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Now that the female’s ultimate desires have been satisfied, it is time to choose a men’s wedding band for the male to wear for the rest of his life.  It is the undervalued cousin of the bride’s beautiful engagement ring and often the last thing the groom thinks about. Assuming he is not a regular wearer of rings it can be tough to find something that he will wear for years to come.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Diamond Chevy Tire Tread Wedding Ring

Looking for a Chevy Tire Tread Wedding Band? Valeria Fine Jewelry has created a wide variety of tire tread rings. Depending on the style, 5mm is the narrowest we can make one and they can go as wide as you like. If you don’t see the tread you want, send it to us and we will create it.

The custom of presenting wedding bands to each other is an ancient tradition.  Neanderthals are thought to have to tied twigs, grass and rushes around the bride’s wrists or ankles and regarded this as a sign of loyalty and friendship.  The first evidence of modern wedding rings was found in Egyptian civilization dating back more than 3000 years.  Ancient hierogylphs depict scenes of the bride and groom are offering each other braided rings.  It was also believed that by doing so the wife’s soul would remain intact and that she would live longer.  At that time, a woven ring made of reed or hemp served as a wedding ring.  How things have changed!

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Roman Numeral Wedding Ring

This Roman Numeral Wedding Ring has the customer’s wedding date that was capped off by two Celtic crosses.  We used an “ancient” font  for the roman numerals and gave the ring a stone finish to look like an artifact.  

Out of all the wedding traditions, the wedding ring is the most important symbol of  you and your partner’s union.  Exchanging wedding bands is not just a mere tradition to be followed.  Rather, it is an act of love, care, and promise. Even after spending a lot of money on the dress, wedding, etc, if your wedding ring is not up to the mark, your wife to be might have an issue with you after the  fact.  That is why one should be put a lot of thought into choosing a traditional wedding band. At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we have created a large portfolio of custom wedding ring designs as precious as our clients. If you are looking for an awesome custom wedding ring, contact us now!

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Unisex Crossover Wedding Ring

This elegant unisex crossover wedding ring has two sections that crossover each other on the top.  The finished image had been given a hammered texture, but that is optional and not the only texture it can be given.

A groom should think long and hard about what wedding band he will put on his finger since it is the only piece of jewelry many men will always wear. To help you in your quest for a unique men’s wedding band we explore the different wedding band materials, styles, and designs available to the groom and give you stunning men’s wedding ring inspiration to help you narrow your selection. The first step in wedding preparations is finding a matching ring is choosing your material. Below is our list of men’s wedding rings you can find the different materials explained, and how you can take care of your new ring.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings – Not Just Metal
Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Floral Men’s Wedding Ring

Are you looking for a Floral Men’s Wedding Ring but can’t find a design many enough and that doesn’t scream flowers?  We can make it for you. This was the men’s version of a set we made with black paint in the pattern.

To those who do not know, it might seem odd that the wedding ring was once exclusively for women. Women were first given what we recognize as wedding bands by the Ancient Romans.  However, they weren’t they symbols of love they are today.  They were marks of property that evolved from the collars that slaves wore!  Luckily the idea evolved into what it is today.  They now symbolize the eternal love between a couple in a partnership.  But it is only a relatively new thing that men have started caring about their wedding bands.  They have normally been an afterthought of the woman’s rings, if any thought was even put into it at all.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Diamond Men’d Wedding Ring

This Diamond Pyramid Men’s Wedding Ring has a band of diamonds sandwiched between rows of 3D pyramids.  We could make this with another shape if pyramids aren’t your thing.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings – Evolution

Men’s Wedding rings became popular around the time of the Second World War.  Many US soldiers leaving for Europe or the Pacific began the custom of wearing a wedding band and declared their marital status when worn on the ring finger.  These bands were typically the plain Gold Men’s Wedding Rings that you traditionally think of.   They were 3-4mm wide and almost always had a high polish.  Wearing them was a sign of the joy, pride, promise and hope that filled these soldiers as they went off to war with the possibility of not returning.  The band was also looked upon as a mark of someone’s love and devotion.  They were also worn as good luck charms for their survival and victory against the Axis Powers. Ever since then, wedding rings and rings have gathered multiple layers of meanings and significance. They have also become almost universal and a given.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Custom Gold Wedding Rings

We will create rings that nobody else has! This is our Cortana Men’s Wedding Ring!!  We had a client who wanted a ring made from Cortana’s suit and so this is what we came up with.

Are you tying the knot sometime soon? If yes, chances are you are searching for a stylish band! If you have your own choice in fashion and want something tailor-made to suit your aesthetics, the generic designs would not impress you much or at all. However, the good news is that designers have been experimenting with bands for men and have introduced unique designs and patterns that are just drool-worthy.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings – Ample Options At Any Budget

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

His and Her Wedding Rings

Do you want a pair of Unisex Wedding Rings that both partners can wear? This elegant unisex wedding band has a wave that travels from one side of the ring to the other as you go around the ring.

The first page of a Google query for Gold Men’s Wedding Rings will be full of the usual suspects such as national chains that are housed in expensive malls and shops that add a ton of costs to their overhead. While these shops might be convenient to a food court, that is where their value stops.  The salespeople are just that: salespeople.  Very few have any actual knowledge of gemstones, diamonds or jewelry. Their job is to sell you something over your budget.   The others you will see are paid to be at the top of search results and that is no guarantee of anything.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Batman Wedding Ring

We don’t need to say much about our Superhero Wedding Rings.  They sell themselves and we are always trying to think of new ideas to use comic book heroes in our wedding rings.

We know there are tons of online jewelers selling Gold Men’s Wedding Rings.  The vast majority of these are that plain band your grandfather wore in the 50’s.  You might find some milgrain or diamond accents.  Possibly some texture.  But your selection of anything with any character will be severely limited.  We want to change that.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Chevy Tire Tread Wedding Ring

This Mud Bogger Wedding Ring was based on the tire a customer had on his ATV.  He was a Chevy freak as well, so we added it in white gold and set some diamonds in it.  We can make anything like this that you can dream up.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings – Not just Yellow Gold

When you say “Gold”, one almost always thinks of the yellow metal.  But Gold comes in a few colors.  We can create Gold Men’s Wedding Rings in white, rose, and  green gold as well.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

2 Tone Diamond Wedding Ring

This is one of your 2 tone wedding rings.  We cast each piece in it’s metal and then it is soldered together.  Most 2 tone rings you see in retail stores have been plated, which isn’t permanent.

At Valeria Custom Jewelry, you deal with a GIA graduate gemologist who is more interested in getting you the right ring or stone than making the big sale.  You will also dealing with someone who knows how to create jewelry, making for a far better jewelry buying experience and higher quality Gold Men’s Wedding Rings.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Men’s Diamond Wedding Ring

This Custom Wedding Ring took a V-shaped plate and “Armored” this diamond wedding ring.  It had 2 rows of diamonds as well as ropes underneath them.  It was a large ring, but could be made more manageable.

At Valeria Fine Jewelry, creating Gold Men’s Wedding Rings is a passion of ours. Having tried my hand in the corporate world and hating it, I found my way into a CAD (computer aided design) class and learning how to make Gold Men’s Wedding Rings. CAD opens up a whole new realm of possibilities with respect to making custom bridal jewelry. Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a pendant, I can create jewelry it even is it isn’t commercially available.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Channel Set Wedding Ring

This Channel Set Men’s Wedding Ring is a simple beveled band with 3 vertically channel set stones.  It has a brushed finish, but it could be given any type of polish that you wanted.  This one was also plated with Black Rhodium.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings – Give Us a Chance!

At Valeria Fine Jewelry, we believe that the ring you wear should be as unique as you. That’s why we make all our Gold Men’s Wedding Rings to order, one at a time, in your choice of gems and precious metals. You can make a bold statement or say something subtle. You can also add your own personal meaning to any of our men’s rings, creating a beautiful memories and brilliant reminder you will see every day. We use only the highest quality materials to craft our men’s rings with meticulous attention to detail. Our precious metals are recycled or responsibly mined.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Star Wars Wedding Ring

The Star Wars Boba Fett Ring has the character’s iconic visor done in enamel going around the ring.  If you are looking for an understated star wars ring, this is the one for you. Only fans of the bounty hunter will recognize it, and maybe not even all of them at first glance!

If applicable, we hand-select each conflict-free gem in to perfectly complement your design. The profile, textures, and details of our men’s rings add individuality and style to everything you wear. When our work is done and you open that box, you’ll see your Gold Men’s Wedding Rings are even more striking when brought to life in the finest precious materials.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Biker Wedding Rings

This was the his version of a pair of biker wedding rings we made for some avid cyclers.  We have the ring a stone finish to make the bikers pop.  The 3mm diamonds didn’t hurt either!  We normally show a CAD rendering, but this one of the few times that the finished image actually looks better.

There is a difference at Valeria Fine Jewelry

From simple wedding bands to complicated, custom wedding ring designs, we have seen  and made almost everything. On your wedding day or milestone anniversary, gift your spouse with a badass diamond wedding band or any of our Gold Men’s Wedding Rings. Show your love with a men’s wedding ring that’s as remarkable as he is.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Cuban Link Wedding Ring

This is one of our Gold Men’s Wedding Rings fashioned from popular chain styles.  We have this Cuban Link and Herringbone as well as watchband wedding ring styles as well.

Whether you’re spending $500 or $500K on Gold Men’s Wedding Rings, our goal is to more than exceed your expectations. We make sure every one of our clients feel special.  We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Our goal is that your experience with our process of creating Gold Men’s Wedding Rings is such that you will refer all of your friends, family and anyone you know to us for any of their jewelry needs.  We are looking for lifetime relationships, not one time customers.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings

Skull Wedding Ring

Skull Wedding Rings are experiencing a major surge in popularity.  This one has alternating skulls going around the ring and diamond rails encasing them.

We know there are tons of people out there selling Gold Men’s Wedding Rings.   There are also a lot of people saying they make custom wedding ring, when they really don’t.  Custom jewelry is almost all we do.  We are confident that if you give Valeria Fine Jewelry an opportunity to create Gold Men’s Wedding Rings for you, you will see that we are a notch above.  Our design skill, value, quality, and knowledge make us the best choice to turn your vision and dreams into reality.

Gold Men's Wedding Rings4This Beveled Men’s Wedding Ring has stones going all the way around the ring the edges while two grooves form a band in the middle

Click HERE to lean more about custom jewelry, to view our the rest of our custom jewelry creations, or to contact us about Gold Men’s Wedding Rings.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom wedding band made.  Why settle for boring, uninspiring, mass-produced wedding bands from the mall?  We can make exactly what you want.  Don’t see what you are envisioning for Gold Men’s Wedding Rings?  Send us the design you want and we will bring it to life.

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