Custom Tire Tread Ring designs are something we do better than most!

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for your big truck or motorcycle?  If so, then will love our Custom Tire Tread Ring designs that allow for almost any tire tread to be turned into a cool wedding ring.  There's nothing better than a Custom Tire Tread Ring that shows off your rugged personality!  Let us create the perfect mud bogger wedding ring for men or women and you will love having your own personal tire tread memorialized in a Custom Tire Tread Ring.  Not only will it show off your personality, but it will look pretty cool as well!

Custom Tire Tread RingCustom Tire Tread Ring

This Custom Tire Tread Ring was based on a tire given to us by a customer who also wanted the Chevy Symbol with a diamond in it.  This is what we came up with.  It was cast in White Gold and set with a 2.5mm Princess cut Diamond.  The base of the tire was painted with aircraft paint.

Custom Tire Tread Ring

We love this Custom Tire Tread Ring that has the treads capped with two rows of black diamonds.  We call this one our Talladega Nights Ring and have actually made a few variations of it, one with white diamonds as well as one without any stones at all.  That is the beauty of custom can get it made however you want the ring made.

Custom Tire Tread Ring

This Custom Tire Tread Ring was based on a customer's ATV tires.  It was 8mm wide, cast in Sterling Silver, and had the base oxidized.  We can't find a finished image of the ring, but it was very nice.

You can find tire tread wedding rings and mud bogger rings all over the internet, but most are in contemporary metals like Titanium or Colbalt that can't be resized, nor are they truly Custom Tire Tread Ring as those metals can only be used by industrial manufacturers who won't bat an eye for a single ring.  They create a few designs and have a ton of them made, but you can't get your own design made into a single ring.  There are also "custom jewelers" who buy these tire tread rings in mass form Asian manufacturers.  That is why you see so many of the same rings sold my multiple jewelers.

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