The Custom Gold Pendants

Custom Gold Pendants

You might be surprised to know that necklaces, lockets, chains, and pendants are the most popular forms of jewelry.   Even more so than rings.  Whether a girl has is attending a wedding, a funeral, or a night out on the town, some sort of neckwear is almost always worn.  Necklaces are as old as the human civilization is.  Ranging from very simple to very complex designs, they come up in all shapes and all materials.  Throughout the world, pendants are worn in all cultures and all groups. It is not only a symbol of beauty but a tag of style and glamour also.

There has always been a curiosity and a deep desire among women to adorn themselves with some sort of decoration.  Whether clothing, makeup, or jewelry, women have always accessorized.  However, these accessories have usually starts with a necklace.  A pendant sits in the focal point of one’s body and is usually always seen by other. The neck is a perfect spot for jewelry and whether you are a schoolgirl, grandmother, nun, social activist, etc, every woman wants to wear an awesome necklace around her neck.

custom pendant

Butterfly Skull Necklace

We had a customer with a thing for skulls and butterflies.  She also had some diamonds she wanted to use.  This is what we came up with.

No doubt, other types of jewelry have also their place, but a pendant is usually the very first thing to be noticed.  Lockets and chains are not only bought by individual for personal use, but they also are one of the top options when presenting others with a gift. Symbolizing love, grief, or friendship, pendants are ta gift you can never go wrong with.  It is the kind of present that will make any women happy. Pendants are given not only as gifts but are also presented as rewards or for milestones. From academics to athletics, gold medals are a special kind of custom gold pendants worn by a champion.

Gold Name Necklaces

Are you looking for a Gold Word Necklace with a word that represents you?  We can create almost anything you can dream up!  We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced necklaces coming from Asia.  Unless it is something that thousands of people will want, you won’t find it for sale.  We are here to stop that.  

Once, these types of custom gold pendants were limited to royalty or the aristocracy.  A peasant wouldn’t have the money for jewelry and had putting food on the table to worry about.  If you watch an movie about Henry VIII, all the rich people were wearing large medallions.  Many times, these were presented by the king to reward loyalty or a military victory.  This only served to enhance the medallion or necklace as a status symbol and something to be desired.

custom gold pendants
custom pendant

Custom Gold Pendants

We can create custom gold pendants up to 3 inches inches wide or tall in Bronze, Brass, Copper, Sterling or Argentium Silver, white, yellow, or rose Gold, Palladium or Platinum.  If you wanted to add some color, a wide variety of gemstones or enamel could be used.  A few different finishes are also available to further personalize your piece.


The word pendant derives from the Latin word pendere and Old French word pendr.   Both words roughly translate into “to hang down”. The Old English “pendant” referred to a suspended ornament either from a bracelet, earring, or, a necklace.  However, the custom of wearing pendants dates back to the Stone Age.  Then, materials like stones, animal teeth, bones, or shells were used as necklace components.  More precious materials from far away lands were also valued for early necklaces.

Gold Name Necklaces

Are you looking for Custom Name Necklaces?  Using CAD, lost wax casting, and even hand engraving, we can create almost anything you can come up with. It can cost less than you might think to have your own Custom Name Pendant created just for you.  Send us your idea and let’s get started.

Mediterranean red coral has been found in a Neolithic burial grounds as far away as the Swiss Alps circa 4200-3400 BC.  Ethnic necklaces made of precious organic materials like coral were meant to display the woman’s or her family’s wealth and are usually worn during courting rituals or at weddings.  These were usually string with a rope or natural cord.  The first known example of a gold necklace dates back to 17th century BC discovered in Mycenae.  By 300 BC, the Greeks had mastered cutting gemstones such as amethysts, pearls and emeralds. That’s when the pendant as we know it today started appearing as an article of jewelry.

The ancient Egyptians routinely fashioned beads of glass and glazed pottery and would fashion these items into stunning necklaces. The pharaohs used to wear huge pieces filled with lapis lazuli, gold and other precious stones.  many of their pendants have their origin in the natural world.  Since many animals were thought to be sacred, many pendants were create celebrating cats, winged scarabs, vultures, falcons, and snakes.

Gold Name Necklace

Dagger Pendant

This dagger necklaces was part of a his and hers set we created.  They came from some video game, but we can’t remember that it was.  regardless, it turned out well.

By far and away, the majority of pendants worn were of of a religious sentiment. This grew from the belief that talismans or charms could ward off evil powers or spirits. In the middle ages, a new characteristic of pendants appeared when someone started engraving them with religious writings.  This further enhanced the idea that necklaces were for the upper class as the lower ones were illiterate.  Consequently, both kings and the high ranking clergy wore huge collars of gold, enamel, and gemstones, complete with their insignia or badge of office.

During the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods, necklaces became such an important part of dressing that in the 14th century it was customary for noblemen to add temporal themes such as family crests to their jewelry. What began out of a spiritual aim was now becoming a show or wealth and title.  According t0 Encyclopedia Britannica, since the beginning of the 16th century, pendants became decorative rather than religious objects. A number of beautiful pendants were created by Renaissance artists depicting numerous subjects such as mermaids, tritons, as well as mythological scenes.

Hip Hop Style Necklaces

Do you have an idea for a Custom Diamond Hip Hop Necklace or Diamond Name Necklace with your “catch phrase” or nickname on it?  This iced out piece was made for a members of a british hip hop group of the same name.

During the early seventeenth century, pendants lost some of their popularity as ruffles and lace collars became the height of fashion.  Yet, that didn’t stop some artists from just making the pieces that much larger to compensate.  In the 19th century, cameos illustrating women’s profiles, butterflies, peacocks, and flowers came in fashion.   Today, CAD design has made it so that almost any kind of custom pendant can be created.  If a trend had to be identified, it would probably just be individualism.  People are now able to create incredibly personal custom pendants like never before.  So now, people are breaking from the  traditional fashion styles and having something more meaningful to them made.

customized name pendants
custom pendant


This Jesus Necklace started out as an almost blank slate.  Then, out master hand engraver transformed it into something stunning.  Using Cad, lost wax casting, and hand engraving, we can create almost anything you can come up with.


Although the words pendant and necklace are used interchangeably, there is a technical difference between them. Before moving on, it is better we highlight this difference.

Necklaces and pendants both come under the category of neckwear. They both are worn around neck. However, they are not really the same thing. A necklace is more of the chain worn around the neck to hold the pendant. Necklaces generally comprise of a metal chain, usually gold or silver. They can likewise be comprise of a progression of gemstones connected together like a chain.

Groovy Kitty Pendant

Our Groovy Kitty Cat Necklace was a custom pendant made for a client with a record label of the same name.  Do you have a logo, name, or animal you want turned into a beautiful pendant? Send it to us and we can get the painless process started for less than you think.

Minnesota Vikings Pendants

Do you have a favorite sports team whose logo you want to wear? This pair of Minnesota Vikings Pendants was made for a fan in Hawaii to remind him of the cold he left behind!   Custom Pendant designs that you can’t find anywhere else are our specialty.  Please contact us to discuss your idea for custom gold pendants.

When a necklace includes a charm that hangs or dangles from it, that charm is known as a pendant. A pendant is regularly joined to a necklace by a bail. We can say necklaces are pendants with chains. Other than on a necklace, pendants can also appear on bracelets and anklets.  However, those are usually considered charms.  A necklace pendant is usually a small piece of jewelry that can be worn only with a chain around the neck. Most jewelry stores sell pendants without the chain.  At Valeria Custom Jewelry, chains are not included with our custom gold pendants.


Necklaces are wonderful accessories and can really make an ensemble. With tons of styles available, women are able to choose from many different lengths and styles.  Here are a few styles of necklaces we can out our custom pendants on or adorn with precious stones.

Choker: A choker necklace is intended to rest over the collarbone, falling along the base of the neck. Many women wear chokers to accentuate their shoulders and neck. These styles go from basic ribbons and beads to high-end gems and chains.

Matinee: Used mostly for women who are wearing a plunging neckline, the matinee necklace sits right above the bust and is normally between 20 and 22 inches in length. They are most often embellished with beads or stones, and if your neck is extra-wide or you have a fuller bust than most women, you may want to choose a matinee necklace. It has a pendant, just in case the 20-inch necklace feels too tight.

Princess: Princess Length necklaces balance just beneath the collarbone of the wearer. These are a little longer than a choker.  These are among the most prevalent necklace styles and lengths.

Opera: Opera length necklaces are long and hang over a dress or blouse. They can have a large pendant on it or can also be layered.

Lariat:  If you know what a lariat is, you can picture what a lariat necklace looks like. Designed with no clasp points, the lariat necklace is a scarf-like neck piece that wraps around the neck and has just one strand hanging down the other.

Hip Hop Pendants

Do you have an idea for hip hop style pendants but can’t find it anywhere in retail stores?  Or anyone that will make it for less than a fortune? Contact us and let us turn it into a piece of jewelry that you will love.  It will cost less than you think

Historical Types of Pendants

Custom gold pendants comes in various styles. Some of the more common types of custom gold pendants are given below.

Amulet: Amulets are believed to possess magical or spiritual powers. They are supposed to save the wearer from dangers and calamities. These types of custom gold pendants can be worn looped in a necklace or simply bound on arm or leg.

Talisman: Talismans are the step-brother to amulets. Likewise, they are worn on the arm, leg, or worn along with a necklace. However, there is a key difference between amulets and talismans in terms of powers they possess. Talismans are not passive. They are worn to ward off evil spirits or catch a lover’s eye.

Medallion: A usually round pendant presented as an award or to commemorate something.  We also create medallions based on business logos.

Functional pendants: These include special kinds of pendants for respective functions. For example, the Traveler’s sundial pendant (a portable form of astronomical rings) used to tell time from the sun.

Solitaire:  Numerous pendants include a solitaire stone in various shapes.  You will see princess cuts, rounds, or ovals in these.  However, you might see custom shapes as well.  There are lots of precious stones for every budget and they can be acquired in a wide range of sizes.

custom pendant

Dr Who TARDIS Necklace

Show you’re in the know with this custom Dr Who TARDIS pendant.  This one has been plated in Black Rhodium, but it could also be left in the color of the metal it is cast in. Please note that Black Rhodium is a surface treatment that will wear off over time

Sapphire Tree Of Life Pendant

We were asked to create a Tree of Life Pendant with Tapered Sapphire Baguettes as the “fruit”.  So…that is what we for him. Do you have an idea for a custom pendant you can’t find anywhere in stores?  Send it over to us as we will show you what we can do. 

While we aren’t making a lot of amulets, talismans, or functional pendants, many new styles of pendants have become popular such as the hop hop style pendants or name necklaces.

custom pendants
custom pendant

Diamond Halo Pearl Pendant

This Pearl Diamond Necklace features a 9mm Akoya Pearl in a halo cup setting.  It is accented with diamonds and birthstones. The design could also be modified to make of the stones larger or smaller.  A pearl as small as 4mm could be used while it could also be as large as we can find them.  This necklace had jump rings for a split chain to be soldered on to, but it could be made with a bail and solid chain as well.



Unfortunately, we haven’t made many or any cross pendants, that doesn’t mean there is no demand for them.  There probably isn’t a more common type of necklace than the cross.  The cross is viewed as the most broadly perceived religious image on the planet. It is for the most part connected with Christianity yet has been utilized as an image by civilizations that came before Christianity. An Ankh is a good example of that. It was initially the Egyptian image meaning “forever”.

It was subsequently adopted by the Coptic Christians as their symbol. The cross has also regularly appeared in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and in a wide range of styles. The most conventional cross pendant designs are the Latin cross, , the Maltese cross, the Celtic cross, and the Rose Cross. We have a number of cross pendants with designs ranging from the more customary and austere, to the lavish and diamond accented.

Business Logo Pendant

If you are looking to display your company’s logo on a pin or a necklace, Valeria Custom Jewelry is the place to be!  Send us your logo and we will turn it into a pin or pendant that will wow anyone who see it.  Want to add color to it?  Using gemstones, enamel, and texture we can achieve a wide array of looks


Wearing cross necklaces as a symbol of one’s faith is nothing new. Indeed, crosses are one of the oldest types of pendants.  One such cross pendant is the Jerusalem Cross. It’s believed that this pendant was worn by Godfrey de Bouillon while he fought the Muslims in 1099. This style of cross pendant is made with a huge cross in the middle and little crosses in the four corners.

This design signifies that God’s will is spread throughout the four corners of the earth.  The “Warrior” was a well-known cross pendant that was worn by Charlemagne. It was created of gold with sapphire, which wasn’t special.  What set it apart was that it supposedly had splinters of the Cross and the crown of thorns set in to it.  Some of the most popular cross pendant designs are found in the history books of Ireland. Celtic crosses go back to the time when the Celts were being persecuted by the Catholics.  We have made quite a few Celtic rings we well.


Diamond & Gemstone Sunflower Necklace

Are you looking for a floral or sunflower necklace?   You won’t find anything like this at the mall!  This one is made with white and black diamonds as well as pear shaped citrines.


Today, we still see cross pendants being worn to represent the Christian religion.  However, we also see them as style statements.  We currently find cross pendants made out of an assortment of materials ranging from plastic to gold. Sterling silver cross pendants are the most common type of pendant as they are less expensive.  Gold cross pendants are among the most sought after. They are found in a huge range of styles from the plain, straightforward metal to completely iced out with diamonds.

Ballet Dancer or Gymnast Pendants

Our Ballet necklace is perfect if you are or have a dancer in your family. This elegant figurine strikes a classic pose that any dancer will be happy to wear as en everyday piece. If you would like another pose or something with multiple dancers, send it over to us and we will see what we can do for you.

custom pendant

We understand that you have a number of options if you are searching for a custom pendant.  We also know there are tons of jewelers out there masquerading as custom jewelers when they really aren’t.  Nevertheless, we are certain that if given the opportunity, our expertise, service, and value will have you wondering why you ever went to a retail store.

Having custom gold pendants made by Valeria Custom Jewelry is considerably more personal and satisfying that buying an off the rack piece from a major box chain store. We do whatever it takes to ensure every client feels taken care of.   We also try our best to make sure that his or her needs are more than exceeded.  Custom gold pendants are our passions!

Do you who find it appealing to have something made one-of-a-kind? Just for you? And barely or never replicated?  Then custom gold pendants are for you.  We offer the option of never remaking your pendant again if you want it to be truly one of a kind.  Do you value design and want a necklace that’s a work of art? Then custom gold pendants are for you. Do you want a durable piece manufactured with precision and designed to be in your family for future generations?  custom gold pendants are for you.  Do you have family heirloom jewelry you want to remodel into a new piece of jewelry? Then custom gold pendants are for you.


With the help of Valeria Custom Jewelry, almost all custom gold pendants are possible.  Check out our latest custom gold pendants as we might have something that you love.  Or, if you have an idea that you know we haven’t created, send it over to us. We will create a design for custom gold pendants exactly according to your specs.

After 15 years in jewelry industry, we have served plenty of both national and international clients, so don’t let location be an obstacle.  We pride ourselves on creating quality custom gold pendants at very affordable prices no matter where you are.  So what are you waiting for?

Nervous about the process of creating custom gold pendants?  Proof of our value, service, and skill is all over the internet.  Google Us!

Click to see more of our Custom Pendants.  Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, to see our portfolio, or to contact us about custom gold pendants.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom custom gold pendants made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for boring and overpriced neckwear?  We can create custom gold pendants that no one else can, and usually for less without sacrificing any quality!

The Custom Gold Pendants
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