Diamond Crossover Ring

Diamond Crossover Ring

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This 3 Row Diamond Crossover Ring has 3 separate bands with one crossing over the two. The stones are 1.5mm in diameter, so any stone cut that small would work.  If it isn’t exactly what you are looking for, contact us with your idea.  No matter how odd you may think it is, we have probably made weirder.

The popularity of Diamond Crossover Ring can also be attributed to their versatility. They can be customized with different gemstones, allowing each ring to be personalized to the your preference. Whether it’s birthstones or favorite gemstones, the options are endless. This customization adds a personal touch to the ring, making it a cherished piece of jewelry.

They can also be worn with both casual and formal outfits.  And the the colorless stones, they go with any colors yo choose to wear.

Diamond Crossover Ring Designs Make Great Gifts

Diamond crossover ring designs make great gifts for several reasons. Firstly, these rings are incredibly versatile and can be worn for any occasion. Whether it’s a casual outing or a formal event, a diamond crossover ring adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Secondly, the unique design of these rings makes them stand out from traditional diamond rings. The crossover style creates a visually appealing and eye-catching effect, making it a perfect statement piece. Lastly, diamonds are known for their timeless beauty and durability. By gifting a crossover ring, you are not only giving a stunning piece of jewelry but also a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Overall, crossover ring designs are a wonderful choice for anyone looking to give a memorable and meaningful gift.

METAL OPTIONS: Sterling or Argentium Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum
ACCENTS: 1/2-3/4 TCW, depending on size and type of stone.. Due to the size (1.3mm-1.8mm), these can only be Diamonds, CZ, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire.
SIZES: 3-16

Click here to see more fashion ring styles.  Click here to learn more about custom jewelry, to see our portfolio, or to contact us about a custom mothers ring.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom crossover ring made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for boring and overpriced rings when you can have something special made just for you?

Diamond Crossover Ring
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