Custom Skull Engagement Rings

Custom Skull Engagement Rings
Skull Halo Engagement Ring

This Custom Skull Engagement Ring has 2 skulls on each side of the center stone.  The accents for a “V” halo and frame the center stone, making it look larger.  As always, the design is totally able to be changed.  You also aren’t married to black diamonds as we can use many types of stones.  It is shown with an optional matching band.

Skull Symbolism

The meaning behind the skull and what it symbolizes is what is most appealing to men. Most commonly, the skull symbolizes death and mortality. This can be the death of an enemy, death of a concept, or death of a lifestyle. Thus, the death of one element of life leads to the birth of the next element. In addition, the skull can represent the rebirth of another life. For some, the skull is simply a reminder of the mortality of the human species. Ironically, high quality Custom Skull Engagement Rings will outlive their owners to be owned by the next generation of mortals.

The popularity of Custom Skull Engagement Rings makes them easily accessible in the jewelry market. Skull rings are normally heavy-duty rings with bold designs. They are very durable, meant to last for years and years.

Custom Skull Engagement RingsThis was actually a skull ring guard that we made 2 of.  They were soldered onto a plain solitaire engagement ring, turning it into a skull halo engagement ring.  So..if you want a skull engagement ring but already have a ring, it is possible to alter your existing ring.

Why Engagement Ring With Skulls Are So  Popular

Engagement rings with skulls have become increasingly popular in recent years. The unique combination of elegance and edginess has captured the attention of many couples looking for something different. The skull motif adds a touch of rebellion and individuality to the traditional symbol of love and commitment. With their striking designs and symbolic meaning, it’s no wonder why engagement rings with skulls are in high demand.

One reason for the popularity of these rings is the growing trend of couples wanting to express their unique personalities and interests through their engagement rings. Skulls have long been associated with various meanings, such as mortality, strength, and rebellion. By incorporating skulls into their engagement rings, couples can showcase their individuality and create a meaningful symbol of their love.

Additionally, engagement rings with skulls offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional diamond solitaire. The intricate designs and attention to detail make these rings stand out from the crowd. They often feature skulls adorned with gemstones, adding a touch of sparkle and luxury. These rings allow couples to break away from the conventional norms and embrace a more unconventional and personalized style.

Custom Skull Engagement Ring Materials

Custom Skull Engagement Rings can be found in all kinds of metals. Silver  and gold are the most popular metals for skull rings. However, you will find skull rings made with more expensive metals as well, such as Platinum and Palladium. With the skull ring market, there are many varieties of rings for you to choose from. For example, many skull rings will have stones in the eye sockets. Some Custom Skull Engagement Rings will have stones on the sides of the band. In addition, precious stones such as diamonds have also been used in designer skull jewelry. The Custom Skull Engagement Rings created by Valeria Custom Jewelry are not limited to these stones as a large variety can be used.

Custom Skull Engagement Rings
Diamond Skull Engagement Ring

This is our art deco smokin’ skull engagement ring.  It has skulls on both sides of the ring with wisps of smoke blowing around them. This one holds a 5mm round stone and has 1.3 mm accents in the halo and 1.5mm stones down the sides of the ring.   Larger stones can be used if you want a bolder look.  We also have a taller version of this ring with a larger skull.

Custom Skull Engagement Rings – Skull Types

There are many types of skulls to choose from when it comes to Custom Skull Engagement Rings. Some skulls seem to emit emotion while others are fairly neutral looking. Skulls can also be combined with other symbolism such as warriors, pirates, or animals. In addition, some skull rings utilize more than one skull in their design. Whether you are looking for Custom Skull Engagement Rings without stones or a multiple skull ring with plenty of colorful stones, Valeria Custom Jewelry can make what you are looking for.

Engagement Ring With Skulls
Infinity Skull Engagement Ring

For some reason, people like to combine the infinity engagement ring with skulls!  We have made more than a few.  And here is another one.

The rise in popularity of Custom Skull Engagement Rings men has also increased their availability. But don’t be fooled by a cheap Asian skull ring.  Skull rings from Asia are thin and cheaply made.  The gemstones or diamonds will also be of lower quality than advertised.  Do you want a quality ring with the stones you are promised?  Get your quality Custom Skull Engagement Rings from Valeria Custom Jewelry!

Skulls Aren’t Just For Bikers Anymore

Engagement Ring With Skulls
Black Diamond Skull Engagement Ring

This Black Diamond Skull Engagement Ring is a great one for lovers of skull rings.  Each shoulder has a skull accented with diamond in its eyes.  The skulls are held in place by some bone knobs!  If you would like to use another skull in our Black Diamond Skull Engagement Ring.

Custom Skull Engagement Rings
Clawed Skull Engagement Ring

Our Clawed Engagement Ring with Skulls is one of the more interesting skull engagement rings we have created.  The 10x8mm Sapphire is held in place by 6 clawed prongs, so it isn’t going anywhere.  On each side of the center stone are 2 skulls.  If you would like to use another skull in it, or wanted black diamond skull engagement rings, we can do it.  You are the boss!

Engagement Ring With Skulls
Split Shank Skull Engagement Ring

This Infinity Skull Engagement Ring has 2 skulls nestled underneath the center stone. The french pave set stones in the band are 1.5mm, but they could be made larger or smaller.  This Skull Engagement Ring holds a 7.5mm round stone, but could easily be made for other shapes and sizes.

What To Do If Your Spouse Is Unsure If An Engagement Ring With Skulls Is Appropriate

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, personal preferences vary greatly. If your spouse is unsure about the appropriateness of an engagement ring with skulls, it’s important to approach the situation with understanding and open communication. Firstly, listen to their concerns and try to understand their perspective. Secondly, discuss alternative options that align with both of your tastes and values. Lastly, consider seeking professional advice from a jeweler who can provide guidance and suggest alternative designs that may be more suitable. Remember, the key to resolving this issue is open communication and finding a compromise that both partners are comfortable with.

Give Us A Shot!

These Custom Skull Engagement Rings are truly a testament to Valeria Custom Jewelry’s craftsmanship, creative eye and extensive  knowledge of jewelry design. Because each of our Skull Engagement Rings are individually made, no two are ever alike. You can rest assured that your rings are as uniquely made as you are. And with Lucas’ personal contacts with diamond and precious gem sources from around the world, he’s able to ensure that the materials used to create your one-of-a-kind pieces are of the highest quality. Why settle for mass produced engagement and wedding rings at commercial chain stores when Lucas at Valeria Custom Jewelry can craft you a piece with personality? Take comfort in knowing that his main goal is to exceed your expectations and if you do a little online research, you will see we do just that.

Click to see more of our custom engagement rings. Click on our Homepage to learn more about custom jewelry, to view our entire portfolio, or to contact us about skull engagement rings.  It can easily cost less to have your own custom engagement ring made than it does to buy a mass-produced ring that has no personality from the mall.

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