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Custom Engagement Rings – Animal Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

This is our art deco hummingbird engagement ring. It is a stunning example of our nature inspired engagement rings.  Beneath the center stone is a lush garden of flowers and vines.  And feed We have created a matching band you can see if you click on the image. It holds a 5-6mm square or round center stone.  The accents are 2.25mm rounds.

If you have decided on a custom engagement ring, you are in the right spot!   At Valeria Fine Jewelry, we can make that perfect ring that will wow her every time she sees it.  Whatever your budget may be, we believe in providing you an engagement ring as splendid as your other half.  Your engagement ring should stand for the commitment and loyalty of spending the rest of your life together with your better half.   It might take a little effort, but the dividends of giving your bride to be a custom engagement ring are worth it!  Just knowing you put a little of yourself will go far longer making her proposal everything she dreamed of.

custom engagement rings

Cabochon Octopus Engagement Ring

This Octopus Engagement Ring looks as if it just sprang from the sea!  It can be made with both a bezel set cabochon center stone or a prongs set, faceted stone.  Any size or type of center stone from 4-8mm can be used. The suckers are hand finished after casting to give them an organic look.  We can also make it with a straight shank as well.

Custom Engagement Rings – 2 Stone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry.  And whether you’re already engaged, about to be, or are hopelessly single, looking at diamonds and gemstones can always be enticing. Over time, as it is with any accessory, engagement rings have experienced their fair share of trends. We are on the forefront of these trends as we get to make the jewelry that people want, but can’t find at the mall.

custom engagement rings

2 Stone Engagement Ring

This is one of our 2 stone Custom Engagement Rings.  We also have it in a version without the stones on the band.  The accent stones are set in a french pave setting, but could be changed to a standard shared prongs setting.

custom engagement rings

2 Stone Bypass Engagement Ring

This stunner has the 2 main stones in a bypass setting, split by a band of diamonds.  We think this would look great as a cocktail ring as well, but using colored stones at the big ones.

custom engagement rings

French Pave 2 Stone Engagement Ring

This is a split shank 2 stone ring with only 1 of each shank getting stones!  The contrast of the high polish metal contrasts well with the sparkle of the diamonds.  The accents are set in a French Pave setting, but we h ave created it with a typical shared prong setting as well.

Custom Engagement Rings – Art Deco Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

Art Deco Solitaire Engagement Ring

What makes this Art Deco Solitaire Ring so beautiful it that it has a lot going on even with only one stone in it.   All of the real estate that could be given to stones is filled with leaf patterns.  There is also plenty of milgrain that adds another design element to this stunning and unique engagement ring.

custom engagement rings

V Halo Engagement Ring

This Art Deco Halo Engagement Ring isn’t your typical halo.  It is inset into a “V” shape from the side view, but looking from the top, it appears to be a standard halo. The stones in the halo as well as beneath the center stone are bezel set, defining each stone.  The band is elegantly adorned with floral scrollwork with some milgrain thrown in for good measure.

Custom Engagement Rings – Skull Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

V Halo Skull Engagement Ring

This is one of skull engagement rings.  It has a V halo surrounding the center stone with skulls on the shoulder.  They are accents with stones as well. Oddly enough, skull bridal jewelry sells more than one would think.  We also have a matching band that we can create with it.

custom engagement rings

Smokin’ Skull Engagement Ring

This art deco skull ring has skulls on both sides of the ring with wisps of smoke blowing around them.  The center stone is surrounded by a halo of stones that continue down the shank of the ring.

Custom Engagement Rings – Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

Split Shank Floral Engagement Ring

This crossover tulip engagement ring is simply beautiful.  One of the intertwining bands is accented with french pave set accents. The other is left to contrast with a high polish.  Finally, we have the center stone set in the 4 tulip petals.  Just stunning if we do say so ourselves…

custom engagement rings

Tree Branch Engagement Ring Set

This is one of our nature inspired Tree Branch Engagement Rings. It has antiqued recesses that truly give it a realistic look of tree bark that will only grow over time as the Patina of the Silver sets in. It is shown with a round center stone, but any shape can be used as long as you are ok with a prong setting.  CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE A FINISHED RING…IT LOOKS FAR BETTER!

Custom Engagement Rings – Solitaire Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

This Sculptural Solitaire Engagement Ring is one of our favorite bypass rings we have made.  The shank is a wave of motion is it travels from one end of the ring to the opposite end.  The 6 prong basket securely holds even the largest stone intact.

custom engagement rings

Milgrained Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

This Milgrained Solitaire Engagement Ring is a unique take on the traditional solitaire engagement ring.  The cathedral shank comes to a point in the center of the stone. It is then cut out and filled with elegant scrollwork while milgrain creeps up the sides and around the 6.5mm center stone.

Custom Engagement Rings are a chance for the buyer to oversee almost every part of the custom jewelry creation.  This allows you to create a finished piece as unique as the wearer.  Because you will wear your engagement ring every day, why not take the time to create a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring that will act as a daily reminder of your love and make you stand out in a crowd of people wearing big box chain rings? Rather then purchasing a mass-produced ring from China, have a symbol of your dedication and commitment created by designing a unique Custom Engagement Ring – the result of this will become a treasured story about the most significant object she will ever own.

Custom Engagement Rings – 3 Stone Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

Channel Set 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This is one of our many nature themed engagement rings. Obviously, our client loved bears!  We put a Koala and a Panda on each side of the 3 main stones.  The accents were a hybrid channel-prong setting.

custom engagement rings

East West 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This an East-West version of one of a 3 Stone Oval Engagement Ring; and it is definitely simple and refined.  Its uniqueness is that the stones are set horizontally rather than the typical vertical style.

custom engagement rings

Antique 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This 3 stone antique engagement ring hearkens back to the days of the early 1900’s, when platinum rings like this were fabricated by hand. Thank God for CAD! The center stone in our 3 stone antique engagement ring is a 7mm Cushion cut accented by Kite, Round, and Square shape stones.  We also added some milgrain for an added design element

Custom Engagement Rings – Split Shank Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

Split Shank Floral Engagement Ring

This Floral Split Shank Engagement Ring is one of the more unique bridal rings we have created.  In milgrained engagement ring, the shank splits from a bezel set stone at 10 & 2 O’clock.  From there, two diamond crusted leaves arch up the the center stone.

custom engagement rings

Split Shank Modern Engagement Ring

This Split Shank Modern Engagement Ring is an elegant design you won’t find anywhere else. Although we can say that about all of our work!  In this one, 2 of the prongs are formed by the shank and the other two appear out of nowhere for a dramatic effect.

custom engagement rings

Split Shank Crossover Engagement Ring

This split shank ring is a stunner with it’s crossing bands of Diamonds and Gold flowing into the halo surrounding the diamond in the center.   What we like about this one is that there are only stones on one of the shank. 

Custom Engagement Rings – Cathedral Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

Celtic Engagement Ring

This Celtic Engagement Ring has Celtic symbols going around the band that culminate with 3 accents on the cathedral shoulder.  The basket holding the 6.5mm center stone is accented with triquetra arms as well.

custom engagement rings

Celtic Halo Engagement Ring

Here is another Celtic cathedral engagement ring that we love.  On top of the Celtic symbols all over the ring, it has milgrain and diamond accents that help showcase the center stone.

custom engagement rings

Asymmetrical Engagement Ring

This Contemporary Cathedral Engagement Ring is a new twist on the classic cathedral ring.  There are 2 rows of diamonds on the opposite sides of the band, which is a little cool, but then those rows are interrupted by swooping lines of stones that go up the sides of the cathedral. It is a very dramatic effect.

The Value of Custom Engagement Rings

Retail jewelry is designed to appeal a mass, undiscerning audience while maximizing profits. To do so, they use as little metal as possible, low quality stones, and employ child labor in their factories.  At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we encourage clients to custom design their Custom Engagement Rings so that they receive exactly what they want. This is why we never cast a piece without the client’s approval.  This means that you will get the ring that you dreamed of.  At Valeria Custom Jewelry, the piece you create will be handmade and superior in quality and design to anything that has been mass-produced.  Our rings are more durable than mass produced jewelry as well.  They will generally last far longer than what you can get at the mall.  This allows for custom made jewelry to be passed down from generation to generation.

custom engagement rings

Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring is a stunning take on an old classic.  There  are diamond accents on both the sides and top of the ring.  What we like about this one is how the prongs are formed and they you can see through the ring.

The Allure of Custom Engagement Rings

Creating custom a engagement rings is your opportunity to be immersed in creating a piece that you will cherish – not only because you had hands on involvement in the creation of the ring, but also because of what the ring represents. When it comes to Custom Engagement Rings, never settle. At Valeria Fine Jewelry, our expert designers will directly with you to ensure that when you receive the final piece, you’re not just satisfied, but blown away. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge. Contact Valeria Fine Jewelry to start work on your masterpiece today.

Valeria Custom Jewelry is becoming the go to designer for unique and different custom engagement rings.  Many of our pieces are so personal that they will never be made for anyone else again. And that is OK with us.  All that matters to us is that each piece is special to its owner.

We Don’t Just Make Custom Engagement Rings

At Valeria Fine Jewelry, we design Custom jewelry from the ground up and as long as the ring can be cast, there will find a way to make your idea come true. We cast custom engagement rings in Gold, Sterling & Argentium Silver, Palladium, and Platinum using the lost wax technique.  And the best thing about custom engagement rings is that they can be created with gemstones that you don’t find in chain stores.

While engagement rings are one of our specialties, we don’t limit ourselves to that! With the latest CAD program, we are a full service custom jeweler for all of your jewelry needs. Whether a wedding ring, pendant, or bracelet, we can make anything.  Don’t settle for boring, pricey, mass-produced jewelry from the mall and chain stores.  Show your personality and look into Custom Engagement Rings.  Don’t you want your ring to have a story you can tell people???

Once you Go Custom, You Never Go Back!

It is no secret that engagement rings can pricey.  Therefore it’s imperative to figure a designer who can provide a good value.  At Valeria Fine Jewelry, we have a team of experienced designers and bench jewelers that can help you craft the perfect ring for your perfect spouse.  Even if you have a smaller budget than you would like, we are bale to give you a good band for your buck.  You can find our hundreds of 5 star reviews all over the internet and we pride ourselves in being the “right” designer.

In this age of the internet, there are hundreds of jewelry makers to choose from.  However, finding unique Engagement Rings for Women out of the thousands of designs and styles is a tiresome process. With the huge variety of available styles, it can be quite daunting to choose the right one.

Give Us A Shot!

You may like style of a ring but its stone shape is not what you like.  Or, are you impressed by the the design of the top half of the ring, but don’t like the bottom half. We can help!  And what is the solution to all this confusion? The answer lies in having a custom engagement ring created just for you.  We will help you to create from scratch if that is what it takes to make your dream a reality.  Instead of going for mass produced pieces, we can help you transform your own idea into reality.

While custom engagement rings are one of our specialties, we don’t limit ourselves to that!  Regardless of whether it is a wedding band, pendant, or bracelet, we can make anything.

Click HERE to see our complete portfolio of custom engagement rings.  Click HERE to lean more about custom jewelry, to view our the rest of our custom jewelry creations, or to contact us about Custom wedding rings.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom engagement ring made.  Why settle for boring, uninspiring, mass-produced engagement rings from the mall?  We can make exactly what you want.  Don’t see what you are envisioning for your unique engagement ring?  Send us the design you want and we will bring it to life.

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