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Gold Hip Hop Necklace
Diamond Hip Hop Pendants

Do you have an idea for a Diamond Name Necklace with your “catch phrase or nickname on it? What about a logo or character that you like? Contact us with your idea and we will see what we can do for you.

A lot of online stores sell gold hip hop necklaces that look like they were made by the same factory in China. However, they are thin, flimsy, and if they have stones in them, they are small and very poor quality.  But if you’re looking for a quality gold hip hop necklaces at affordable prices, look no further than Valeria Custom Jewelry. Owner and artisan jeweler Lucas Horton can recreate almost any idea you have into a pendant or pin. Gold hip hop necklaces can be made up to 2.4 inches wide or tall, and can be cast in silver, gold, palladium or platinum.  Add in some diamonds or gemstones, and you are on your way to blingville. Indeed, pimpin’ ain’t easy!

Gold Hip Hop Necklace
Hip Hop Logo Necklace

Do you have an idea for Custom Hip Hop Pendants but can’t find it anywhere in retail stores or anyone that will make it for less than a fortune? Contact us and let us turn it into a piece of jewelry that you will love.  It will cost less than you think

Gold Hip Hop Pendants – Show Your Style!

Are you rapper or record producer looking to make it big?  Nothing scream success more than a gold hip hop necklace that sparkles from across the room.  It is a great way to promote you, your company, or to thank your workers for going above and beyond.

Gold Hip Hop Necklaces
2 Tone Money Bag Necklace

Hip Hop Pendants can mean a lot of things to different people.  Whatever that idea is to you, we can make it.  At Valeria Custom Jewelry we make all kinds of Custom Hip Hop Necklace at affordable prices. This money bag pendant is a little over 2 inches tall, about 1.25 inches wide and has 698, 1.3mm stones in it.  It could be made smaller though.  The Dollar Sign was cast in a different metal and soldered onto the piece for a 2 tone look.  However, that is optional.

gold hip hop necklace
Hip Hop Pendants
Are you looking for a Gold Word Necklace with a word that represents you?  We can create almost anything you can dream up!  We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced necklaces coming from Asia.  Unless it is something that thousands of people will want, you won’t find it for sale.  We are here to stop that.  
gold hip hop necklace
Hip Hop Initial Necklace

 Are you looking for a Gold Initial Necklace but either can’t find one with your initials, or it is a lame design?  We can create almost anything you can dream up!  We know that it can be difficult to find something other than the mass produced necklaces coming from Asia.  Unfortunately, names and initials with low demand are just left out.  However, we are here to stop that.  

Hip Hop Pendants Come With An Attitude

The centerpiece of any hip hop style is a necklace. This receives the most attention because it is usually set right in the very center of your body. Gold Hip Hop Pendants come in various styles and sizes.  However, they are usually made of precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum. They are usually covered with paveed precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds. Jewelers are able to make very unique designs when it comes to pendants. Hip hop bling carries hip hop pendants made with thick and heavy base metal, which is then plated with high amounts of sterling silver or genuine gold. The stones that are used are clear and colored replica diamonds. As a result, you get a stunning pendant with the finish, weight and look of genuine hip hop jewelry costing up to tens of thousands.

Gold Hip Hop Necklaces
Young Fresh Diamond Necklace

This diamond name necklace was created for a rapper named Young Fresh.  While not the typical pave diamond look, it still falls in the category of gold hip hop necklace designs.

Custom Pendants Are Our Specialty – Give Us A Chance!

We know that there are lots of places selling gold Hip Hop Pendants.  However, we also know that not all custom is created equal.  The majority of jewelers selling custom jewelry don’t actually create it themselves.  They farm it out to a CAD design house.  Indeed, not only is this more expensive for you, it also takes longer.  And when adding a middle man, many times, desires and wishes of the customer are lost.  We know from experience.

At Valeria Custom Jewelry, you will directly communicate with the person designing your gold hip hop necklace.  This will ensure you get the gold hip hop necklace that you are dreaming of.  It will also help to keep the cost down with one less hand in the pie.

We have a GIA Graduate Gemologist on hand that creates jewelry using a state of the art computer-aided design program.  Lost wax casting is used to turn his designs into actual jewelry. This type of production opens up a whole world of possibilities.   We are easily able to take your ideas and sketches and turn them into reality. Mix metals, add diamonds or colored gemstones and turn your logo or name into a statement piece. With our expertise in gemstones, we have compiled a number of reputable diamond and gemstone dealers around the globe. As a result, so you can expect the highest quality materials at the best prices in your pieces.

Gold Hip Hop Necklaces
Word Or Name Necklaces

Custom Is The Way To Go

Browse our portfolio of gold hip hop necklace designs.  You can  see for yourself the precision, detailed intricacy and artisan craftsmanship that goes into each of our designs. If your expectations haven’t been exceeded, then we haven’t done our job.

Click here to see all of our custom pendants, or contact with your idea. Click here to learn more about custom jewelry, to see our portfolio, or to contact us about.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom necklace.  Why settle for the lame and overpriced neckwear from the retail stores?  We can make something showing your style and personality?  Give Us A Try!   You might never buy something form the mall again…

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