Custom Name Necklaces

Custom Name Necklaces

Custom Name Necklaces are one of the most ubiquitous pieces of jewelry there are.  And they are also one of our specialties.  Many times, other than bridal jewelry, a necklace is the only piece of jewelry a woman is wearing.  Girls start wearing pendants and necklaces well before rings or earrings.  Even men will wear necklaces without being told to.  We want to be a part of this.  Whether a piece you wear every day or just on special occasions, we can create a unique look just for you.


Custom Name Necklace

Winged Name Necklaces

Are you looking for Custom Winged Name Pendants? We are your custom name pendant HQ! No matter what is is, we can make it for you. And many times, for less than anywhere else. IF you can find anyone else to make it! Send us your idea and let’s get started.

Necklaces, lockets, chains, and pendants ARE the most popular forms of jewelry. Even more so than rings. Whether a girl is attending a wedding, a funeral, or a night out on the town, some sort of neckwear is almost always worn. Necklaces are as old as human civilization is. Ranging from the simple to very complex designs, they come up in all shapes, sizes and materials. They are not only symbols of beauty, but also outward displays of style and glamour.


During the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods, necklaces became such an important part of dressing that in the 14th century it was customary for noblemen to add temporal themes such as family crests to their jewelry. What began out of a spiritual aim was now becoming a show or wealth and title. According t0 Encyclopedia Britannica, since the beginning of the 16th century, pendants became decorative rather than religious objects. A number of beautiful pendants were created by Renaissance artists depicting numerous subjects such as mermaids, tritons, as well as mythological scenes.

Diamond Name Necklaces

Diamond Name Necklaces

This custom name pendant was a customer’s nickname. They couldn’t find a font they liked, so we created one. We then cast it in gold and set with diamonds.

Gold Custom Name Necklaces

Gold Name Necklaces

Are you looking for a Gold Word Necklace with a word that represents you? We can create almost anything you can dream up! We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced necklaces coming from Asia. Unless it is something that thousands of people will want, you won’t find it for sale. We are here to stop that.

custom necklaces with names

Hip Hop Necklaces

This diamond TRX pendant was created for a British hip hop group of the same name. They wanted wanted an iced out way to wear their name around their necks. So..we went to work and came up with this blingin’ piece that had 140 stones.

Put a stunning pendant around the neck of that someone special or yourself. It’s simple! We can easily create Custom Name Necklaces at prices that will surprise you. Design your own pendant with a skilled artists to show your unique style or tell a personal story. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or just have an idea for a beautiful piece of jewelry, we’ll design and create Custom Name Necklaces that will be the envy of all your friends. No matter what your style is, we have the font or design that will fit your personality.


We have access to thousands of fonts that we can use or we are also able to download ones that we don’t have. If you want something with a little bit of color, gemstones and enamel can be added. If you don’t want color in your Custom Name Necklaces, we can use one or a combination of many hand finishes to further make the piece yours.

Custom Name Necklaces

Custom Necklaces With Names

This Shorty Smooth Pendant was made for a guy who called himself that. He wanted a “smooth” pendant. We weren’t really sure what that meant, but we found a cool font and he loved it.

Custom Initial Necklaces

Are you looking for a Gold Initial Necklace but either can’t find one with your initials, or it is a lame design? We can create almost anything you can dream up! We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced necklaces coming from Asia. Unfortunately, names and initials with low demand are just left out. We are here to stop that.

Custom Initial Necklaces


Custom Name Necklaces are something that we specialize in and love making as there is so much leeway due to the size of these pieces. With unique and top level jewelry designers our manufacturing capabilities are only limited by the human imagination and physical casting properties. Our jewelry standards soar far above similar jewelry manufacturers in the industry, which is evident in our finished pieces. If Valeria Custom Jewelry creates any Custom Name Necklaces for you, you will soon grasp that you are wearing something that is an expertly crafted work of art in a sea of generic custom pendants. Please view our library of custom pendants and see for yourself.

custom necklaces with names

Custom Monogram Pendant

This custom pendant is one of our Monogram Name Necklaces that we created with a customer’s initials. He didn’t want a traditional monogram look, so we took those 3 letters and arranged them in a more unique way. We can create these pendants in whatever fonts that you like and will arrange the letters in a far cooler way than the standard monogram.

custom necklaces with names

Diamond Name Necklaces

Do you have a nickname or catch phrase you want to wear around your neck? Do you want it noticed from across the room? We can create iced out necklaces to your specs for less than most because of our procurement process.Even if you can find something similar to what you want online or at the mall, it will be mass produced in Asian sweatshops. It will also be of far lower quality that you would receive from us. But the majority of Custom Name Necklaces people are looking for will have to be made in the US. They will probably cost more than one from us as well because our prices are very hard to beat.


Custom Jewelry is often passed down due the emotional significance of such pieces. Since designing and developing Custom Name Necklaces is a specialty of ours, we help you get custom pendants within your budget. The Custom Name Necklaces that we create are the perfect jewelry options for pieces otherwise unavailable at a retail store.Are you looking for name pendant but can’t find anyone to make them for you? Using CAD, lost wax casting, and even hand engraving, we can create almost anything you can come up with. It can cost less than you might think to have something like our Custom Always Necklace created just for you.
Whether your budget is $300 or $5000, we will surpass your expectations in both quality and service. We want every one of our clients to feel special. Consequently, we will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. Our goal is that your experience is one that causes you to tell all of your friends, family and anyone else about us. We are trying to cultivate lifetime relationships, not single purchase customers.

custom necklaces with names

Customized Name Necklaces

Custom Nameplate Necklaces

Do you want to commemorate your family name in a piece of custom jewelry you pass down to the next generation? We can create all kinds of nameplate pendants that you would be proud to wear.


We get ALL kinds of requests for Custom Name Necklaces. Even if it profane or dirty, we don’t care; yo can’t offend us! We will make custom name necklaces with anything as long as it will cast and be durable.

Word Necklaces

Word Necklaces

This “Fuckem” pendant was made for someone who wanted to let everyone just how he felt about them! Like we have said before…if you have any kind of idea for a custom pendant, we can turn that idea into a stunning piece of custom jewelry

If you give Valeria Custom Jewelry a chance to show you what we can do for you. We are confident that our design skill, value, quality, and knowledge will be evident from the start. It will also be evident that we are the best choice to turn your vision and dreams into reality. Nobody creates Custom Name Necklaces better than Valeria Custom Jewelry!

Initials Necklaces

Are you looking for a Initials Necklace, but aren’t happy with the limited selection of font, size, materials, and quality? Using CAD, lost wax casting, and even hand engraving, we can create almost anything you can come up with.

Customized Name Necklaces

Having a custom necklace made by Valeria Custom Jewelry is a much more personal experience than buying jewelry from a big box chain store. They go above and beyond to make sure each customer feels special and that his or her needs are all that matter. Consequently, Valeria Custom Jewelry will do whatever is required to make sure you’re so satisfied with your purchase that you keep coming back for more.


Customized Name Necklaces
Gold Name Neckalces

Are you looking for Gold Name Pendants but either can’t find your name on them, or the design is not what you want?  We can create almost anything you can dream up!  We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced name necklaces coming from Asia.  Unfortunately, the less common names and initials just don’t get made.  We want to stop that!  Send us your idea and let us see what we can do for you.

Harry Potter Inspired Necklace

Harry Potter Inspired Necklace

We can create Custom pendants and Necklaces in single pieces up to 2.5 inches wide in single pieces. We can cast in Bronze, Brass, Copper, Sterling or Argentium Silver, white, yellow, rose Gold, Palladium, or Platinum. Larger pieces can be created by assembling smaller pieces though.


From staple pendants in your everyday collection to specialty religious symbols to hip-hop necklaces, we create unique custom pendants perfectly crafted for the true connoisseur. We also know that there are a wide variety of choices when looking for custom pendants. Most are not created as equal as others. And many don’t even really create custom jewelry. They send the job to someone else and then just charge a healthy cut percentage for basically facilitating a design being created.

Click to see more of our Custom Pendants or contact us with your idea for a quote. Or, learn more about custom jewelry in general or view our portfolio. Our mantra is…If you can dream it, we can create it! It can cost less than you think to have your very own Custom Name Necklaces made just for you.

Custom Jewelry Is Not Just For The Rich

At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we think that getting something custom-made should be available to everyone. While all of our jewelry is custom designed and crafted to exceptionally high standards, we’re able to keep our costs much lower than traditional jewelers who do custom work – not by cutting corners or settling for lower quality, but by finding better ways to do things.

Keeping our costs low means we’re able to produce quality custom jewelry for prices that are comparable to what you’d pay for similar quality pieces off the shelf. If you’re purchasing a piece of jewelry that you want to last a lifetime (like an engagement ring or wedding band, for instance), then we offer the opportunity to have something made just for you for roughly the cost of something that’s been mass-produced. And many times, our prices can cost less for labor and material-intensive pieces.

However, custom designing and making every piece to order and at such high quality means we can’t offer jewelry at the prices of the lower-end fashion brands of jewelry coming from Asia.

Click here to learn more about the custom jewelry process.


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