Custom Made Jewelry

Custom Made Jewelry
Custom Made Jewelry
Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

This custom 3 stone engagement ring engagement ring has Koala and Panda bears on each side of the ring.  This couple was crazy for bears, so that is what we gave them.  The accents are a hybrid channel-prong set.  But the star of the show are the bears!

Custom Made Jewelry – Putting The “Custom” Back In Customer.

It is obvious that retail world is rapidly changing.  The mass-market approach is leading way to a more personalized one.  The internet allows shoppers to create and customize their own unique shopping experience, 24/7.  They can select their buying preferences, browse through endless items, while Google algorithms gather browsing data to ensure the delivery of targeted online ads specifically for them.  And according to recent data, almost 80% of Americans shop online.  In a digital world designed to offer up the precise goods the consumer wants in an instant.  Is it any wonder that the modern consumer is becoming slightly self-centered?  As retailers, we are discovering that offering customized products is the only way to succeed going forward.

Custom Made Jewelry
Hummingbird Engagement Ring

This Art Deco Hummingbird Ring was inspired by an antique art deco ring from the early 1900’s.  However, they threw us a curve ball when they requested a hummingbird.  That was a first!  If you are a hummingbird lover, this is the ring for you.  We know nothing else like this is out there.

Custom Made Jewelry – Out: Mass Appeal. In: My Appeal

Before the mass production of clothing became normal, a customer employed a dressmaker.  This artisan would ‘custom’ the item to fit their body – and no one else’s. Now, buyers scrounge through overflowing racks at the department stores, searching for the perfect fit.  We rarely find that perfect fit, but we make do.  When it comes to things like clothing, the ability to cheaply mass produce it probably means we’ll probably never return to the old-fashioned tailor.  At least not en masse.  Jewelry, however, is the perfect vehicle for personal customization.

Custom Made Jewelry
Groovy Kitty Necklace

Our Groovy Kitty Cat Necklace was a custom pendant made for a client with a record label of the same name.  Do you have a logo, name, or animal you want turned into a beautiful pendant? Send it to us and we can get the painless process started for less than you might think.

Custom Made Jewelry – We Can Make It All

Custom jewelry is made of precious metals, rare diamonds and gemstones.  It involves intensive, skilled manual labor.  It also requires knowledge of jewelry fabrication as well as CAD skill.   This can make buying Unique Custom Made Jewelry a heavy investment.  However, it makes sense to invest in a unique, personalized piece of custom jewelry that reflects your character, life story, and taste preferences. Psychology even supports the importance of personalization.  More and more retailers are finding that this is the way to securing the customer’s heart.  We saw this and got into making Unique Custom Made Jewelry as soon as we could.

Custom Made Jewelry
Custom Signet Rings

Using stones, enamel, and engraving, we can create a wide variety of signet rings for you that nobody else can make. This ZERT Signet Ring was made for a customer who was a huge fan of the video game.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy on Unique Custom Made Jewelry is anything’s possible (almost). Whether you are wanting a necklace, ring, bracelet or pair of earrings, we can make almost anything you can dream up.  And in regards to engagement rings, if you are using one of our diamonds or your current stone already in a setting, we can build your ring to exacting specs, even from a simple sketch and your idea on paper, we’re ready to create your dream ring.

Custom Made Jewelry
Diamond Name Necklaces

This Diamond Letter Necklace was made for a rapper named “Young Fresh”.  Do you have an idea for Diamond Name Pendants with your “catch phrase” or nickname on it?  We can make anything you can dream up!

Custom Made Jewelry – Taking Unique Up A Few Notches

Vogue magazine recently wrote that “The coolest engaged or married women I know never dreamed of a giant, impressive solitaire; their rings are personal, unique, and unexpected.” What’s the interesting word in that sentence? ‘Unexpected’.  Unique Custom Made Jewelry is not just about capturing the customer’s unique personality. It’s also about creating something that’s never been done before. This leads to jewelry designers everywhere pushing the envelope.  We are constantly searching out ideas and inspiration that takes the art of Unique Custom Made Jewelry  to new heights.

Custom Made Jewelry
Pirate Coin Ring

This custom ring was made for a Johnny Depp fan.  His favorite film was Pirates of the Caribbean, so we made a ring out of some coin from the movie.  You could never find this in a retail store and many custom jewelers might turn this away.

Today, consumers are used to a retail environment that panders to them. At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we take it a step further.  By letting the customer have a direct role in the Custom Jewelry process, we are able to create custom jewelry creations jewelry piece that are totally unique and unexpected.  Not to mention awesome.

Custom Made Jewelry – Whatever You Want It To Be

Custom Made Jewelry
Batman Wedding Ring

This is our most popular Superhero Wedding Ring.  By far. It was the first one we created and had no idea how popular it would be.  Unfortunately, the Asians realized this and have flooded the market with their garbage.  But we are still making quality Batman for those that want something to last or that has stones in it.

custom made jewelry

We had a customer with a bunch of old jewelry that she wanted repurposed into something new.  This is a spin on that ring.  We made it in round and rounded square shapes as well.   The 2mm diamonds in the cushion halo are french pave set, but we could make this a shared prong setting as well.  It is also possible to play with stone sizes or even remove a halo if you like.

Our Portfolio

Browse our portfolio of Unique Custom Made Jewelry.  Use it as a guide to inspire you as you search for the perfect expression of your personality.  From the classic cocktail ring to contemporary and vintage earring styles.  Our selection of Unique Custom Made Jewelry is whatever you want it to be. Looking for a colored stone like a Sapphire, Aquamarine, or even Ammolite? We can do it.  Is it diamond hoop earrings you want?  A custom pendant made with family diamonds? Whatever it is, Valeria Custom Jewelry can make it for you. We have even made keychains!

Hip Hop Design Necklaces

Custom Made Jewelry
Hip Hop Style Necklaces

This is a custom Business logo necklace cast in Silver and set with Diamonds.  Custom Pendants are a great way to advertise your business.  They can also just be cool for no reason!

At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we have shown thousands of customers how they can have a piece of Unique Custom Made Jewelry created with superior diamonds or gemstones and craftsmanship at a better value than buying it at a jewelry store, if it is even commercially available.

Custom Made Jewelry
Double Halo Engagement Ring

This double halo engagement ring is truly unique with its split shank knife-edge shank.  We also like the stones facing outward from the shank.

Custom Made Jewelry – It’s About More

To be truthful, we all like to think of ourselves as unique. It’s part of being a human. Our story is different from everyone else’s.  And in the 21st century, we display our personal story in the way we live, the purchases we make, the experiences we choose – and the jewelry we wear. This is not just a trend of the masses. Even the world’s most rich and famous seek meaning and authenticity in their jewelry purchases.

Jewelry may also be chosen to represent a certain feeling or personality trait. During a crime wave, one New York jeweler said that women were flocking to her dagger designs. It’s a reflection of their sense of toughness, more akin to armor than jewelry. Whether representing a feeling, or celebrating an event, one thing’s for certain – today, jewelry is getting more personal than ever.

Custom Made Jewelry
Custom Dagger Necklace

This Dagger Pendant was based on one from some video game.  Our client also wanted her name on it, so she picked a font and we added enamel to it. We also oxidized the handle.

Custom Made Jewelry Goes Mass – The Irony

Like all art forms, custom jewelry design is subject to market-driven demands, fashion trends and contemporary styles. The trend towards custom made jewelry is in part a backlash to traditional notions of fashion. Consumers increasingly want jewelry that is special and personal.  Millennials especially  different from everyone else.  Yet, ironically, it seems that custom made jewelry is becoming the next big trend.  Everyone is starting to say they offer Unique Custom Made Jewelry rather they actually do or not.  So how can consumers be unique, when everyone is trying to be ‘unique’?  First, it’s about authenticity.  Jewelry retailers who offer true custom design can help their customers connect to their personal sense of self via their unique jewelry piece. Retailers who can provide this authentic connection for their customers will reap the rewards.

Custom Made Jewelry
Harry Potter Inspired Owl Engagement Ring

This is one of our Owl Rings inspired by a film I am not supposed to name….but oh well.  I just love Hedwig and owls too much.  The finished image had been hand engraved to give the owl more details, which is optional.  This can be made with a stone as small as 4mm and as large as 8mm.

Octopus Engagement Ring

Second, for custom jewelry designers, the challenge lies in creating designs that are cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of design over and over to truly create original, never-before-seen jewelry pieces.  Luckily, this trend towards custom jewelry design is driving amazingly original and groundbreaking trends in jewelry as an art form.

Custom Made Jewelry
Octopus Engagement Ring

This Cabochon Octopus Engagement Ring can be made with both a bezel set cabochon center stone or a prongs set, faceted stone.  Any size or type of center stone from 4-8mm can be used.   If cast our octopus ring in Sterling silver, the base of the ring can be oxidized, giving it a black patina on the base.

Custom Jewelry – It Is All We Do

Specializing in Unique Custom Made Jewelry, Valeria Custom Jewelry is becoming known for its beautiful & stunning designs. There is also an emphasis on personalized customer service & second to none craftsmanship. Our experienced designers will help you through the procedure of selecting the perfect fine diamond or gemstone for you and creating a design that reflects your unique style and vision.

Custom Made Jewelry
Star Wars Lightsaber Wedding Ring

This is another take on the Star Wars Lightsaber Wedding Rings.  We could make it with any color stone you like.  Or, with a different lightsaber.

Custom Made Jewelry
Lightsaber Wedding Ring

This Star Wars wedding ring was based on Luke’s Skywalker’s lightsaber from The Empire Strike Back.  It has had the base lacquered to give it some contrast, but it pretty basic, just like the real handle.  If you have an idea for your own light saber ring, send it over to us and let us show you what we can do.

Here is a general outline of the custom jewelry process:

Find Pictures Of What You Want

Ask yourself: Do I have an idea of the ring I want? Simply wanting “something different” doesn’t warrant going the custom jewelry route, because any almost engagement ring can be made to be unique.

Custom Made Jewelry
Dr Who TARDIS Necklace

Fans of Dr WHO will recognize this pendant as the TARDIS.  As we have said…no topic or theme is out of our reach.  No matter how obscure what you want may be, we can turn it in to a stunning piece of fine jewelry.

Sketch Your Idea

If you don’t have images from the internet, crudely sketch out your idea as best you can. If your idea isn’t ultra-specific — or if you want to further articulate your desired style — start prowling the Internet sites like Pinterest or Instagram and if necessary, sketch the elements (filigrees, unique settings, organic lines, mixed metals) that you want used in your ring.  The more specific you are will get you closer to your vision and in less time

Collaborate With Us On Your Custom Jewelry

Since you have an idea ready, send your sketch(es)and or images over to us and we will get your custom project moving in the right direction. Once the design is completed, you will see a CAD rendering.  You will then have a chance to make any changes that you want.  Once you are happy with the design, we will move on to manufacturing your piece.

Custom Made Jewelry
Diamond Butterfly Ring

This gorgeous Diamond Butterfly Ring is comprised of 4 stones that give it a butterfly look. 6×3 Marquise and 4x3mm Pear shaped stones.  It is shown with diamonds, but any type of stone could be used if you wanted some color.  It was also quite a small butterfly, so we could easily make it larger.

Some might feel intimidated when talking to a jewelry designer about their person custom jewelry idea. But go ahead and ask any questions you might have and voice any concerns as well. It’s your ring, not the designer’s.

More Designs

Custom Made Jewelry
Skull Engagement Ring

This stunning Gothic Skull Engagement Ring has a center stone flanked by two skulls.  Twisting around the skulls are ribbons of white pave stones.  Delicate milgrain adorns most of the ring for an added design element.  The center stone  is 6mm and can be made as small as 5mm and as large as 8mm.  Stones can be added to the eyes or other modifications are possible as well.

My name is Lucas Horton and I own and operate Valeria Custom Jewelry in Dallas, Texas.  Creating Custom Jewelry has been not a passion for me, but more of an obsession, for many years now.  I wake up every morning feeling blessed that I get to create Unique Custom Jewelry that makes so many people happy.

Tree Branch Ring

Custom Made Jewelry
Tree Branch Engagement Ring Set

This is one of our nature inspired engagement rings. It has antiqued recesses that truly give it a realistic look of tree bark that will only grow over time as the Patina of the Silver sets in.

Unique Custom Made Jewelry – Give Us A Shot!

If given the chance, Valeria Custom Jewelry will surpass all of your expectations.  If not, we will do whatever it takes to fix the issue.  Our design skill, value, quality, and knowledge will be evident from the start. This always make Valeria Custom Jewelry the best choice to turn your Unique vision and dreams into reality.

Whether you are beginning the next phase in your life as one and need wedding and engagement rings.  Or you just want a stunning custom jewelry creation for the fun of it. At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we want to create the Unique Custom Made Jewelry that will be cherished for decades.

Custom Made Jewelry
Family Crest Signet Rings

Do you have a family crest or seal that you would like to memorialize in a custom signet ring?  All we need is a high resolution image of the crest and we will take it from there.    The crest ring above was only a part of her family’s crest.  However, to get everything from her seal on the ring, it would have had to be far too big for a female.  This one was already 15mm in diameter.

You can view our portfolio of custom engagement rings or custom pendants to look for ideas.  Or you can contact us with your own idea.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom engagement ring made just for you. Why hassle with the retail stores for boring and overpriced engagement rings?

Custom Made Jewelry

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