Custom Pendants

Custom Pendants

Custom pendants are a unique way to express your love for someone special. They make thoughtful gifts that show you really care, and they can be personalized with meaningful symbols or messages. Whether it’s an engraved necklace or a locket with a photo inside, customized pendants are perfect for expressing your love in a heartfelt way.

Necklaces and pendants are probably the most ubiquitous piece of jewelry there is, which is why pendants that we custom make are our most popular item. It is definitely the most commonly worn piece of jewelry. Even more than Rings. Many times, other than bridal jewelry, a necklace is the only piece of jewelry a woman is wearing. Girls begin wearing pendants and necklaces well before rings or earrings. Even men will wear necklaces without being told to. We want to be a part of this for you. Whether a piece you wear every day or just on special occasions, we can create a unique style just for you.


There has always been a curiosity and a deep desire among women to adorn themselves with some sort of decoration. Whether clothing, makeup, or jewelry, women have always accessorized. However, these accessories usually start with a necklace. A pendant sits at the focal point of one’s body and is usually always seen by others. The neck is a perfect spot for jewelry and whether you are a schoolgirl, grandmother, nun, social activist, etc, every woman wants to wear an awesome necklace around her neck. Enter custom name pendants

The Custom Experience


Discuss design ideas, options, budgets, with your jewelry consultant – your guide to the custom experience.



Visualize your piece with high-resolution 3D renderings, and we’ll adjust every detail until you tell us it’s perfect.



Receive your custom piece, with the assurance it’s been made to wear and last a lifetime.

Awareness Necklaces

This custom awareness ribbon necklace can be customized for any cause. Just let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

Sculptural Treble Clef Necklace

This was a project from a wax carving class many, many years ago. Initially, it was supposed to be a snake wrapping around a stone, but it didn’t end up that way! We don’t really know what to call it, but we like it.


Custom Name Necklaces

This is one of our custom gold name necklaces, solid gold, yellow gold, or white gold, it’s your choice. We can create custom necklaces with names or words in almost any font. We can also create and draw letters as well. Just send us your idea and we will turn it into a stunning custom jewelry creation.

If you have one delicate, special necklace you wear every single day (even in the shower). Then you might not realize how many alternating, clear-cut trends the jewelry industry undergoes every year. But, one look on the runways and on the necks of celebrities and you’ll see just how many different styles are being worn around people’s necks. Gone are the days when a simple drop was cool. Now, custom pendant designs are all the rage. Everyone wants something unique and personal to themselves. And we don’t blame them, because it is easier than ever to get a special pendant made just for you.

Custom Diamond Necklace

No doubt, other types of jewelry have also their place, but a pendant is usually the very first thing to be noticed. Lockets and chains are not only bought by individuals for personal use, but they also are one of the top options when presenting others with a gift. Symbolizing love, grief, or friendship, pendants are a gift you can never go wrong with. It is the kind of present that will make any woman happy. Pendants are given not only as gifts but are also presented as rewards or for milestones. From academics to sports the gold medal is a special kind of pendant worn by a champion.


Groovy Kitty Necklace

Our Groovy Kitty Cat Necklace was a pendant made for a client with a record label of the same name. Customized Pendants are an excellent and cost-effective way to advertise your business.

New Age Star Gemstone Necklace

This Custom Star Necklace was set with gemstones purported to have healing characteristics and is a good representation of the colors used in customized pendants.


Similar to how we’ve seen dangling statement earrings rise in popularity this year, necklaces — and not just of the choker variety — are getting big.
And in this case, more is more. This piece below was 2.5 inches tall!


Sapphire Tree Necklace

We used tapered sapphire baguettes to represent something in this nature-inspired necklace. We don’t come up with this stuff: that is where you come in! Send us your idea for a custom necklace, no matter how odd. We will turn that vision into a stunning piece of custom jewelry.

From new styles of personalized jewelry to big, oversized necklaces we haven’t seen since the early 2000s, the customized pendants bound to be dominating 2019 will be leaving moderation behind. Regardless of which styles you follow, one thing’s for sure: You will start paying way more attention to what’s hanging around your neck.

Custom Logo Necklaces

This logo pendant was made for a record label owner. Let us take your logo and turn it into a custom jewelry creation! They are great conversation starters, and your own pendant shows people that you are successful.

Pearl & Gemstone Diamond Pendant

This Pearl Halo Necklace features a 9mm Akoya Pearl in a halo cup setting. The diamonds and birthstones are 1.8mm. The design could also be modified to make the stones larger or smaller. A pearl as small as 4mm could be used, while it could also be as large as we can find them. This Pearl halo necklace had jump rings for a split chain to be soldered onto, but it could also be made with a bail and solid chain.

Do you have an idea for a custom necklace but can’t find it anywhere? Do you have a name other than “John” or “Jennifer” and can’t find a name necklace with your name on it? You have come to the right place! We create one-of-a-kind pendants that you can’t find anywhere else. Our expertise surpasses that of your typical jeweler, which is evident as soon as you talk to us.


Diamond & Gemstone Sunflower Pendant

This Diamond and Topaz Sunflower Pendant uses the colors of the stones to achieve the desired look. Using the many colors offered by gemstones, we can create a wide variety of looks.

Diamond Hip Hop Style Necklaces

In this 11-World Pendant, the colors of the diamonds form the ocean, Africa, and Asia. Colored diamonds and gemstones are a great way to add color to customized pendants. We can also use enamel to add color to the pendants we create.

Confederate Flag Necklace

We made a matching confederate flag wedding ring and pendant for a guy in Alabama who just loved him some dixie! This one was cast in Silver, and we oxidized it to give it some contrast.

Southern AF Necklace

Are you looking for Sterling Silver Necklaces but can’t find what you want at an affordable price? We can create almost anything you can dream up! We know that finding something other than the mass-produced silver pendants from China can be challenging. Unless it has mass appeal, you won’t find it anywhere. We are here to stop that.

Put a beautiful Custom diamond necklace around the neck of a loved one or even yourself! Create your pendant with our expert designer to show your unique style, celebrate an event, or tell a personal story. Whether you know exactly what you want or have a very vague idea for a beautiful piece of jewelry. We can create and manufacture Pendants that will blow your mind.


Custom Name Necklaces

We had a customer who called himself “Shorty Smooth”. We have no idea why. But we created this 4-inch wide custom name necklace for him. Anything over 2.75 inches has to be cast in 2 pieces and soldered together. But, as you can see, you can’t tell.

Diamond Hip Hop Necklaces

This “TRX” pendant is one of our hip-hop-style pendants. This is another style you see more and more of. Millennials love the pave diamond look, and they can apply it to almost anything they can think of. We have crusted diamonds onto some odd things. But hey, that is what custom jewelry is about.

Unique Style Necklaces

We can’t recall what this was, but it turned out pretty cool. We especially like the tree. This is just a sample of what we can do, though. Challenge us with something new!

Sculptural Heart Diamond Necklace

We had a customer who wanted a heart but didn’t want one that looked like one you can get from the mall. He wanted funky, thin, and with some diamonds. This is what we came up with.

Trends and fashion change, but your name or nickname won’t. Whether an initialed dog tag or a more minimalist take on the nameplate, you can proudly wear your name with a custom pendant from Valeria Custom Jewelry. We can take almost any word or series of words and turn it into a custom necklace. We have hundreds of fonts we can use, or we can even draw letters. As long as each letter touches the next, we can make it happen.

Hip Hop Style Necklaces

This hip-hop-style necklace is just one example of hip-hop jewelry we can create. This was for a rapper named Young Fresh. We made a stylized initial necklace using channel set diamonds.

Using comprehensive CAD software, we can create designs digitally at first. Using this software, he can show you the design for your approval before it is manufactured. This way, the customer can approve the design before casting them in a lost wax relief mold. The resulting pendants are stunning pieces of jewelry you won’t find anywhere else.

Custom Monogram Necklaces

Our customer wanted a monogram pendant but didn’t want the standard horizontal layout. The issue with cutout pendants is that each piece has to be touching more than just a little so the piece will be cast. It also helps with the durability of a pendant we custom made. So we came up with an offset, vertical orientation that he loved.

Custom Obelisk Necklace

There isn’t anything special about this Obelisk Pendant. We just added some names and enameled them. But this is an excellent example of a piece of custom jewelry with a theme not commonly used in jewelry.

Custom Nameplate Necklaces

This is one of a few nameplate necklaces we have made. We can make these with almost any name or word and in various fonts.

Having a custom necklace made by Valeria Custom Jewelry is a much more personal experience than buying jewelry from a big box chain store. They go above and beyond to make sure each customer feels special and that their needs are all that matter. Consequently, Valeria Custom Jewelry will do whatever is required to ensure you’re so satisfied with your purchase that you keep coming back for more.


Custom Dagger Pendants

This dagger necklace was based on a dagger from a video game. We oxidized the hilt and added enamel to her name. We have also made sword pendants.

Dr Who TARDIS Necklace

This pendant is the TARDIS from Dr. Who that we created for a massive fan of the show. It was cast in Sterling Silver, oxidized to turn it black, and then we polished the lettering at the top.

Customized Pendants

This custom necklace was created for an Australian motivational speaker. We made 25 of them for him to give out as awards for service. Although we aren’t sure of the significance, it was just a bezel set of Amethyst in a geometric shape.

We know what you’re thinking: my jewelry has to be on trend and in style, right? Technically, no. Custom Jewelry never goes out of style because it is personal and meaningful to the wearer. This makes it even more worthwhile to have your custom piece made.


Hand Engraved Religious Necklaces

We have one of the few remaining master engravers local to us. So we can take standard pieces and take them to a whole other level. This Jesus Pendant was cast with just the cross and circle cut out. Our hand engraving process completed everything else.

Ballet Dancer Necklaces

The streamlined design and clean look of the ballet dancer pendant is just one example of Lucas’ talent, knowledge, and vision coming together to create an enchanting piece of jewelry that is as well made as it is beautiful.

Whether a $200 silver pendant or a $5000 iced-out hip-hop necklace, we treat our customers as we want to be treated. We’ll never disappoint with our lifetime guarantee and your final cost. The biggest compliment you can pay us is to refer us to your friend and family. Or buy from us again! We strive to offer the service that warrants those actions with every project.


We are horrible photographers and ring can be very difficult to capture. When the ring has had something done to it that isn’t shown in the CAD rendering, like engraving, we will usually include a finished image. If there is a ring you would like to see a finished image of, contact us and will see if we have one.

Depending on the piece, we pack all of our pieces in jewelry boxes made of solid wood, velvet, or genuine leather. An outer “gift” box is included to protect the jewelry box as well.

We currently ship to 50+ countries worldwide. There are a handful of countries we don’t ship to, either due to restrictions from our shipping providers or customs regulations. To see if your country qualifies, start a consultation and ask us! We ship all of our jewelry with signature confirmation and insurance.

Note that all pricing is displayed in US dollars, and additional shipping charges may apply.

We are based in Dallas, TX and all of your jewelry is manufactured in US.

At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we think that getting something custom made should should be available to everyone. While all of our jewelry is custom designed and crafted to exceptionally high standards, we’re able to keep our costs much lower than traditional jewelers who do custom work – not by cutting corners or settling for lower quality, but by finding better ways to do things.

Keeping our costs low means we’re able to produce quality custom jewelry for prices that are comparable to what you’d pay for similar quality pieces off the shelf. If you’re purchasing a piece of jewelry that you want to last a lifetime (like an engagement ring or wedding band, for instance), then we offer the opportunity to have something made just for you for roughly the cost of something that’s been mass-produced. And many times, our prices can cost less for labor and material intensive pieces.

However, custom designing and making every piece to order and at such high quality means we can’t offer jewelry at the prices of of the lower end fashion brands of the jewelry coming from Asia.

Click HERE to learn more about the custom jewelry process.


I found Valeria custom jewelry online and when I saw their awesome work on their website I knew this was the best place for custom jewelry. I live in New York and distance was no problem, I contacted Valeria jewelry by email with pictures of a ring that I wanted rubies mounted in and the price was very competitive so I doubled the order last minute and I sent two rings for custom work done, which they said was no problem. So I mailed the two rings and a few weeks later I have the rings and they look great! Job well done to Valeria for the custom jewelry and I can’t thank them enough they surpassed my expectations for the rings. Getting custom jewelry done through the mail was easy safe and secure by insured usps. I look forward to having more jewelry done in the future at Valeria and am completely happy with my rings. Their website has good examples of their work so I am sure no matter the distance or need they will get it done quickly and with a good price. Thanks again Valeria !
Thomas Steed
I found Lucas via a google search, and his reviews honestly seemed too good to be true. I reached out to inquire about setting an antique diamond from a pendant into an engagement solitaire ring, and enlarging an antique wedding band. He responded to my initial email within minutes, and very quickly gave me design choices and an estimate for each. After dropping off the items, the rings were ready within 5 days - and they look better than I was even hoping for. His prices are exceptionally reasonable, and he gave full market value for the scrap gold my diamond was originally set in. I highly, highly recommend working with Lucas for the ease, responsiveness, and exceptional results he provides.
Rachel Krug
Lucas was absolutely amazing with his level of attention and detail to not only what I was looking for in the creative and concept stage, but throughout the process as a whole. We went back and forth for weeks about setting design and material, and specific gem selection and he was communicative and patient the entire time. Absolutely recommend he and his teams services.
Mason Potvin
My fiancé had my engagement ring custom designed through Valeria. Absolutely Beautiful, from the diamond setting to the finish. Thank you Lucas and his team for accomplishing this stunning ring in such a timely manner, which led to a beautiful and amazing experience.
Taylor Marie


Custom Pendants
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