How much is a Custom Mens Wedding Ring?

How much is a Custom Mens Wedding Ring?

How much is a Custom Mens Wedding Ring?

When you announce that you are getting married, a lot of importance gets put on the bridal rings. After all, you’re going to be wearing those particular pieces of jewelry every day for years to come, so why not get a ring that fits your personality rather than just a plain band?  At Valeria Fine Jewelry, we make it easy to have a Custom Mens Wedding Ring created just for you that will be unlike a ring anyone else has.

Men’s wedding rings should be just as important as the engagement ring that seals the deal, and just like all jewelry, men’s ring styles change with the times.  We are acutely aware of this and are always abreast of current trends in Custom Mens Wedding Ring designs.

If you are a male and getting married, you might be wondering how much a custom mens wedding ring costs after seeing the boring rings at the mall? If you’re considering having a Custom Mens Wedding Ring created, you’re probably also wondering how it’s different from your typical wedding ring shopping experience. Aside from the obvious difference between a mass produced wedding ring and one that is created especially for you, the primary difference is cost.

Many jewelry stores claim to make “Custom Jewelry” but they actually just customize; changing the details of an existing design or adding some engraving. True Custom Mens Wedding Ring designs are created from scratch specifally for that person. A custom ring starts with an idea or an image that the customer might have. Then, your ring is designed in a CAD program and manufactured one piece at a time. The cost of a Custom Mens Wedding Ring reflects this. But keep in mind that each Custom Mens Wedding Ring is an original; a personal combination of cost of the customer’s style and personality, which should command a premium.

Custom Mens Wedding Ring

Hammered Crossover Wedding Ring

Custom Mens Wedding Ring Cost:

$225 – ???

The main cost driver for a Custom Mens Wedding Ring is whether or not you want diamonds in it.  Adding diamonds to a Custom Mens Wedding Ring can significantly add to the cost, depending on the number and quality of stones. There are less expensive options that cam mimic the look of diamonds though such as Moissanite, CZ, and White Sapphire.   The second largest portion of the cost of a Custom Mens Wedding Ring is the metal.  On the low end is Sterling Silver, which costs a fraction of the cost of Platinum or Palladium Custom Mens Wedding Ring designs.

Custom Mens Wedding Ring

Biker Wedding Ring

Lowering the cost of a Custom Mens Wedding Ring:

One way that many lower the cost of Custom Mens Wedding Ring designs is to use diamonds from family heirloom jewelry.  Your Custom Mens Wedding Ring can be designed around your existing stones, potentially lowering the overall cost of a custom ring dramatically.  It is also possible to resue the metal from old rings not worn anymore.  This can also reducae the price substantially.

Diamonds aren’t the only gemstone that can be recycled and we’ve designed rings around family sapphires, emeralds, and rubies that also helped to lower the cost.

Lab grown gemstones are a great option for our clients who want the look of real stones, but without the pricetag.  We have created hundreds of Custom Mens Wedding Ring designs using colored stones and they are a great option for adding color or to show the birthstone of a loved one.

Custom Mens Wedding Ring

Skull Wedding Ring

Custom Mens Wedding Ring:  Is custom right for you?

Each person has different priorities in terms of  how they budget there money; some spend more in areas where others spend less.  There are countless options for Men’s Wedding Rings, some less expensive than others. A Custom Mens Wedding Ring isn’t for everyone, and if you want a plain white gold band, then get it!  But if you want something a little more personal, then contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Custom Mens Wedding Ring

Notched Mens Wedding Ring

The Bottom Line

We are not the click-and-buy internet jewelry store even if you want an existing design that we just need to cast and finish out.  All of our jewelry is made to order and can take 2 weeks minimum for even the simplest ring to be completed.  We’re also not the cheapest option and you might be bale to find something similar made in Asia for less. But because we are custom jewelry designers we will do our best to design a Custom Mens Wedding Ring around your budget.  And have pride that you are supporting custom jewelers in the US.

If you who find it appealing to have something made one-of-a-kind, just for you, and barely replicated, then a Custom Mens Wedding Ring is for you.   We also offer the option of never remaking your ring again if you want it to be truly one of a kind.  If you value design and want a ring that’s a work of art, a custom  ring is for you. If you want a durable ring manufactured with precision and designed to be in your family for future generations, custom is for you. And if you have family heirloom jewelry you want to remodel into a new, sentimental design, custom is for you.

Cortana Men’s Wedding Ring


Want to start your own custom wedding ring? Contact us with your idea today…It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom wedding ring.

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