Panda & Koala Bear 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Panda & Koala Bear 3 Stone Engagement Ring

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This is one of our Nature Engagement Rings that was made for bear lovers.  We have a Panda and a Koala on each side in one of them and 2 panda’s in the other.  There are 3 center stones that can be a wide variety of sizes and types.  In one of the iterations, the center stone is larger than the other two.  It would also be possible to add halos to the stones if they are made smaller.  The accents in the two shown are 2mm, but they could made smaller.  It is also shown with optional hand engraving.


CENTER STONE: Any type of stone can be used from 4-9mm
METAL OPTIONS: Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum
ACCENTS: Around 1/2 tcw.  Due to the sizes, they must be precious gems, diamonds or cz.
SIZES: 3-16

Why Nature Themed Engagement Rings Are So Desirable

Nature themed engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. These rings are designed to incorporate elements of nature, such as flowers, leaves, and animals, into their design. Many people find these rings desirable because they offer a unique and personal touch to their engagement ring. Nature themed engagement rings can be customized to reflect the wearer’s individual style and interests, making them a truly special and meaningful choice.

One reason why nature themed engagement rings are so desirable is their connection to the natural world. Many people feel a deep connection to nature and want to incorporate that into their everyday lives, including their engagement ring. By choosing a nature themed ring, individuals can carry a piece of the natural world with them wherever they go. This connection to nature can be a source of comfort and inspiration, reminding the wearer of the beauty and wonder of the world around them.

Another reason why nature themed engagement rings are desirable is their versatility. These rings can be designed in a variety of styles and materials, allowing individuals to find a ring that perfectly suits their taste and preferences. Whether someone prefers a delicate floral design or a bold animal motif, there are nature themed rings available to suit every style.

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Panda & Koala Bear 3 Stone Engagement Ring
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