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Custom Men’s Signet Rings – History

Although the signet ring has been around for more than 500 years, the growth of CAD jewelry have brought the style full circle.  Supposedly, Men’s Signet Rings date back to at least the late 13th century.  For the next few centuries, signet rings have traditionally been engraved with the family crest or coat of arms in reverse.  This enabled the ring to be pressed into wax as a seal for letter writing and official documents.  Sealing in this way was official, authentic and could not be forged – it was seen as a form of identification. And quite often the signet ring would be destroyed or buried with the owner once they had died.  Eventually seals fell by the wayside and signet rings were mainly worn by the noble and religious classes.

2 Tone Signet Ring

This 2 tone Sun Signet Ring was oddly shaped signet ring.  It features a silver ring with an engraved gold sun.  Each piece was cast in it’s own metal and then soldered together.  This is permanent.  The vast majority of 2 tone rings you see are only plated.  Although this is less expensive, it can wear off in as little as 6 months with rough wear.

Military Signet Rings

Here is a signet ring that was made for someone in the military.  Click the image to see a finished ring.


We design custom signet rings to perfectly represent the customer’s tastes and style, combining a straightforward creative process with beautiful design, expert manufacturing techniques, and world-class craftsmanship.

Custom Men's Signet Rings

Men’s Signet Rings

The ZERT ring was made for a fan of the ZERT video game. We filled the background with black enamel to contrast with the logo.

A Custom Men’s Signet Rings can stylishly display your very personal story that can’t be bought off of the store rack. The perfect signet ring deserves to be designed and created just for you. From the traditional coat of arms design to a unique and personal logo, we help flesh out every detail of your signet ring into a beautiful, heirloom quality piece that can be passed down for generations.

Custom Men's Signet Rings

Gold Signet Ring

The “Sporty D” Signet ring was created for a customer who wanted his business logo turned into a signet ring. That is the beauty of Custom Signet Rings.  No matter that you want, we can create it.


Lucas Horton, owner and artisan jeweler at Valeria Fine Jewelry, can create Custom Men’s Signet Rings that can feature almost any design you want. If you can visualize it, they can usually turn it into a ring. Custom Men’s Signet Rings don’t get much more custom than this.

Custom Men's Signet Rings

Whether it is a letter, initials, a coin, or even a family crest or coat of arms, it usually can be turned into Custom Signet Rings.  These rings usually need  to be larger than typical rings though, so expect something on the larger side.

Custom Signet Rings

The Mead family Ring’s crest and banner were taken from the full family crest.  This was made for a female and she didn’t want a large ring.  So, we just used the pelican and banner.  We also added some enamel in the background for some contrast.


Custom Men’s Signet Rings can be cast in sterling or bronze, copper, argentium silver, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, palladium or platinum, and can be made between 6mm to 12mm wide. The ring can range from a size three to a size sixteen. Any type of accent stone can also be incorporated, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  Texture and enamel are also available to customize a piece even more.

Custom Signet Ring

This is one of our Championship Style Custom Signet Rings. We don’t care that no championship was won! This one was made for the owner of a tattoo parlor in case you can’t tell from the top.

Valeria was founded on selling custom jewelry, but the Custom Signet Rings they create are a true testament to the incredible customization that can be achieved.  This level of individualization is only attainable by working directly with a custom jeweler.

Engraved Signet Ring

We are extremely lucky to have one of the few master hand engravers local to us.  The Silver signet ring above was engraved with House Stark’s wolf.


No commercial jewelry store is going to be able to provide you with the same kind of customization as Valeria Fine Jewelry, but Lucas can guarantee the same high-quality materials in his pieces that are also used in the jewelry sold at big box stores. Don’t settle for signet rings that are mass-produced and widely sold. Contact Lucas today and get started designing a Custom Men’s Signet Rings.

Men’s Signet Rings

This custom signet ring is a Budweiser Signet ring.  We had a custom who loved the king of Bud and wanted a pinkie ring made out of one of their logos.  We also added some diamonds for some sparkle.


If you thought Signet Rings only belonged on the pinkies of gangsters, you should probably think again. Whether hand engraved, blinged out with diamonds, or left with a just a high polish.  A custom  gold or silver signet looks strikingly elegant in a way that few other pieces of jewelry do.  Especially without the pin strip suit!  We love signet rings and have been renewing their classic design with modern design elements and new themes for years now.

You can see from the images in this post that Custom Men’s Signet Rings can be almost anything that you can dream up.  Contact us with your idea, not matter how odd it may seem.  We will then show you what we can do for you
Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry,view our portfolio for more Custom Men’s Signet Rings, or to contact us.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom ring made.

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