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Hip Hop Pendant designs are new style of jewelry that is taking the the world by storm. With big, bold and courageous designs, Custom Hip Hop Necklaces add a new element to jewelry making.  Hip hop jewelry is some of the most difficult to create.  It isn’t uncommon for a single piece to utilize all the skills of the most talented jewelers. Because of their big and over the top design, hip hop jewelry was limited to a select few.  Namely the rich and famous, for many years. However, due to ever increasing prices in gold, platinum and diamonds, jewelers were forced to develop innovative means of creating affordable jewelry. Thanks to many breakthroughs in the industry, hip hop jewelry is now available to the masses.

Diamond Hip Hop Fist Necklace

This is probably the favorite of our Hip Hop Necklaces so far.  It was HUGE and over 500 diamonds in it.  We can create pendants like this to your specs and usually for less than many custom jewelry makers.

Custom Word Pendants

This custom name necklace was for a guy who called himself shorty smooth and he wanted a pendant that was “smooth”.  This is what we came up with…


Hip hop jewelry comes in many forms and is more of an idea than a concrete thing. If you’ve got an exposed body part, there is hip hop jewelry you can purchase to wear on it. Hip hop jewelry styles are available in the such forms as Custom Hip Hop Necklaces, chains, watches, rings, earrings, belt buckles, jean chains, teeth grillz, shoe grillz, and more.

Custom hip hop jewelry

TRX Diamond Necklace

This TRX Pendant was created for a British Hop Hop group of the same name.  They wanted something that would bling while on stage and so we accommodated their wishes.  It was only an 1.5 inches wide, but still had almost 2 carats of diamond in it.

Custom hip hop necklaces

Hip hop necklaces don’t have to be paveed with stones either.  Here, we just created a channel running the length of the piece and filled it with one row of stones.

custom hip hop necklaces

Are you looking for a Gold Word Necklace with a word that represents you?  We can create almost anything you can dream up!  We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced necklaces coming from Asia.  Unless it is something that thousands of people will want, you won’t find it for sale.  We are here to stop that.  

Custom Hip Hop Necklaces

This custom pendant was made for the owner of a record label.  We don’t always have to use stones for color.  In this one, we used enamel for the name.  The Black diamonds were flush set, which is a little messy, but we did it for budget reasons.

Custom Name Necklaces

We can take almost any name, nickname, or catch phrase and turn it into a custom pendant.  We can use almost any font you can find or we can create something from scratch.

History Of Hip Hop Pendants

Hip hop pendants have a rich history that dates back to the early days of the hip hop movement. These iconic pieces of jewelry have become synonymous with the hip hop culture and have played a significant role in shaping its visual aesthetic. From their origins in the streets of New York City to their worldwide popularity today, hip hop pendants continue to be a symbol of style and self-expression for artists and fans alike.

In the 1970s, as hip hop was emerging as a cultural phenomenon in the Bronx, DJs and MCs began to wear large, flashy pendants as a way to showcase their individuality and status. These pendants were often personalized with the artist’s name or initials, and were made from materials such as gold, silver, and diamonds. As the hip hop movement gained momentum, so did the popularity of these pendants, with artists like Run-DMC and LL Cool J sporting oversized, eye-catching pieces that became iconic symbols of the genre.

Over the years, hip hop pendants have evolved in style and design, reflecting the changing trends and tastes of the culture. From the classic nameplate pendant to more intricate and elaborate designs, these pieces have become more than just jewelry – they are a form of self-expression and a way for artists to assert their identity. Today, hip hop pendants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, with artists and fans alike embracing the diversity and creativity that these pieces represent.


Are you a rapper, label executive, or producer looking to become a big fish in the huge ocean of music talent? Nothing gets you noticed and builds brand awareness more than a Custom Hip Hop Pendant that sparkle from across the room.  Custom Hip Hop pendant designs with your logo or name are a great way to promote you, your company, or to thank your workers for going above and beyond the call of duty or for extended service.  They also just look cool.  That is reason enough to wear blingin’ custom Hip Hop Necklaces for every occasion!

Custom Logo Necklaces

Looking for Custom Business Logo Pendants? We can create the perfect piece for you to proudly display your company’s logo on a pin or a necklace. Send us your logo and let us see what we can do for you.  Using stones, texture, and enamel, we are able achieve a broad array of looks that will set your business apart from other

Custom Logo Necklaces

Although not iced out like most Custom Hip Hop Necklaces, this is the pendant we created for G’ed Up Productions.  It was 2.5 inches in diameter and only had diamonds on the G and a few on either side of it.  But it was still a stunning piece that was exactly what the customer had in mind.


If you’re thinking about having a Hip Hop Pendant created, give Valeria Custom Jewelry a chance to show you what we can do. Owner and artisan jeweler Lucas Horton can transform almost any idea you have into custom Hip Hop Pendants or pin for less than you think it will cost. Custom Hip Hop Necklaces can be made in one piece up to 3 inches wide or tall, and can be cast in brass, bronze, silver, gold, palladium or platinum.  Add in some diamonds or gemstones, and you are on your way to blingville.


This is not one of your typical Custom Hip Hop pendant designs, but it still falls into the genre.  It is big, has lots of diamonds, and is attached to a thick curb chain.  It also calls attention to the wearer in a major way, which is another trait of Custom Hip Hop Necklaces.  However, it best serves as another example that we can make almost anything that you can dream up!

Custom hip hop necklaces


Lucas is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and creates his Custom Hip Hop Necklaces using a state of the art CAD program in addition to lost wax casting. This type of manufacturing opens up a whole world of possibilities not available from the mall .  Additionally, he can take your ideas or sketches and turn them into a stunning work of art. By mixing different colored metals, diamonds or colored gemstones, you can turn your logo or name into Custom Hip Hop Necklaces you can be proud of. With his expertise in gemstones and diamonds, Lucas has compiled a number of reputable  dealers from around the globe.  So you can expect the highest quality materials at the best prices available.

custom hip hop necklaces


Are you looking for a Gold Initial Necklace but either can’t find one with your initials, or it is a lame design?  We can create almost anything you can dream up!  We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced necklaces coming from Asia.  Unfortunately, names and initials with low demand are just left out.  We are here to stop that.  



Are you looking for a Custom Hip Hop Pendant, but can’t find what you want?  Are you unhappy with the quality found at the mall or other online jewelers?  Using CAD, lost wax casting, and even hand engraving, we can create almost anything you can come up with. It can cost less than you might think to have your own Custom Hip Hop Pendant created just for you.  Send us your idea and let’s get started.

Custom Hip Hop Necklaces

Explore Valeria Custom Jewelry’s  portfolio of rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings and see for yourself the precision, detailed intricacy and artisan craftsmanship that goes into each of Lucas’ designs. If your expectations haven’t been exceeded, then Lucas hasn’t done his job.  Google Valeria Custom Jewelry and you will find hundreds of 5 star reviews across multiple marketplaces.  Give them a chance for Custom Hip Hop Necklaces and you will become one of the hundreds of happy customers.

These are just a few of our favorite Custom Hip Hop Pendants we have created.  Think of them as examples of what we CAN do.   We can make anything you have in mind and invite you to share your ideas with us.  It will cost less than you think to have your own custom iced out necklace!

Click HERE to see more of our Custom Pendants.  Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, to see our portfolio, or to contact us about a Hip Hop Necklace.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom necklace or pendant made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for boring and overpriced neckwear?

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Hip Hop Pendants
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