Custom Fashion Jewelry

Custom Fashion Jewelry

Today will we focus on our Custom Fashion Jewelry as far too often it gets overshadowed by custom bridal jewelry.  Fashion jewelry is also known

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Gemstone Jewelry

A Guide To Buying Gemstones

 How To Pick Colored Gemstones For Gemstone Jewelry When one imagines an engagement ring, a diamond ring typically comes to mind, not Gemstone Jewelry.  Traditionally,

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What Does Solitaire Mean

What Does Solitaire Mean?

What Does Solitaire Mean? Solitaire means alone, single, or by itself. In the jewelry world, this ubiquitous term refers to rings set with a single

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Favorite Rings of 2022

Our Favorite Rings of 2022

Favorite Rings of 2022 2022 was a crazy year for the jewelry industry!  We had record inflation and high gas prices combined with the specter

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Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. The appeal of three-stone engagement rings lies in the variety and personalization they offer. A three stone ring

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moissanite engagement ring

Moissanite Engagement Ring Set

Moissanite engagement ring sets are a great choice for various reasons. Moissanite has almost unsurpassed durability that making it an excellent choice for custom engagement

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Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Mens Wedding Bands

Diamond mens wedding bands can be found in various materials, and platinum and palladium are the most common metals for mens wedding bands and elegant

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