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Harry Potter has become a cultural phenomenon and has inspired numerous video games, merchandise, and jewelry ideas. People choose to celebrate their Harry Potter love in several unconventional ways. There is no stopping someone from considering themselves a true fan of permanent tattoos and house decorations when it comes to obsessive habits these days. Today we will give you some incredible ideas about Harry Potter rings you can get for events, causal or wedding wear.

  • The Sorting Harry Potter Hat Style

    Being a fan of the world of Harry Potter is an enthusiastic thing in itself and throw in the event of a wedding or engagement, and you have hit the jackpot. An idea for your engagement is to throw as many Harry Potter easter eggs as possible into the ceremony. The idea is to have a Harry Potter ring themed around the sorting hat encased inside an Ollivanders Wand Box. Add a note of love and commitment that your fiancée will love. The stunning ring will come resting on a Sorting Hat ring box that you can show as a sign of your assurance to your women.

  • Pride of Gryffindor

    The house of Gryffindor is a symbol of pride and courage for the Wizarding World, and that is what you can bring into the fold. If you have a Gryffindor-themed ring on your finger, then there’s no doubt which house you belong in. The simple gold design with the extraordinary lion embellishment and rubies clarifies that this piece represents a true Gryffindor like yourself. Many vendors are available on the internet selling other rings themed around Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. The availability of these options gives you plenty of choices to show your obsession with Harry Potter.

  • The Golden Snitch

    The Golden Snitch in the Harry Potter world symbolizes destiny and engagements. It represents the term “engagement,” which means to promise oneself forever with one person. But I think there are many other things this little ball can represent. The Harry Potter ring-themed around golden snitch will have two short wings that symbolizes your love for your women and commitment to a happy life.

  • Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Potter Ring

    Bellatrix Lestrange is a beloved Death Eater played by Helena Bohemn Carter, who gave life to the character. Known to wear dark clothing, and her jewelry symbolizes her commitment to Voldemort and his cause. This elegant black Bellatrix Lestrange engagement ring is so sophisticated that you would never guess its inspiration at first glance. However, it quickly becomes apparent this gorgeous piece of jewelry shows similarity with one-of-a-kind magical clothing in Harry Potter. The intricate design combined several different styles while paying homage back to the movie genre where they belong.

    This ring is customizable and can change depending on your needs. You can choose between metal and stone options so that this piece reflects who you are perfect. The design would work well with someone like Hermione Granger because her wand has a similar design.

Custom Harry Potter Rings

The Harry Potter Rings fans have been going wild over this gorgeous custom engagement ring. The base is a plain gold band held together by an uncomplicated (albeit beautiful) diamond wrapped in four small colorful gems: red for Gryffindor house, green with Slytherin’s colors- yellow for Hufflepuff & blue for Ravenclaw. This ring is best for all occasions due to its elegancy and look.

Harry Potter Rings

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