Customized Name Pendants

Customized Name Pendants

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Are you looking for custom name pendants, but can’t find one that will work for you?  Unless you have a name like John or Jennifer, you might have a hard time finding custom name pendants with your names on them.  And if you can find some with what you want on them, will you be able to choose any font you want?  Probably not.  You might get to choose from 5 fonts.  You will also be limited to preset sizes.  Probably a small, medium, and a large.  But anything outside of that and you are out of luck.

We can create name or word necklaces in any size or font you want.  There are literally thousands to choose form.  However, it is also possible to create a custom font if there is something we can’t find.  We can also do monogram and initials necklaces as well.

Why Custom Name Pendants Are So Hot Right Now

Custom name pendants have become increasingly popular in recent years. These personalized pieces of jewelry allow individuals to showcase their unique identity and style. Whether it’s a name, initials, or a special word, custom name pendant designs offer a meaningful and stylish way to express oneself.

One of the reasons for the popularity of custom name necklaces is their versatility. They can be made in various materials such as gold, silver, or even precious gemstones, allowing individuals to choose a pendant that suits their personal taste and budget. Additionally, custom name pendants can be designed in different fonts and styles, further adding to their individuality.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of custom name necklaces is their sentimental value. These pendants are often given as gifts to loved ones, symbolizing a special bond or relationship. Whether it’s a mother gifting her child’s name pendant or a couple exchanging matching pendants with their initials, these personalized pieces hold a deep emotional significance.

All We Do Is Custom Jewelry

We can create custom name pendants in 1 piece up to 2.4 inches wide or tall in Bronze, Brass, Sterling or Argentium Silver, white, yellow, or rose Gold, Palladium or Platinum.  However, larger pieces are possible if we cast them in two pieces and then solder them together.  We have hundreds of fonts to choose from, but am not limited to those.  Send us your idea and let’s turn your idea into a reality.

This “ROO” pendant is covered with diamonds, but other types of stones are possible as well as is having it blank.  We can also add finishes other than the standard high polish such as stone or brushed.  These can further customize your piece and differentiate them from what you get at the mall.
we added some other pics as well for examples of what we can do.  If you can dream it, we will artfully create it.

Click to see more of our custom name necklaces.  Click the link to learn more about custom jewelry, view more of our custom necklaces, or to contact us about custom name necklaces.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom necklace.  Why settle for the lame and overpriced neck-wear from the retail stores when we can make something showing your style and personality?  Give Us A Try!   You might never buy something form the mall again…

Customized Name Pendants
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