse cathedral settings to find out which attracts you the most.


   Vintage cathedral engagement rings setting: This setting directly adopts from the authentic antique to display intricate and even more ornate detailing. Detailed shoulders on yellow gold with a vintage cut diamond produce a typically antique cathedral ring. This is a truly timeless and luxe cathedral ring design. 

   Cathedral diamond pavé setting: The shank will feature one or more rows of smaller cropped diamonds to create a sparkling pave band.

   Channel-set cathedral engagement rings: Diamond channel setting on a white gold or platinum band builds a glamorous modern look that ultimately enhances the elevated center stone.

   Petite cathedral engagement rings : With this cathedral setting, you will have a comparatively thinner band ranging anywhere between 1.5mm and 1.9mm. It garners an incredibly understated and delicate look that makes the diamond pop even more spectacularly.

   Split band cathedral arches: Diamond studded infinity split bands usher in a fresh lease of life into the rather predictable cathedral rings having single band. Fascinating milgrain and filigree detailing accompanied by pavé set diamonds result in an elaborate and bold cathedral engagement ring.

   Three stone cathedral ring setting: If you are not really aiming for a clean-cut, smooth single band, uncluttered look, an exquisite three-stone cathedral ring will certainly fit the bill. Two accent stones, preferably diamonds of similar shapes, contribute in elevating the center stone above your finger. Three stones will add better and bigger sparkle to your engagement ring.

   Cathedral halo setting: This glittering, bold design shows of a center stone engulfed in a halo of tiny diamonds to create a dramatic, glorious outline. This detailed setting is not meant for the faint of heart! It also makes a smaller center diamond appear larger.


If you want to blend one or more of these design inspirations to craft your very own cathedral engagement ring, custom making it is an excellent idea. It will be a classic yet trendy pick for a fashionable bride who loves to combine elegance with a dash of tradition.

Another Celtic Engagement Ring

This Celtic Cathedral Engagement Ring has a lot happening on it.  There is almost no place on this ring that isn’t adorned with some sort of design element.  That is what makes it so stunning.  Beautiful scrollwork, milgrain, and Celtic symbols are on the top and sides of this stunning Ring.  The center stone is a 6.5mm round and is accented with 8 stones.  However, this design would work well with a cushion or princess cut stone as well.  If you like the idea of this Celtic Cathedral Engagement Ring, but don’t like the patterns.  We could make it with whatever pattern you wanted as long as it fit.

Tension Set Floral Engagement Ring

This one of our Custom Cathedral Engagement Rings with a beautiful pattern cut into the sides.  We start with a 6mm round, although any size or shape could be used.  The center stone is accented on each side with 2, 1.7, 1.5 and 1.3mm stones for a total of 1/3 of a carat.  The sides of the ring are decorated with sculptural elements that can be changed to anything else that will fit if you don’t like the current design.

crossover cathedral engagement ring

Do you want a solitaire engagement ring, but don’t want the ubiquitous Tiffany style setting, our Crossover Cathedral Engagement Ring could be the one for you!  At about 5 and 7 o’clock, the shank splits into 2 while still being attached. As it travels up the ring, they end up crossing over each other, slope upwards, and become one of the prongs.  The center stone is a round 6.5mm.  However, we could make this with any size stone, as long as it was over 4mm.


milgrained Solitaire engagement ring

This Solitaire Cathedral Engagement Ring is a unique take on the traditional solitaire engagement ring.  The cathedral shank comes to a point in the center of the stone. It is then cut out and filled with elegant scrollwork while milgrain creeps up the sides and around the 6.5mm center stone.  

However, this ring would also look good with a princess or cushion cut center stones as well.  We have shown it with an optional matching band, which could be changed if you have a different idea.  We can also change the design in the engagement band as well.

Cathedral engagement rings

If you are in the market for a Cathedral Engagement Ring, you want to start with the center stone first.  It will dictate much of the rest of the ring’s design.  Typically, you don’t want the shank or cathedral shoulders to be wider than your center stone.  If you have a very wide shank, you might want to go with an oval, pear, or Marquise shape. These elongated cuts will give you more room to use a wide shank.  Round and square stones that are more symmetrical will look better with a more traditional, narrower shank.  But, this is custom jewelry!  We will create whatever it is that you want.

Split shank cathedral engagement ring

This Split Shank Cathedral Engagement Ring is loud with sparkle and also has an elegant optional matching band. We start with a 6.5mm center round stone, although other shapes and sizes could b e used.  Running from each corner of the center stone are two bands with cross over each other and travel down the ring.  The space created by the split shank is filled with a strip of 1.3mm stones, adding a ton of extra sparkle.  

The drawbacks of cathedral engagement rings

While a wonderful and very popular choice, cathedral engagement rings do have drawback.  First off, the center stones usually sit high in these types of ring.  So, it will have a greater chance of getting snagged or caught on something.  Cathedral rings are not recommended for women that work a lot with their hands like a hairstylist or nurse.  Cathedral Engagement also get dirty very quickly.  The cathedrals form small crevices that are prone to catching dirt and “stuff” like lotion.  So, you if go with a cathedral ring, you might be cleaning your ring all the time.

Split shank engagement ring

This idea behind the band on this cathedral engagement ring was basically a folded ribbon.  But we made it different from others in that the stones are mounted an an angle and not perpendicular to the ring.  It also accented with a band going around the ring with a stone beneath it.  The accents are 1.3mm stones and total a 3/8 TCW.  The center stone on this one is shown as a round, but any shape or size can be used.

V Halo Cathedral Engagement Ring

This beautifully sculpted V Halo Heart Scrolled Cathedral Ring is adorned with half hearts creeping on the sides of the band, allowing for light to come through and giving it a gorgeous look. The V shaped halo hides underneath the center stone, letting it occupy center stage by itself.  Click the image to see the side of the ring!

the pros of a cathedral engagement ring

Cathedral settings are stunning and one of the best styles if you really want to highlight your center stone.  The raised cathedrals can protect your center stone, which is very appealing to some.  Also, they can make your center stone look larger than it is.  Generally, the taller a stone is off the ring, the larger and more prominent it will look.  Cathedral settings also off more real estate for design elements than a lower profile ring.  The cathedrals create space that otherwise would not be there, allowing for more ornate designs.  And finally, cathedral settings are easy to create matching wedding bands for.  They are typically straight edged, unlike a halo engagement ring, where you have to bend the band to fit the engagement ring.

pave cathedral engagement ring

Here, we have 3 rows of pave diamonds beneath a 6.5mm center stone, which could be almost any size or shape.  There isn’t really much more to say about it other than BLING!  We could make the stones go further around the band for even more blink if you want.

Cathedral Engagement Ring Settings

This Floral Cathedral Engagement Ring is simply gorgeous.  All three sides of the band are accented with 1.3mm stones.  There are also 4 flower petals that have stones on them as well.  The accents are all framed by elegant milgrain.  If you find it too busy, we could remove it.  We love the arches in the cathedral setting, which the lower parts turning into the petals of a flower.

We are confident that when given the chance to create a Custom Engagement Ring.  Our design skill, value, service, and knowledge make us the best choice to turn your vision and dreams into reality.  We know there a ton of options out there for engagement rings.  Luckily for you, we are the best and there is no need to look further.  

scrolled cathdral Engagement Ring

With its sweeping arches, this Scrolled Cathedral Solitaire Ring is whimsical and delicate. Small diamonds take refuge in the bridge of this striking cathedral setting, giving it some extra sparkle.  Elegant scrollwork grows it’s up way to the peek a boo diamond.  It is shown with a 6.5mm diamond.  However, other, types, shapes, and sizes of stone could be used.  Click the image to see the sides of the ring!

Click HERE to see more of our custom engagement rings. Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, or to contact us about Custom Cathedral Engagement Rings.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom moissanite engagement ring made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for boring and overpriced engagement rings?  You know what they say…once you go custom, you never go back. To the mall!!!

Cathedral Engagement Rings
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