Clean Jewelry

How To Clean Jewelry

How To Clean Jewelry

Professional jewelers have a range of tools and equipment they can use to keep jewelry looking new and beautiful. But what can you do once you get the jewelry home and it begins to tarnish, show signs of wear, or just gets dirty?  Diamonds are notoriously bad for being dust, lint, and skin magnets.  And silver can turn black in a few weeks if not stored properly. Unfortunately, the majority of  consumers do not clean their jewelry.  They do not think it is necessary.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  And the ridiculous thing about it is that cleaning your jewelry isn’t difficult. In this post, we will discuss How To Clean Jewelry using the easiest and cheapest methods and tools.

Jewelry Cleaning Missteps

Cleaning jewelry can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many myths floating around. Let’s debunk some of these misconceptions and set the record straight.

First off, the myth that toothpaste is a great cleaner for jewelry needs to be put to rest. While it may seem like a convenient solution, toothpaste can actually be too abrasive for delicate gemstones and metals. Instead, opt for a gentle jewelry cleaner specifically designed for the type of jewelry you have.

Another common myth is that soaking your jewelry in beer will restore its shine. Sorry to burst your bubble, but beer is not the secret ingredient to a sparkling necklace or ring. In fact, the alcohol content in beer can potentially damage certain gemstones and metals. Stick to using proper cleaning solutions and methods recommended by professionals.

Last, the myth that ultrasonic cleaners are safe for all types of jewelry should be debunked. While ultrasonic cleaners can be effective for some jewelry pieces, they can also cause damage to certain gemstones, such as opals and pearls. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions and consult a jeweler before using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Other Popular Cleaning Methods (We Don’t Really Recommend)

Sure! Cleaning jewelry with coke or vinegar is a popular DIY method. While both options can be effective, it’s important to consider a few factors. Coke contains phosphoric acid, which can help remove tarnish from metal jewelry. However, it may not be suitable for all types of jewelry, especially those with gemstones or delicate materials. On the other hand, vinegar is a mild acid that can be used to clean various types of jewelry, including silver and gold. It’s important to dilute the vinegar and use a soft cloth to avoid any damage. Ultimately, the choice between coke and vinegar depends on the type of jewelry you have and your personal preference.

How To Clean Jewelry Properly

Cleaning jewelry at home can be a breeze if you use any of these simple methods. The easiest and cheapest way to clean your jewelry is with warm soapy water, a toothbrush, and a clean cloth.  First, gather your supplies: a soft toothbrush, mild dish soap, warm water, and a clean cloth. Mix a small amount of dish soap with warm water in a bowl. Dip your jewelry into the soapy water and use the toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt or grime. Rinse the jewelry under warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth. Voila! Your jewelry will be sparkling like new in no time. Trust us, this method works like a charm!

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your jewelry can be a breeze with the right cleaning solutions. Not only will they help remove dirt and grime, but they can also bring back the shine and sparkle to your favorite pieces. So, let’s dive into how to use these solutions and where to find them.

First things first, when using cleaning solutions on your jewelry, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Different solutions are designed for different types of jewelry, so it’s important to use the right one. For example, a gentle solution may be suitable for delicate gemstones, while a stronger solution may be needed for tougher metals like silver or gold.

To use the cleaning solution, simply follow the instructions provided. Usually, you’ll need to soak your jewelry in the solution for a certain amount of time, then gently scrub it with a soft brush or cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. Voila! Your jewelry will be looking as good as new.

Now, where can you find these magical cleaning solutions? Well, you have a few options. You can check your local jewelry stores, as they often carry a range of cleaning solutions specifically designed for jewelry. Alternatively, you can also find them online, with many reputable websites offering a wide selection of cleaning solutions at affordable prices.  Amazon has these, most of which will work just fine.

How To Clean Jewelry

Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths are a must-have for keeping your jewelry looking its best. These handy tools are designed to remove dirt, grime, and tarnish from your precious pieces. To use a cleaning cloth, simply gently rub it over your jewelry, paying special attention to any areas that may be dirty or tarnished. The soft fabric will help to lift away dirt and restore the shine to your jewelry.

When it comes to buying cleaning cloths for your jewelry, there are a few options to consider. Many jewelry stores sell their own branded cleaning cloths, which are specifically designed for use on jewelry. These cloths are often treated with a special cleaning solution that helps to remove tarnish and restore shine. Additionally, you can also find cleaning cloths at online retailers or in the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket. Look for cloths that are made from a soft, lint-free material, such as microfiber, to ensure that they won’t scratch or damage your jewelry.

In our opinion, investing in a good quality cleaning cloth is well worth it. Not only will it help to keep your jewelry looking beautiful, but it can also save you money in the long run. Regularly cleaning your jewelry with a cloth can help to prevent tarnish and keep it looking its best for years to come. So, whether you’re cleaning your favorite necklace or polishing up your engagement ring, a cleaning cloth is a must-have tool for any jewelry lover.

How To Clean Jewelry

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are a game-changer when it comes to cleaning your jewelry. These nifty devices use high-frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles that gently remove dirt and grime from your precious accessories. To use an ultrasonic cleaner, simply fill it with water and a jewelry cleaning solution, place your jewelry in the basket, and turn it on. The cleaner will do all the hard work for you, leaving your jewelry sparkling and looking brand new.

Now, where can you buy these magical cleaning machines? Well, luckily, there are plenty of options that will not break the bank. You can find ultrasonic cleaners at your local jewelry stores, department stores, and even online retailers like Amazon. Make sure to read customer reviews and compare prices to find the best deal. Again, we recommend buying these online. It’s convenient, and you can easily compare different models and prices without leaving the house.

How To Clean Jewelry

How To Clean Jewelry – Brushes

Scratch brushes are a handy tool for cleaning and polishing jewelry. These brushes have stiff bristles that can effectively remove dirt, grime, and tarnish from various types of jewelry. To use a scratch brush on your jewelry, simply hold the brush firmly and gently scrub the surface of the jewelry in a back-and-forth motion. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can scratch delicate materials like gold or silver.

When it comes to buying scratch brushes for your jewelry, there are several options available. You can find them at your local jewelry supply stores, online retailers, or even at some craft stores. It’s important to choose a brush that is suitable for the type of jewelry you have. For example, if you have delicate gemstones or pearls, opt for a brush with softer bristles to avoid damaging the stones.

In our opinion, investing in a scratch brush is a worthwhile purchase for any jewelry lover. Not only does it help keep your jewelry looking its best, but it also allows you to take care of your pieces at home without the need for professional cleaning.


We Hope This Helps

Cleaning your jewelry is not just about keeping it looking shiny and beautiful; it is also crucial for maintaining its longevity. Regular cleaning helps remove dirt, oils, and other substances that can accumulate on your jewelry over time. These substances can cause damage and tarnish, leading to a dull and lackluster appearance. By taking the time to clean your jewelry, you can ensure that it stays in excellent condition for years to come.

Not only does cleaning your jewelry help preserve its appearance, but it also helps prevent potential health risks. Jewelry, especially pieces worn close to the skin like rings and earrings, can accumulate bacteria and germs. Regular cleaning helps eliminate these harmful microorganisms, reducing the risk of skin infections and other health issues. So, by keeping your jewelry clean, you are not only protecting its beauty but also safeguarding your health.

Cleaning your jewelry doesn’t have to be a tedious task. There are various methods and products available that make the process quick and easy. From simple home remedies like using mild soap and water to specialized jewelry cleaning solutions, you can find an option that suits your preferences and budget. By investing a little time and effort into cleaning your jewelry regularly, you can enjoy its sparkle and shine while ensuring its longevity and your well-being.

Custom Jewelry

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Clean Jewelry

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