Stars & Bars Wedding Ring

Are you looking for a Rebel Flag Wedding Ring but can’t find one anywhere? They don’t have enough mass appeal to be sold at the mall.  And in today’s political climate, many custom designers would stay away from this theme, but not us!  If you want it, we will create it!  We even made a matching pendant for our customer to wear with his Rebel Flag Wedding Band.

Our Rebel Flag Wedding Ring consists of repeating Dixie flags going around the ring.  The ridges have all been oxidized to give them some contrast.  If you want some color or sparkle on the ring, we can always add gemstones or diamonds to it.  We think one in the diamond shape between each flag would look cool.

METAL OPTIONS: Bronze, Brass, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum.
ACCENTS: A wide variety of accents can be used in a custom a Rebel Flag Wedding Ring.
SIZES: Available in sizes 4-16.

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