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Custom Hummingbird Ring

Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

Custom Hummingbird Ring

Custom Hummingbird Engagement Ring

When you’ve finally found “the one,” why propose with a generic ring from a big box store?  On top of overpaying, you will be severely limited in terms of styles and stone choices.

Valeria Fine Jewelry creates custom, one-of-a-kind pieces like our Custom Hummingbird Ring that are as unique as your significant other. As a customer, you have a say in every aspect that goes into creating the ring – from choosing the metal of the band to the cut of the center stone – and can rest assured that no other person in the world has a ring quite like yours.  We don’t cast a piece until the design is approved, so you always get the piece you want.

Do you have another animal you want put in a piece of jewelry? I have done bears, birds, cats, almost anything is possible! As long as there is room for what you want, I can make it happen.

Browse Valeria Fine Jewelry’s gallery of unique designs to help get you started. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the Hummingbird Ring. Choose from silver, gold, palladium or platinum for the metal .

Accent stones of diamonds, cubic zirconium, emeralds, rubies and sapphires can also be added to frame the center stone. You can keep things simple and clean with a white gold band and diamonds, or play into the nature theme with a rose gold band and an expertly cut emerald.  But the star of this show is definitely the hummingbird in our Custom Hummingbird Ring.

Custom Hummingbird Ring

Our flora and fauna inspired engagement rings like this Custom Hummingbird Ring are truly a testament to the level of customization available at Valeria Fine Jewelry. Lucas Horton, the owner and designer at Valeria Fine Jewelry, uses comprehensive computer-aided design and lost wax casting to bring ideas like this Custom Hummingbird Ring to life. His connections with diamond and gem sources around the world lowers his procurement costs, so he can create pieces with the same high-quality materials found at larger chain stores while still staying within your budget. And whether your budget is a few hundred dollars or upwards of a few thousand, Lucas’ goal is the same: to exceed the expectations on your Custom engagement ring and to have you return as a repeat custom while recommending me to all of your friends..

Click HERE to see more of our nature inspired engagement rings.  Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, view our portfolio, or to contact us about your custom engagement ring.  It can cost less than you think to have a special ring made just for you.  Why settle for the lame and overpriced bridal jewelry from the chain stores when we can make something showing your style and personality?

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