Zelda Triforce Wedding Ring

Girls, even nerdy girls, need a touch of glamour in their lives and Valeria Custom Jewelry  ensures that even the classiest geeky gamer chick is covered with our Zelda Ring collection. And we didn’t leave you men out either!  We created some Zelda Wedding Ring designs for you as well. The Zelda ring collection features pieces created with items or images from the actual game. We can also turn aspects from the game into other types of jewelry such as a pendant.  Although an older title in gaming, the Legend of Zelda series has risen from lowly origins to one of the most sought after games in Nintendo’s long history.

Zelda Wedding Ring
Zelda Wedding Ring

Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda line of video games has had a huge impact on popular culture for decades now and continues to draw in gamers even today. As a direct result, references to The Legend of Zelda games are everywhere, including film, television, literature, and numerous varied aspects of popular culture. You saw all kinds of merchandise but you never saw any Zelda jewelry being made…until now!  With the advent of CAD custom jewelry, the possibilities of creating a Zelda Wedding Ring became possible, and we at Valeria Custom Jewelry have run with it.

This Zelda Wedding Ring features the Triforce, a powerful golden relic left behind by Din, Nayru, and Farore, the Golden Goddesses. Once they finished creating what came to be known as Hyrule. The Goddess Hylia was tasked with the protection of this world and the Triforce.

The Triforce consists of three separate triangles: the Triforce of Power is always depicted as the top piece, with the Triforce of Courage typically represented by the right piece, and the Triforce of Wisdom typically represented by the left piece. Although the Triforce was created by gods, it can only be used by a mortal, which was possibly the goddesses’ way of giving hope to all the mortal living in Hyrule.

The Triforce is the ultimate source of power in The Legend of Zelda and serves to balance the three forces: Power, Wisdom and Courage. It has the ability to grant the wish of those who obtain it, regardless of whether the person’s intentions are “good” or “evil”. It is against this backdrop that we created our Zelda Wedding Ring designs.

If you have an idea for a Zelda Wedding Ring you don’t see in our portfolio, send us your idea for a Zelda Wedding Ring and we will create it for you.

If you would like the ring without stones in it, click HERE.  Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, view our portfolio, or to contact us about custom men’s wedding rings.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own wedding ring made just for you.  Why settle for the lame and overpriced bridal rings from the retail stores when we can make something showing your style and personality?


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