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The Moissanite Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring for your fiancé can be as complex as choosing a life partner. It is not only about the ring style, its cutting, the fit, and design, but most importantly, the gemstone. Who does not want to make his or her engagement memorable?  After all, it is a lifetime event provided that you chose right partner. Often, people spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect  diamond ring for their partner. No doubt diamond is rare and precious.  However, they are also very expensive.  Consequently, we want to offer an alternative that is better than diamond in most categories.  The Moissanite Engagement Ring
The Custom Experience


Discuss design ideas, options, budget, with your jewelry consultant – your guide to the custom experience.



Visualize your piece with high resolution 3D renderings, and we’ll adjust every detail until you tell us it’s perfect.


Receive your custom piece, with the assurance it’s been made to wear and last a lifetime.

Antique 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This antique engagement ring hearkens back to the days of the early 1900’s, when platinum rings like this were fabricated by hand. The Moissanite in this 3 stone engagement ring is a 7mm Cushion. It is accented by Kite, Round, and Square shape stones.

Art Deco Engagement Ring

This Sculptural Engagement Ring is a design that we just love. The center stone 6 prongs holding down your diamond are accented with 1mm stones. If you don’t want 6 prongs or the accents on the prongs, we can change that. The shank is an alternation of diamond accents and knife edged milgrain. If you wanted more stones, we could probably add 2-4 more. We could also remove the stones.


A diamond engagement ring symbolizes the joining of your life to another. However, there are better options out there if you don’t have the funds to afford an expensive diamond. If you are in this boat, moissanite is a stone to consider! Over 100 years after natural Moissanite was discovered, scientists have come with a way to create it in a lab and at a far lower price per carat than diamonds. A moissanite engagement ring is the perfect alternative to the costly diamond ring.

Triple Halo Engagement Ring

We had a customer with a bunch of old jewelry that she wanted repurposed into something new. This is a spin on that ring. We made it in round and rounded square shapes as well. The 2mm diamonds in the cushion halo are french pave set, but we could make this a shared prong setting as well. It is also possible to play with stone sizes or even remove a halo if you like.
As glittery as your beautiful partner, a moissanite has no match in terms of sparkle. The silicon carbide known as “synthetic moissanite” or just “moissanite” after the mineral name is a wonderful gemstone with amazing optical qualities, making a moissanite engagement ring a magnificent choice for you and your spouse. Again a custom moissanite ring has no peer in terms of sparkle and fire.

Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you are looking for a subtle, refined, and gorgeous Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring, this is it. With swirling engravings covering the top and sides and accented with milgrain, it looks like it could have been handmade 100 years ago. We have one of the few remaining master engravers local to us, so we can create exquisite Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring design that few other able to.


Before moving to the extraordinary qualities of moissanite, let us get into its interesting history. To comprehend the improbable story of the stone, we have to go back in time 50,000 years. It was then that a shooting star flashed over the sky and hammered into the earth at a remote spot in Northern Arizona. The fierce effect made what is today known as Meteor Crater, a tremendous opening in the world’s surface 570 feet down and about a mile over. Amid the effect, shooting star sections were dissipated over the desert, some arrival in close-by Diablo Canyon. These parts held minute amounts of a gleaming material, the silicon carbide which is used today as a precious gemstone forming moissanite.

Art Deco Moissanite Engagement Ring

We love this Art Deco Engagement Ring for various reasons. We have both prong and bezel set stones accenting the 6.5mm center stone. It is shown as a round, but any size or shape could be used. Adorning the accents is milgrain, giving the ring an elegant flare.

Floral Split Shank Engagement Ring

This Floral Split Shank Engagement Ring is one of the more unique nature inspired engagement rings we have created. In this stunner, the shank splits from a bezel set stone at 10 & 2 O’clock. From there, two diamond crusted leaves arch up to the center stone. The center stone in our Floral Split Shank Engagement Ring is shown as a 5mm round, but other shapes and sizes can be used.
Found over 100 years prior in particles taken from an Arizona meteor cavity by Dr. Henri Moissan, silicon carbide starts its adventure through a transformational procedure to progress toward becoming moissanite—a fantastic gem of the 21st century leading to the moissanite engagement ring. At first, he erroneously distinguished the precious stone like a diamond; however in 1904 he recognized the gems as silicon carbide. Artificial silicon carbide had been incorporated in the lab by Edward G. Acheson only two years before Moissan’s disclosure. Presently, through the blend of cutting edge innovation and exclusive procedure, moissanite is made in labs these days. Increasingly used around the world, moissanite is loved for its extraordinary fire and light scattering properties. Today, moissanite is second only to diamond as the number one stone for engagement rings.


Moissanite is harder than ruby, sapphire or emerald—second in hardness just to the diamond. The mineral type of silicon carbide was named moissanite out of appreciation for Moissan later on in his life.

Harry Potter Inspired Owl Engagement Ring

This is another of our diamond owl engagement ring inspired by a film we aren’t supposed to name….but oh well. We just love owls too much. This version has 1.5mm stones in the band rather than the 2mm in the our other version, making it a little more feminine.

Modern Split Shank Engagement Ring

This Split Shank Modern Engagement Ring is an elegant design you won’t find anywhere else. 2 of the prongs are formed by the shank and the other two appear out of nowhere for a dramatic effect.

Making an altogether new and novel classification of gem and adornments, moissanite engagement ring stone artificially known as silicon carbide—is both uncommonly splendid and incredibly exceptional. Accepted to have been conveyed to earth by a shooting star 50,000 years back in follow sums, moissanite engagement ring is presently made in a careful research facility procedure and afterward hand-faceted by ace jewel cutters to draw out its remarkable regular brightness. Set into a fine bit of adornments, moissanite produces the most flame you’ve at any point seen—it’s not normal for anything found normally on earth.

Moissanite, in its regular structure, is extremely uncommon. It has been found just in a couple of places, from upper mantle shake to shooting stars. Stdies have shown that moissanite occurs in natural formations suchs as xenoliths and ultramafic shakes like kimberlite and lamproite. It has likewise been found in presolar grains in carbonaceous chondrite shooting stars.


Engagement rings can experience the ill effects of an active or clumsy lifestlye. Fortunately, for those that use their hands a lot, we create our custom jewelry to be very durable and sturdy. Moissanite engagement rings are one of the most durable as moissanite is a very hard stone. Because of the quality of the carbon bonds in silicon carbide, lab-developed moissanite is one of the hardest known substances and has a hardness score of 9.25 on the Mohs Size of Hardness. Only diamonds are harder. These intense gemstones are likewise generally impervious to heat, so rest guarantee that your engagement ring will be fine if it needs to be repaired with a torch

Cathedral Engagement Ring

This elegant Custom Cathedral Engagement Ring boasts more than meets the eye with the accents on the sides of the ring. It is shown with a 1 carat round diamonds, but almost any shape, size, or type of stone can be used. The band is 2.5mm wide, but it could be made thinner or thicker depending on the size of the stone as well as your person taste


Diamonds and moissanites are frequently compared side by side. Tot he eye, they look very similar. But under closer examination, you can see that these two stones have a few key differences. The clearest contrast is that moissanite and diamond are two altogether gems with particularly unique physical makeups. These give them different physical qualities and optical properties. Moissanite’s compound creation is silicon carbide and diamond is made out of carbon. While both shimmer, the moissanite engagement ring really has a higher splendor than diamond when you think about refractive records. The refractive index of moissanite engagement ring (2.65-2.69) is about 10% higher than diamond’s RI of 2.42. Not exclusively does radiant moissanite engagement ring have a higher refractive file than diamond, yet in addition, its scattering (fire) estimated at 0.104 is about over multiple times more than diamond’s (0.044).

Split Shank Crossover Engagement Ring

This crossover engagement ring is surely a stunner with it’s crossing bands of Diamonds and Gold flowing into the halo surrounding the diamond in the center. We could also make it with stones on both shanks.

Sculptural 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

This Sculptural Solitaire Engagement Ring is a type of bypass ring that we just love. The shank is a wave of motion is it travels from one end of the ring to the opposite end. The 6 prong basket securely holds even the largest stone intact.
Curiously, diamond has a characteristic proclivity to oil, which develops on a diamond’s surface and can lessen its brilliance appearance. Whereas moissanite is more averse to absorbing oil, shining brilliantly notwithstanding when it hasn’t been cleaned in quite a while. Moissanite engagement ring is likewise stronger than diamond and less inclined to separate into two pieces when power is connected. Additionally, the present usually advanced wedding band diamond is lower in quality, and moissanite engagement ring excellent cutting is clear by the way moissanite eclipses numerous diamonds. One of the key contrasts among moissanite engagement ring and diamond is that moissanite stones reflect light in an alternate manner to diamonds. Because of their faceting, radiant moissanite jewels make flashes of light that have a rainbow impact, though diamonds produce three kinds of light: brightness, scattering and sparkle.


At first look, moissanite engagement ring takes after diamond and may be confused with diamond, a manufactured diamond or diamond substitute. Indeed, moissanite engagement ring isn’t a diamond resemble the other alike or a ‘me-as well’ simulant like cubic zirconia. Moissanite is a totally special gem with exceptionally attractive characteristics. Furthermore, when contrasted with cubic zirconia or CZ (maybe the world’s most mainstream diamond simulant), the distinctions are self-evident, and the uniqueness of moissanite engagement ring turns out to be significantly progressively alluring.

Asymmetrical Cathedral Engagement Ring

This Modern Cathedral Engagement Ring is a new twist on the cathedral engagement ring. There are 2 rows of diamonds on the opposite sides of the band, which is a little cool, but then those rows are interrupted by swooping lines of stones that go up the sides of the cathedral. It is a very dramatic effect.

3 Stone Engagement Ring

YES…WE KNOW THIS IS A MOISSANITE PAGE, BUT THIS ONE WOULD WORK VERY WELL WITH MOISSANITE. This Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring is a stunning take on an old classic. There are diamond accents on both the sides and top of the ring. What we like about this one is how the prongs are formed and they you can see through the ring.

CZ is a reasonably reproduced diamond resembles the other alike and is the second rate in pretty much every gemological property to moissanite engagement ring. CZ is mass delivered under a heap of exchange names and advanced with different brand names. Contrasted with a moissanite engagement ring, CZ has a lower Mohs hardness. It scratches and scrapes effectively, which makes numerous shoppers state that CZ loses its surface radiance after only a couple of years. Despite the fact that CZ professes to scratch glass, numerous gemstones and gems are positioned above the glass in hardness and can without much of a stretch scratch glass. Genuinely, there is no correlation between moissanite engagement ring and CZ. Moissanite constantly emerges as unrivaled. Notwithstanding predominant flame and splendor, moissanite engagement ring has 18% more noteworthy brilliance than a diamond and half more prominent radiance than CZ.



From precious stone arrangement to the last clean, most moissanite engagement ring stones are hand-faceted to boost each made diamond’s outstanding flame, splendor, and shimmer. Now that Charles & Colvard has lost the patent to manufacture Moissanite, it can be found from many sellers. However, not all cut the stones as well as others. We only use the top moissanite providers, guaranteeing an excellently cut stone every time.


A moissanite engagement ring has more fire than a diamond engagement ring. They also have more sparkle. One of the reasons for this is the clarity. Moissanite is usually VS1-2 in clarity, which is far better than your typical commercial diamonds. Moissanite’s uncommon flame and brightness are also improved by the consistent quality. Being a man made stone, it you pretty much get the same thing every time.

Celtic Engagement Ring

This stunner has Celtic symbols adorning the band up to the shoulders, where 3, 1.5mm stones sit in Triquetras symbols. The basket holding the head also has some symbols in it. The cathedrals are cut on the side to add an elegant design element.


The moissanite engagement ring boasts one of the highest refractive indexes of ANY stone. Only Sphene and Zircon have more fire than a Moissanite Engagement Ring, but they aren’t as suited to jewelry as Moissanite is.


If you take a Diamond and a Moissanite with the same diameters, a moissanite will always weigh less. It doesn’t really matter, as moissanite is sold by the size and not by weight. However, this information can be useful when trying to differentiate between the 2 stones.

Art Deco Engagement Ring

This beautifully Milgrained Engagement Ring will definitely turn heads with its elegant design elements and minimalist setting. This stone is 6.5mm, but larger or smaller could be used. The accents are 1.3mm, but 1.5 could be used without making it too bulky.


In the event that you adore shimmer, at that point consider utilizing lab-developed moissanite in your wedding band. The shimmer is estimated by brightness. Splendor is with respect to a stone’s refractive list, and this amazing stone has a refractive file running from 2.65 to 2.69. For examination, a diamond’s refractive list is just 2.42. Not exclusively does lab-developed moissanite have a higher brightness than most stones, yet additionally its flame is amazing. Light refracting off lab-developed moissanite engagement ring makes a rainbow of hues and a flame that is higher than some other stone, at a scattering of 0.104.

Bypass Solitaire Engagement Ring

This Bypass Solitaire Engagement Ring is a beautiful take on the traditional solitaire engagement ring. The dainty bands wrap around the 6mm center stone for a totally new look. However, this ring would work well with an oval or cushion cut stones as well. If you don’t like the shape of the band, we can always change it to fit your taste.


In spite of the fact that lab-developed moissanite is considered a “boring gemstone,” they are not totally without shading. In certain lighting, a projection of hues can be seen. This is an incredible trademark that separates them from diamonds and we find that our customers love the spectral color given off by Moissanite.

On the off chance that you lose rest over the social, political, and natural impacts of gemstone extraction, rest guaranteed that your moissanite engagement ring is moral, eco-accommodating, and practical. Since these gemstones are made in a lab utilizing silicon and carbon, moissanite engagement ring has no danger of unsustainable jewel mining, misuse of human work, and in a roundabout way supporting clash.

East West Oval Engagement Ring

This split shank engagement ring is a blank canvas waiting for our master engraver to fill with his incredible etchings. This Custom Engraved Engagement Ring is shown with an east-west oval center stone, but round stones would also work. The band is framed with milgrain to call attention to the engraving that does there. Click on the image to see a finished images with the engraving.


Utilized famously as an option in contrast to diamonds, moissanite engagement ring normally costs around 30-half of the cost than the expense of its diamond wedding band partner, making it a more spending plan well-disposed choice.

The moissanite engagement ring costs impressively not as much as diamonds. While a one carat diamond may cost $5,000, a correspondingly estimated moissanite may just set you back $700. Know, however, that while a diamond is estimated by weight (in carats), Moissanite is normally estimated in millimeters. This is on the grounds that their loads are extraordinary. Thus you’d need to arrange a 6.5mm Moissanite to get one comparative in size to 1ct diamond. No gemstone can outsparkle a moissanite.

Modern Cathedral Engagement Ring

This elegant Custom Cathedral Engagement Ring boasts more than meets the eye with the accents on the sides of the ring. It is shown with a 1 carat round diamonds, but almost any shape, size, or type of stone can be used.


Moissanite popularity is soaring as many buyers are becoming more concerned with the of the provenance of their gemstones. Diamonds have been the most widely recognized stone for engagement ring for a considerable length of time. However this is changing due to the funding of violence with the sales of blood diamonds as well as ecological concerns. Many consumers are worried about their choice of engagement ring and the results it can have. Moissanite is created in a lab. So there is no blood money behind it. In addition, there are no ecological issue with the growing of Moissanite. As a result, moissanite sales have increased tenfold in a short time.

We love that this sparkly gemstone is becoming more popular as it opens up custom jewelry to many more price points. After all, a fine moissanite engagement ring has no match in terms of sparkle vs cost.

If you’re looking for the ideal diamond alternative for your engagement or wedding rings, consider moissanite. The stone is eco-friendly and ethically sourced. And if you are on a tight budget, moissanite costs a fraction of what larger diamonds cost. If you’re set on moissanite as your stone choice and are ready to move forward with a custom engagement ring, contact us with your idea.


Moissanite grading uses a color grading scale that is based upon the GIA diamond color grading scale. There are three grades of moissanite available today. Colorless (D-E-F range), near-colorless (G-H-I range) and with faint hues of color (J-K range). The 3 Colors are:


As a result of its durability, moissanite is, for the most part, guaranteed for life. While this covers any scratches or other harm (improbable however that might be), it doesn’t just relate to the finish. The warranty additionally covers the color not fading.

Some larger moissanite stones have been known to demonstrate a bit of tinting with age. However, recent moissanites don’t have this issue. On the off chance that it does happen, no worries! We got your back.


Some future brides worry that they are not getting a real engagement ring without a real diamond. They think that others might look down on them for not getting the “genuine article”. Yet with moissanite, you can feel good that you aren’t settling. Your ring will probably look better with moissanite than with a real diamond. And you will also save a ton of money!

You can likewise rest assured that you will receive a lovely ring if you choose moissanite. Individuals will remark on the radiance and brilliant sparkle of the ring while never understanding reality. Diamonds, truth be told, aren’t a young lady’s closest companion. Nor are they forever! In our personal opinion

Click HERE to see our portfolio of engagement ring designs. Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, to see our portfolio, or to contact us about a custom engagement ring. It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom engagement ring made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for mundane and overpriced engagement rings?


We are horrible photographers and ring can be very difficult to capture. When the ring has had something done to it that isn’t shown in the CAD rendering, like engraving, we will usually include a finished image. If there is a ring you would like to see a finished image of, contact us and will see if we have one.

Depending on the piece, we pack all of our pieces in jewelry boxes made of solid wood, velvet, or genuine leather. An outer “gift” box is included to protect the jewelry box as well.

We currently ship to 50+ countries worldwide. There are a handful of countries we don’t ship to, either due to restrictions from our shipping providers or customs regulations. To see if your country qualifies, start a consultation and ask us! We ship all of our jewelry with signature confirmation and insurance.

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At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we think that getting something custom made should should be available to everyone. While all of our jewelry is custom designed and crafted to exceptionally high standards, we’re able to keep our costs much lower than traditional jewelers who do custom work – not by cutting corners or settling for lower quality, but by finding better ways to do things.

Keeping our costs low means we’re able to produce quality custom jewelry for prices that are comparable to what you’d pay for similar quality pieces off the shelf. If you’re purchasing a piece of jewelry that you want to last a lifetime (like an engagement ring or wedding band, for instance), then we offer the opportunity to have something made just for you for roughly the cost of something that’s been mass-produced. And many times, our prices can cost less for labor and material intensive pieces.

However, custom designing and making every piece to order and at such high quality means we can’t offer jewelry at the prices of of the lower end fashion brands of the jewelry coming from Asia.

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I found Valeria custom jewelry online and when I saw their awesome work on their website I knew this was the best place for custom jewelry. I live in New York and distance was no problem, I contacted Valeria jewelry by email with pictures of a ring that I wanted rubies mounted in and the price was very competitive so I doubled the order last minute and I sent two rings for custom work done, which they said was no problem. So I mailed the two rings and a few weeks later I have the rings and they look great! Job well done to Valeria for the custom jewelry and I can’t thank them enough they surpassed my expectations for the rings. Getting custom jewelry done through the mail was easy safe and secure by insured usps. I look forward to having more jewelry done in the future at Valeria and am completely happy with my rings. Their website has good examples of their work so I am sure no matter the distance or need they will get it done quickly and with a good price. Thanks again Valeria !
Thomas Steed
Thomas Steed
I found Lucas via a google search, and his reviews honestly seemed too good to be true. I reached out to inquire about setting an antique diamond from a pendant into an engagement solitaire ring, and enlarging an antique wedding band. He responded to my initial email within minutes, and very quickly gave me design choices and an estimate for each. After dropping off the items, the rings were ready within 5 days - and they look better than I was even hoping for. His prices are exceptionally reasonable, and he gave full market value for the scrap gold my diamond was originally set in. I highly, highly recommend working with Lucas for the ease, responsiveness, and exceptional results he provides.
Rachel Krug
Rachel Krug
Lucas was absolutely amazing with his level of attention and detail to not only what I was looking for in the creative and concept stage, but throughout the process as a whole. We went back and forth for weeks about setting design and material, and specific gem selection and he was communicative and patient the entire time. Absolutely recommend he and his teams services.
Mason Potvin
Mason Potvin
My fiancé had my engagement ring custom designed through Valeria. Absolutely Beautiful, from the diamond setting to the finish. Thank you Lucas and his team for accomplishing this stunning ring in such a timely manner, which led to a beautiful and amazing experience.
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie

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