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Infinity Engagement Rings

Infinity Engagement Solitaire Ring

This Infinity Engagement Ring is just one of many custom jewelry creations from Valeria Fine Jewelry.  This 6mm Round Blue Topaz is flanked by an Infinity design, but it could be modified to fit a few other shapes and almost any type of stone could be used.

The symbol you see everywhere and especially on Infinity Engagement Rings has origins go back to the beginnings of human being civilization. Ancient rock carvings with symbols resembling what looks like the quantity eight in a position that is horizontal been found in Tibet. The Ouroboros, a symbol depicting a creature that is snake-like has been found in Ancient Egypt and Greece. The creature constantly appears continuously devouring its end and being created from itself, a cyclic rebirth not too distinctive from compared to the phoenix.

Infinity Engagement Rings

Princess Infinity Engagement Ring

This Princess Engagement Ring was also inspired by awareness ribbons, which is why they are angled at a differnt angle than usual.   Each one is accented with 1.3mm stones.  The center stone is shown as a princess, but any size or shape can be used.

Maybe not strictly an infinity symbol, the Celtic knot is made up of intertwined loops with no beginning that is apparent end. The physical appearance of these knots, simply as the infinity symbol, is a hint that is direct their endless nature. The infinity symbol appears wrapped around a Latin cross to represent the eternity of God and the Church in regards to religion. The symbol would not get its mathematical meaning until the seventeenth century whenever John Wallis, an English mathematician, utilized it to represent a variable taking an infinite value. What that kind of history, how could Infinity Engagement Rings not be popular?

Infinity Engagement Rings

Infinity Halo Engagement Ring

This elegant Halo Infinity Engagement Ring is a simple and exquisite halo setting accented by an infinity band.  It is shown with a 5mm center stone, but other sizes could be used.  There is an optional matching wedding band available as well

It’s not surprising that the shape representing infinity is a motif that is popular with Infinity Engagement Rings. Nowadays, given its usage through the ages, the infinity symbol as a fashion declaration most likely stems from exactly what individuals associate it most abundant in: an state that is eternal of. And that’s because people tend to associate infinity to good things, such as for example an everlasting love or relationship. The infinity sign can additionally represent the hope for an endless state or belief such a lengthy life or faith that is infinite. Also within the view of contemporary mysticism, the infinity sign is short for a new sort of futuristic thought that seeks to unite head and human anatomy in a quest for harmony and serenity.  Again, these meanings make sense that Infinity Engagement Rings would become popular.

Unique Engagement Rings

Infinity 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This 3 Stone Engagement Ring will definitely catch eyes from across the room with the bling surrounding the center stone.  In addition to the diamonds in the infinity band, there are two stone straddling the center stone.  Smaller or larger stones could be used.  It is shown with an optional band.

Without a question, infinity jewelry, specifically Infinity Engagement Rings, is desirable for its  strong connection to the energy of true love. That may be the kind of love that a lot of of us want to share with that person that is special our life, a love that endures things, but moreover never ever dwindles and always hopes. Getting an Infinity Engagement Rings is a constant reminder of the unwavering love our husbands feel for you. Infinity rings are getting to be wedding that is popular for lovers on their special time, since they are a consistent reminder their love should carry on forever strong.

Unique Engagement Rings

Infinity Heart Cathedral Engagement Ring

This Cathedral Engagement Ring has hearts both underneath and on the sides of the 3mm center stone.  The band starts at the bottom as an infinity symbol that morphs into a heart.  It is shown in yellow Gold as well as in 2 tone with a yellow gold head and white Gold shank. 

With so many meanings for the infinity, it is your decision to decide what it indicates to you physically whenever having Infinity Engagement Rings created.

Unique Engagement Rings

Infinity Skull Engagement Ring

This infinity engagement ring has skulls underneath the center stone. This one holds a 5mm round stone and has 1.3 mm accents in the halo and 1.5mm stones down the sides of the ring. 

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